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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. MrLocoLuciano
    Congrats to the mum !
  2. Peter Ruby
    Wouldn’t the WM1Z be the father, the WM1A the mother, and all else would be considered kids and cousins?
  3. spanky310
    My GF saw the post and asked why is the WM1Z the father and not the WM1A?

    I'm not touching that. :)
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  4. Peter Ruby
    Allow me. The 1Z is gold and the TOTL DAP by Sony. Second best is the 1A.

    So to summarize, the 1Z runs the show. This is coming from a guy that owns the 1A.
  5. phonomat
    Nope, it's definitely the other way around, cause she sure likes her bling.
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  6. Peter Ruby
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  7. AMHaudio
    20191118_085904.jpg 20191118_085929.jpg 20191118_090017.jpg 20191118_090038.jpg WM1Z & Z1R Combo. With Spinfit. Sound is so damm good still trying to solve comfort issue. As I have smaller ear, some metal portion touches the ear, which gives pain after 45/50 mins. But still I love it...The sound is like Food...
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  8. spanky310
    Exactly what she had questioned. She commented why the superior player has to be a Papa 1Z and not a Mama 1Z? Just because it's better it's automatically a male?

    Now you know why I'm just gonna go with the (her) flow on this one? :)

    Right on brotha!
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  9. bflat
    You may want to try adding a cable clip to hold the cable in place around the Y split. This will stop the weight of the cable from pulling back your IEM and putting more pressure on your ear. You can also try re-shaping the ear hooks - bend towards your head to put less pressure of the ear piece against your outer ear. If the ear hooks are pre-formed silicon, a heat gun or maybe a hair dryer will provide enough heat to bend.
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  10. Luckyleo
    I have the exact same issue. No solution as of this writing as far as I know...
  11. AMHaudio
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will try. Regards..
  12. Damz87
    Hi guys & gals,

    Can anyone please recommend a short WMport to USB cable? I’d like to use the WM1Z as a DAC with my phone for streaming, but the stock charging cable is too long. I’ve seen a cheap one on eBay but just wondering if there’s a particular one that is recommended and fairly durable.

    Thanks in advance!
  13. Jalo
    The WM1Z has been released for over three years and yet I still have to see any number of WMport adaptors by third parties. Very unfortunate.
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    You could use the SONY Walkman Micro USB plug adapter WMP-NWM10 and a short micro usb

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  15. Damz87
    Thanks! I’ll give that a go

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