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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Redcarmoose
    I would never call the MDR bass shy; no one in their right mind would. I must have said in contrast to the IER the MDR bass was transparent.

    The crazy part is for the most part, both IER and MDR share the same tune. Sony made them sound the same! Wild when you really think about it. No one has done that.
  2. Redcarmoose
    So how would you compare the TA to the Walkman 1Z while using your IER-Z1R?
  3. Redcarmoose
    Same here. I have very little music above 16/44 FLAC. Though I account that to the style of music I’m into. Most of my music is either extreme metal or electronic. I have only a couple hi-res soundtracks but everything else is hi-res needle drops. Still most of the time I will prefer a studio FLAC to a needle drop. It’s just that some albums sound interesting recorded from a record pressing. The only reason I’m even interested in the Sony sound is because it makes digital sound close to what I used to listen to on vinyl. I couldn’t take my vinyl where I moved to and so my quest was to find something close to the vinyl sound.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Have not yet tried the IER from the TA as that is not the intended use and the cable is too short.
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  5. nc8000 Contributor
    About 25% of my music is hires however I only use that at home with the Auralic streamer and TA amp. On the 1Z I have downsampled it all to 16/44 or 16/48 so I can fit my entire library on the player and I have to admit that I have to concentrate fairly hard to detect the improvements of hires, red book is still really good. About 3-4% of my music is aac 320kb as this is older ripped music where I don’t have access to the cd’s any longer (library or friend’s cd’s)
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  6. gerelmx1986
    I do agree with you and @nc8000 the bass of z1R cans comes in off cleaner and better bodied. And yes crazy <german>wannsinn </german> both Z1R sound the same, so I have no trouble switching between both of them.

    Yeah I expect the fiio FA7 signature to be vastly different from the Z1R's n, but to have started iem collection is good and for the intended use of the FA7 (commuter train) no problem
  7. kausbose
    Hi all; Has anyone developed any issues with their battery yet? I have a WM1Z and I feel the battery is weakening. It's way past it's warranty life. I did see some responses from back in 2017 on this thread. I am trying to get some responses that are relevant to 2019. Any details will be appreciated.
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Mine is near 3 years old and has done about 2500 hours and no noticable degredation. Gerelmx1986 is approaching 7000 hours and as far as I know have no problem
  9. gerelmx1986
    Exacto no problem, still last like 3 days with FLAC 16/44, unless I use BT receiver/transmitter mode I do get less battery run-time
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  10. djricekcn
    How long in idle does it take for the RMTNW520 take to shutdown
  11. gazzington
    My new wm1a arrived today. Charging it up now. It's already on 3.01 firmware
  12. purk Contributor
    I notice some degradation on my ZX300 with about 2000 hours on it, not so with my 1Z.
  13. kausbose
    **** I better be using mine a little bit more. I only have 26 hours. :astonished::astonished::astonished:

  14. gerelmx1986
    My first DSD 11.2MHz album , oh boy, its damn huge at 13GB
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  15. Whitigir
    Holy cow.....6 thousands hours ?

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