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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. auronthas
    I bought this genuine Sony WMC-NWH10 wmport to USB female from Amazon.

    Here's the link.
    Sony WMC-NWH10 USB Conversion Cable for Hi Res Audio Output https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FF086HE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_98kAksQicXOuQ
  2. rylim
    I have Shure SE846 and wonder if WM1A would be a perfect match for it? Besides that, which balanced cable do you guys recommend for this IEM?
  3. Hellraiser86
    The 1A should be a good choice because it is more neutral than the f.e. 1Z. You can even match the sound with using different firmwares.
    Concerning a good cable... it depends on your budget.
    Edit: the new low budget line from effect audio is a very good starting point.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  4. AMHaudio
    Its a good idea. I also thought this. But again we need another adapter for connecting Mobile or PC. Cause its USB A Female. So far all small adapter I got are also USB A Female.
    Lastly I ordered another normal cable ending USB A Male and cut it according to my need in a local electronic shop.
  5. auronthas
    Actually this Sony conversion cable is WMport <> USB A female, you just need a USB A male <> USB type C/B cable (common normal phone charging cable) to your phone via USB DAC of WM1A/1Z
  6. rylim
    I would say my budget is $499, and not sure if that would be sufficient for a good cable?
  7. gerelmx1986
    Long story short. I boughty wm1a in November 2016 through accesory jack.

    How much will sony Gemany charge me for a battery replacement service?

    To summarize my A has about 7000 playback hours and i charge it every 2 days, so the battery must habe arround 2800 charge cycles
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Sony spec the battery at 500 full cycles. You have not done 2800 full cycles but probably around 350-400. I’ve also had my 1Z for near 3 years and charge one a week so have done about 150 cycles so expect it to last another 6-7 years or more
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  9. Hellraiser86
    500$ is more than enough for a good cable.
    It’s just a matter of taste than. The usual culprits are Effect Audio Eros II+ and Thor II (for 60$ more Thor II+). These are the standard models but you can also take a 8 braided version from Ares.
    Besides Effect Audio there are some good cables from Lavricables and Plussound. Maybe PWAudio (I just know the expensive ones here).
    I would recommend you to visit the homepage from twister6. He has many reviews from different manufacturers.

    I would recommend the Ares II 8 braided or a copper cable from Plussound for the 1A. Silver can be a bit too analytical with the player (1Z is a better match in my opinion - of course there are exceptions).
  10. danniao
    433143BF-8837-4ADB-A232-8B6F09B097FE.jpeg 7113C9F0-7C4A-4F6C-9F09-BF67D307CEED.jpeg

    My new WM1A arrived yesterday! Been using my LPG for almost 3 years-getting a little bored and wanted to try something different... after going through a couple of hundreds of pages of this thread pulled trigger on the 1A. What a beautifully machined player! So far enjoying the sound of it through the single ended with the EE LXs. Ordered some budget China 4.4 cables and still waiting...

    One surprise is all my WAV files will not show Chinese correctly- did a little research and found the Sony’s won’t handle non-English characters correctly if the files are WAV. Converted an album into FLAC the words showed up correctly. Not that I can differentiate WAV from FLAC in sounds but this is quite annoying (seriously Sony??)
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  11. spanky310
    Out of curiosity, is this connector only a charging/data cable adaptor or does it also let the WM1 connect to an amp via USB digitally like the WMC-NWH10?
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    I would assume so but honestly can’t say as I have never connected to an amp
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  13. hamhamhamsta
    If you like single end, balanced will blow you away.

    Get a good balanced cable, and unfortunately quality is synonymous with price. When you have good synergy between iem, cable and player, it's music heaven!
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  14. danniao
    That must be true! I’m actually a cable believer... a couple of years ago when I first got my pure silver and a copper Liz cables from Norne audio I was shocked with the difference I heard! I don’t think i’ll ever spend 1000s in a cable though- too rich for my blood. Been enjoying some of the budget Chinese cables recently. With around $50-60 a piece these sounds quite nice, probably close to the ~$200 nornes. And these are 8 cores, beefy yet super soft. The cheap Chinese cable thread has a lot of good recommendations and I may look into some of the more expensive ones over there (still less than $200).
  15. phonomat
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