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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. equalspeace
    I used the HD650 with a silver plated cable with the WM1A, balanced and standard.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
  2. gerelmx1986
    I was thinking the headphone maybe the problema to his disliking of the WM1A, i have darker Z7 and XBA-Z5 and the wm1a fits these pretty well
  3. nanaholic

    Right at the start they talk about the chassis design. Quoting the relevant section:

    *Please tell us about the focal point of the WM1A which is milled out of solid block of aluminium
    Ishizaki Nobuyuki [mechanical design]
    The basic thinking is the same as the ZX2. Milling the chassis from a solid block of high purity aluminium and then putting on it a gold plated copper plate to achieve both toughness rigidity and reduce impedance, also to stablise the ground.
    The improvement for this time, although it is the same for the WM1Z, is that one of the copper plate was changed from Tough-Pitch Copper (TPC) to high purity OFC. Another plate’s thickness and size was increased, both resulted in the lowering of impedance.
    *The rear panel is also the common improvement point for the WM1 series too
    Ishizaki Nobuyuki [mechanical design]
    That is correct. It is changed from the stainless steel of the ZX2 to a Ni-Cu-Si type alloy. Although this is the first time we use this, but because the main component of the alloy is copper it is able to maintain a high level of conductivity while also having the necessary rigidity it is an invaluable material. Compared to stainless steel the conductivity is about 20 times better, so of course the sound quality improved.

    BTW I've translated the entire interview I hope you enjoy reading it:

    You can also see the gold-plated copper plates in the exploding view provided by Sony.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
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  4. 13candles
    Just recently discovered that when im using to onscreen volume dials it lags. Both the + & - onscreen soft keys lag and so does the Dial as well.

    Physical hardware volume Keys are fine and so are the rest of the other onscreen functions which are smooth.

    Anybody else experiencing such a thing?
  5. cfc7
    Like the WM1 no, but there is a Chinese root tool that you can use on your own risk and get about 20-30% more volume on the ZX2.

    You can find all the steps here (posts by emilsoft):

    It seems it worked fine for some but I didn't try it as I don't find the volume being a problem with IEMs and I have a 2 years warranty for my ZX2, so I've decided not to do it for the moment.
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  6. ttt123
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  7. Acemcl
    Is there a way to display the date and time on the screen for the 1Z? Seems odd that they need it during the setup but then it's never displayed!
  8. Whitigir
    Well, to report back, I freaking love the D.C. Phase linearizer. I have been using DSEEHX Strings and Type B-High. The Dynamic normalized also help with my different tracks with different volume as well. I don't use any EQ for further adjustments, but the above are sweet.

    Now, to mention, most of new DAC chips are using Filters for different sound performances. These above could be any of those that is using the S-Master and Sony Expertise Hardware to do so. In this mode, it consumes battery more than Direct mode and I have observed that it could run 8-10 hours max with FLAC and some DSD. The extras oomps and consuming are there for a reason. The way I see it is that Direct source is more for Economic and battery saving.

    I can post details in comparisons, but there is no need for it about now. I rather have you find out :)
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
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  9. equalspeace

    Thanks nanaholic!
  10. PCheung
    Firmware updated? Have the same problem on 1.00 and fixed on 1.10 or later
  11. Sarnia
    I haven't got the hd650 anymore but I wouldn't have thought the WM1A, or any other DAP could drive them decently.
  12. pietcux
    I can only compare the ZX1 with the WM1A. With the HD650 single ended stock cable and adapter. To me the tonality is rather similar, with the WM1A taking the lead in bass control. Both daps can drive the HD650 quite good, but not decent. The WM1A does not sound harsher at all. My single ended output has only about 15 hours burn in, as I more or less use the balanced out exclusively. But I never heard the ZX2 at all, so maybe you are in a different boat.
  13. equalspeace

    The HD650s actually sound pretty good on most DAPs I've tried. I've paired them with a Jotunheim, NFB11 (super bright), and Aune X1S all for various periods so I'm familiar with how they sound when powered pretty well. For instance, the HD650s sound amazing to my ears paired with the Cayin N3 on high gain.
  14. 13candles
    Yeah I forgot to inform that I was on firmware 1.20 when I noticed that lag .... I don't think it's my film protector either since the rest of the touch screen functions is as fluid as I remember.
  15. blazinblazin
    Other than the play pause on screen lags a bit, other onscreen buttons was ok for me.
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