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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. kira2sheryl
    Thanks for reply! :D
  2. hung031086
    Too much treble ? Used this yet ?


    Btw don't use 3.5mm, try the 4.4mm.
  3. kms108
    Just got these sent from china Taobao, two benks screen protector and a TPU case, they gave a free two piece pack of dust caps for the WM port and two hi res sticker, also from my ZX 2, I also have like about 15 hi res sticker lying around somewhere. I have always purchased benks stuff for my ZX 2.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  4. gerelmx1986
    yes still under normal range, try lowering brightness a bit or use more 16/44.1 than hi-rrd
  5. equalspeace
    I used tone control. I've had the treble cranked down to -8 on the WM1A since I unboxed it. To me the WM1A is one of those DAPs that uses lots of treble to give you details. The ZX2 gives the details minus the treble fatigue
  6. blazinblazin
    Maybe you want to try the 4.4mm first?
    The 2 ports are different sounding i would say.
  7. equalspeace
    I tried balanced on the WM1A too. I avoided comparing that output to the standard output on the ZX2. I will say that the biggest positives of the balanced output on the WM1A were layering and soundstage. I was thoroughly impressed with these aspects. However, switching to balanced on the WM1A did not alleviate the brightness of this DAP. I thought maybe it would, so I tried going with my more traditional sound settings. But after 5-6 minutes I started to notice fatigue. The WM1A is unique in that it has this seemingly smooth, but sneaky bright treble, that is enormously fatiguing unless EQ'd/toned down.
  8. productred
    The WM1A's response is pretty flat. Maybe it hits a frequency range/spot that you are particularly sensitive with. I never once found it fatiguing.

    Glad the ZX2 worked out for you though..........it didn't work out for me when it was released (dark, strangely warm but not enough body and note weight to support, frankly quite frighteningly bad extension in the highs and kinda peaky mid-hi) (almost blacklisted Sony at that point) and it was part of the reason why I was so deeply impressed with the update/upgrade to the WM1 series and the huge improvements (at least to me) that brought about. Classic illustration that there's no objectively best equipment - only one that works best for you qualifies as the best.
  9. nanaholic
    The WM1A has a copper back plate with aluminium chassis just like the ZX2, in fact the purity of the copper plate in the WM1 is higher than that of the ZX2 which is what is supposed to contribute to the overall better clarity of the WM1 series compared to the ZX2. Also the design of the WM1A is closer to that to the ZX2 and is positioned as such (WM1A is successor model of ZX2). The WM1Z is the true outlier with the OFC chassis which puts it in a different class.
  10. nanaholic
    This is normal. The quoted 25 hours of play time is measured in direct source mode with all sound enhancing options OFF. Turning on the sound enhancing options obviously requires more power because the chips will have to do more work/calculations.
  11. blazinblazin
    What's your setup like?
    IEM, cable etc
  12. ledzep
    Off topic guys but quick question regarding the ZX2 , can the EU version be volume cap removed like the WM1's
  13. mosh_2k7
    Unfortunately the volume cap can't be removed from the ZX2 EU capped version.
  14. mosh_2k7
    I really hate you guys! You've just made me go and do this :)

  15. equalspeace

    Can you please show me where it says the WM1A has a copper plate?
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