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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. kiling92
    Guys,searching for this thread i red that the high gain can affect to sound quality.
    Today i discover that these words are true.
    I'm pairing my focal stellia with wm1a and with high gain the soundstage is sooooo smaller than low gain,too grain and less smooth.
    I heard a big changes between those two type of gain!low gain FTW
  2. Vitaly2017

    Yes sir I did, @twister6 is my favorite reviewer but It was an older review so there is no ier-z1r comparison....

    And Plus I wanted to see what people think about it too.

    BOO booo you sold wm1z for ier-z1r?
  3. Vitaly2017
    Depends on your mood outside weather and overall how you set your mind lol.

    True that low gain can be perceived as more natural and even. Also try se and youl find its even more gentle and analogous but with much less dynamics and power.
    You got the option to play around with different outputs :)
    Plus stelia is a headphone might lack a bit of power maybe straight out of 1z for that I think.
  4. RollsRoys
    For me 4.4 High Gain sounds waaaaay better than 4.4 Low Gain.
    I'd say 4.4 Low Gain Sounds similar to 3.5 High Gain (really poor)
  5. SupperTime
  6. Redcarmoose
    You would still be using the players 3.5mm output, and would still need a 4.4mm headphone cable?
  7. Leetransform25
    I'm assuming he's trying to get a 4.4mm to 3.5mm so he can connect it to the balanced jack? (which ofc isn't recommended)
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    That cable is to allow you to use a 4.4 balanced headphone with a 3.5 singke ended player.

    There are people who sell a 3.5 female to 4.4 male but that does not make a phone balanced. Some prople say that they actually work but normally you would say that it shouldn’t work and that you’d risk damaging you player doing it
  9. SupperTime
    I have a 3.5mm cable, but want to use the 4.4mm output without buina new cable as I'm poor right now, is this possible?
  10. ttt123
    The short answer is "no" and "yes with reservations".
    - The 4.4 mm balanced out uses 4 wires for a balanced configuration, where the L and R channels amplifiers are totally separated differential signals for each channel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_audio
    - The 3.5 mm SE output uses 3 wires, a L+, R+ and a 3rd wire with the common Grd (L- plus R-)

    Connecting a 3 wire jack to the 4.4mm output will short the 2 discrete amplifiers, which the manufacturer warns against doing, and most people follow this guideline as common sense.
    However, people have found that a player will function in this configuration, though as it is outside of the design specs, there is no spec on what it does, whether there is any long term damage, etc. My view is that manufacturers have built in safeguards to protect the circuit from people doing this, and protecting the amplifiers from damage. However, this is protecting itself from mis-use, and not sanctioning this use. There are no guarantees on how, and whether there are negative effects, so use is a personal decision, knowing that it is not recommended or designed for.
    There are 2 opinions on this:
    1. Don't do it, get a proper balanced cable, or replace the 3.5 jack with a 4.4 mm jack ( as long as there are 4 wires to the jack)
    2. People use the shorted configuration for long periods of time, and see nothing wrong with doing this, as it is proven in real life to work

    Summary: Not recommended, use at your own risk, and do not appeal to the Manufacturer if there is any long or short term damage.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  11. svinaik
    There are some connectors that are properly made to convert 4.4 to 3.5. Brise Audio had convertors that do the job very well. I use their connectors to use my 3.5TRRS cable which was made for Oppo PM-1 with the WM NW 1Z
  12. animalsrush
    I use 83 on low gain on wm1z when usin z1r .. after that it is too loud for me. I use 55 with my k10s on low gain. Are you using high gain ?
  13. CyberAthlete
    I'm a member of the WM1A club now. Will have mine Wednesday. The thing that prompted me to get this was the fact that phones are moving away from headphone jacks and even when using an adapter the sound just isn't as lively or loud. And there was an immediate difference between the WM1A at the Kuala Lumpur Sony store I demoed and my phone. Even the XBA-N3BP sang off the 1A and not my phone. I would go for the 1Z but that was just way too much money. It's worth it for those who want the ultimate but you can get Focal Clear + 1A for the price of 1Z. That's how I look at it
  14. animalsrush
    I use low gain on my wm1z and z1r as well as k10s. It has more than enough headroom to drive both. As others mentioned personally for me low gain sounds natural where as high gain seems to make it loud at lower volume.. I prefer low gain..
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  15. boblauer
    3.5 trrs is a balanced connection. My honest opinion is wait and buy a propoer 4.4 cable off aliexpress
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