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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Whitigir
    Can you help explain to me that if I send a data package to a printer, I can then unplug the USB cables and the printer still printing my paper ? While my DAC will shut off when I unplug my USB cables while playing music ? More over, what is DSP and playback apps ? I have never been able to understand the reason why do I need correct apps to playback my music while printing any pictures do not require any apps at all. If you can open a science thread, then I will gladly learn more. I don't even know why some people say USB cables in audio application is sending analog signals.

    Moreover, I don't know why upgraded USB cables sounds different, and better than stock cables. The improvements are even more than Headphones analog cables.

    After all, I am too dumb
  2. artears
    With data transfer, usb protocol guarantees that everything is transmitted, however, it does not guarantee a sequential transfer. With audio files, you need the packages transmitted sequentially. Otherwise, you need to increase the buffer to overcome issues that might happen during the transfer...

    I personally witnessed the requirement for the increase in buffer with inferior cables. Even that did not solve some problems with dsd files. With some DACs, the difference in audio quality is quite remarkable, with some others less so.

    Also, please don't say anything about your background when such a topic surfaces. I don't like it, when people do that like they are the authority here. I never mentioned anything regarding the speed of transfer by the way. Also, you don't know anything about my background. I am also talking about the first-hand experience here.

    Anyways, you are free to believe whatever you want to believe. I would just recommend being sceptical and trying/making comparisons before throwing any comments. I am not saying stock cables won't work. They will of course, they are there to work. What I am saying is that there are benefits in using upgraded cables...
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  3. Whitigir
    I don't know "IT" stuff, but am I crazy to believe you make senses ? And more over, I was once in the footsteps of not believing in USB cables that can improve audio quality due to claims of engineers and IT experts on the internet....I guess it is internet after all.

    I have many people who do own upgraded USB cables, and can hear the differences. I do too, and unless we are all deaf or delusional...probably we are

    I agree about the "background" disclosure....I have learned that "it is on the internet, it must be true" humor quite litterally
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
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  4. nc8000 Contributor
    With file transfer (copying files, printing and so on) it is not essential how long it takes data to transfer so you can have as many retries as you want. The reason your printer continues to print after you pull the cable is because the whole document has already been transferred to the printers memory, you would get a drop out if the print file was larger than the printer memory or if you pulled the cable quick enough.

    With sound it has to come on time or you will hear pops, cracks and drop outs. This can be solved with buffering just like streaming but if there are enough retries that it takes longer to get data than the buffers hold you still get pops, cracks and dropouts.

    Anything transmitted over usb is in the end an analog electrical signal that just represents the digital representation of your analog music signal.

    I have no position on wheter different usb cables will produce diferent sound as long as they are all technically correctly made and up to spec.
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  5. artears
    OK, let's go back to topic: Today, I had the chance of trying WM1A with Z1R via balanced output. Unfortunately, 1A I tried was a capped version. Compared to paw gold's (lpg) SE out, I felt the power was lacking a bit. The sound level of lpg with low gain was higher than 1A at max levels. LPG has a character of slamming things in your face. 1A, although having a neutral character, is a bit laid back compared to LPG. I feel that Z1R benefits from output power, even though they are easy to drive. The pairing of 1A with Z1R was really good, but I felt the power was lacking a bit. Compared to a capped 1A, I liked Z1R pairing with LPG more.

    I liked Hugo more than LPG with Z1R. I was hoping 1A would be in between. That would give me some excuse to run and get 1A immediately. But now, I want to try uncapped version of 1A...
  6. buzzlulu
    Yes I think you will need to try the uncapped version before making any judgements.

    Me thinks the capped version is not good enough for ANY headphone
  7. roses77
    I find it odd how some people's Walkmans are not being charged via transferring files my Sony WM1Z Walkman charges while transferring files. It does not drain the battery flat, when connected to PC. It seems to me it happens when connected to Mac computers.
  8. animalsrush
    No.. Doesn't happen to me on mac.. It charges when i am transferring music on my late 2016 macbook pro
  9. kubig123
    Same here, never had issues with my macbook air and the new macBook pro.
  10. JML
    Same here, too New MacBook Pro, either via Apple T3 to USB adapter, or through an AC-powered T2 to USB 3.0 dock.

    Perhaps the person who may have had problems charging and transferring files was using a very low powered port and running the laptop on battery power.
  11. proedros
    would wm1a sound better than the idsd micro black label ?

    anyone who has heard/owned both ?
  12. Whitigir
    Did you not get on the tour for the idsd ?
  13. proedros
    have not heard wm1a so i can not compare
  14. gerelmx1986
    all walkmans I have owned since 2005 charge and transfer files at the same time
  15. Lavakugel
    When I'm putting a microSD card in slot it doesn't recognize the card. Just blinking for a few times...what's wrong?
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