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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Cagin
    I think your K9 just desires a nice K10 to chew on

    Ba dum tssssss
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  2. nanaholic
    If you have any earphones that uses MMCX plugs then Sony's own MUC-M2BT1 BT cable is highly recommended as it supports Sony's excellent LDAC codec (better than apt-x) and you can pair it with any earphones you like.
  3. Decreate
    I've tried using the MUC-M2BT1 BT cable and although it sounds a lot better than any of the other bluetooth earphones I've tried, I get a lot of dropouts. I find it happens most often when I'm near traffic lights like the crossing right in front of Sogo in Causeway Bay...
  4. ledzep
    Did see these would cost £200 + to get into UK. Gave me an idea though, buy the

    MDR-EX750BT and cut off the wired buds and re terminate to 2 pin as these are only £90 and have the LDAC .
  5. nanaholic
    CWB has so many people (and thus phones) that it suffers from signal pollution, and you are talking Sogo which is the busiest crossing in HK island side. I sometimes get dropouts in Central as well, but for the OP's original purpose though - something to use in the office mostly stationary, then it shouldn't be an issue and the sound quality as well as flexibility is simply unbeatable.

    Seems doable actually if you are handy with DIYing.
  6. 13candles
    So something odd happened for the very first time to my 1Z.

    I realised that my player was charged to full even though I left the BATTERY CARE option box checked .

    It has been stated that the 1z takes approx 7 hours to be fully charged . I am very certain that I only left my player to charge for a shade under 6 hours and during that time when I first plugged it in , it was left with the last quadrant of juice.

    This is extremely puzzling . How is it that if you checked the battery care option to not allow it charge over 90% and yet it does is really mind boggling to me .

    Anyone who can chime in on this ??
  7. Mimouille
    It shows full at 90%
  8. 13candles
    Oh right... So i guess all this while i did not really hit the 90% even when i thought it'll just continue charging and not show it's status being full!

    Thanks for the clarification ! Merci
  9. Dean Lim
    wm1z so heavy, it is barely portable
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  10. kubig123
    you'll get use to.
  11. Mimouille
    Your wallet is much lighter so it evens out.
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  12. JML
    For those Apple/Mac owners who are considering purchase of either of these units, I want to emphasize something that took me a while to find out prior to purchase (because this thread is so long!) and which I confirmed post-purchase: the ease with which one can copy and edit music files/folders directly from your computer, using the Finder, without having to resort to Android-based work-arounds. The Linux-based Sony software makes this all very easy! I see absolutely no need for the Sony Content Transfer app, as long as you have your music files in good shape and know where they are stored on your computer, and know where the Sony player stores music. Copying music is just like any other drag & drop operation.

    If you get a new microSD card, just format it first in the Sony itself, connect it to your computer, and copy folders/files from the computer to the "Music" folder on the microSD card (or the player's native storage "Music" folder).
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
  13. kubig123
    I totally agree, it' snot only easy but also it's incredible faster to transfer music than any other DAP, the Paw gold usually takes 3 times more to transfer the same file.

    this is also the reason why I sold my AK380 and stick with the WM1z.
  14. pitch_black
    the WM1A was much lighter then I anticipated.... but then together with the Dignis Case it feels much much bigger and heavier.
  15. mw7485
    Some not too bad open box deals on amazon.co.uk if anyone is looking to snag a discounted NW-WM1A.
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