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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. ledzep
    Had a pair of E80's laying around doing nothing, shelved the idea of a detachable 2 pin bit over kill for my ciems etc ....... so half hour later job done !
    Pretty good results too.

  2. riotgrrl
    How often does your boyfriend rip you a new one?
  3. gerelmx1986
    Fast charger? I use the one included with the cellphone and takes arround 4 hours to fully charge, it has never taken the 7 hours said by sony
  4. gerelmx1986
    @riotgrrl i don't buy CD's that often, is rarely when i get CDs now. I prefer digital downloads
  5. JML
    Yes, it's a new smart fast charger. Took about 3 to 3.5 hours to go from the warning about low battery to fully-charged (90%) while the player was running (for burn-in). It has two USB ports and enough voltage to charge from both. Specs are at https://www.anker.com/products/A2141113. $14 from Amazon.
  6. MH01
  7. mw7485

    I've got the NWZ-V7 windows executable if its of any use (I used it to "fix" my 1Z). If you want it, PM with your email and i'Il send it over.
  8. MH01
    Thank you so much . PM sent
  9. MH01
    So so so many times I said I was not going to get a MW1 . Nope not gonna happen. Once I heard that it lost android and the ability to stream... I was out.

    A dap these days should be like a smartphone right guys? Do it all, and hopefully get you through the day on a battery charge , while we have charging stations setup in different rooms and residences we frequent .

    I'm weak.... just had to try it... so started looking for a WM1A used that I could lose little on etc... long story I happened to find a WM1Z for about the same price as a WM1a Rrp so what the heck...caved. ...


    Hardware : Holy batman (for you Adam west!) this thing is solid , and heavy . What I love about the ZX2 , is the weight and build quality . The WM1Z , takes it to a whole new level. Amazing

    Software : I expected to be very disappointed here. Damn it's simple, for the age of smartphones and complicating UI design, this thing is going back to basics. At first I was scratching my head thinking how simplified it was , so used to modern OS , though now i get it, it's going back to basics if a Walkman , finding myself using the physics buttons most of the time.

    Battery : damn.....you gotta be kidding me, a modern device in 2017 with a battery life....this thing is like a old Nokia phone compared to modern smartphones that can't go a day.

    Sound : I'll give it 200 hours and leave impressions after that, though that seems to have been covered well in this thread. To be honest be it wm1a or WM1Z both would sound great. In my personal opinion all high end daps sound great, and depending on the music some suited to different genres , so such thing as the "best" dap out there. I'm so over the AK model of everyone claiming each Version is so much better as prices jump jump jump....

    My zx2: it's staying , love it to much, and it allows me to stream content as a source and for any android apps . The WM1Z , not burnt in yet, gives me the smile I got when I received my first Walkman, it's about the music, and music only , about the music I own and not having 4 steaming services to get the music I like....
  10. Blommen
    I am basically trying to decide if I should get a wm1a or a cowon plenue PM 2 and would like to hear if someone here has any experience they can pass on?

    I do eq, some bass mostly, and I know that cowon has a good implementation of eq but what about Sony?

    The genres i listen to mostly is metal and rock, most of it in flac format.
  11. gerelmx1986
    The WM1A plays flac up to 24/192
  12. mw7485

    Damn, I wouldn't say you were "weak" if you managed to pick one up at that price. I was impressed with myself for getting one in Amazon's Easter blowout, but your bargain is the best I've seen reported to date. - well done - enjoy!
  13. MH01
    That's used though :) well an unwanted gift, so just lucky to know someone that was not keen an a golden brick as a portable. Geez I love its weight. Why can't burn in happen faster lol. And thanks for your help with the exe file
  14. mw7485
    No problem, its what the community is about.
    MH01 likes this.
  15. Blueoris
    I have been following this thread careful. As a ZX2 happy owner, I am sure the new WM1A / Z series are a step ahead in all aspects, however, I am specifically interested on the imaging / soundstage capabilities of the new series. The reason of this is, I am looking forward to improve these attributes in my home stereo system and the 1Z may be a great source / transport that when connected to my pre-am using the analogue outputs, it would provide a sound with great positioning for instruments in a layered, wide soundstage.

    Reading comments from owners here, the 1Z is great on those regards but I wonder if somebody here have had the opportunity to compare these attributes in the 1Z with the Hugo Chord, which is the option have been contemplating. The Hugo Chord also has great positioning and sound stage, according to some reviews and owner posts. I know that one is a DAC and the other is a DAP, different specs / features and strengths. But focusing specifically in imaging / soundstage, which one is ahead? Any opinions?
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