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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. NickL33
    Thats seems to be the leak for zx500... nothing seems to be leak on the 1a or z yet but none the less I am pumped!
  2. NickL33
    The more I listen the more i notice the bass or Z1R is not like skull crushing but rather very control and impactful when is needed... Not to mention the decay... is so awwwww!

    I am currently waiting for a silver cable from Satin Audio.. will update
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  3. rgutierr
    Has anyone here with an WM1A gone from Andros to the Z1Rs? thoughts?
  4. Redcarmoose
    Never heard the CA IEMs but there is a interesting learning curve when you get the IER-Z1R. The bass is so smooth and has both physicality and decay. The whole IEM performs in almost the opposite way of full BA IEMs. But when the IER-Z1R honeymoon is over you can still appreciate what full BA IEMs do different in their own inept way. IMO

    Due to the slight hollow sound of BA bass, it becomes both a thrill realizing what the IER-Z1R is doing, then it is possible later to somehow clue in on the BA bass and enjoy the speed and detail of it, even though it’s not as technically correct. IMO

    Though some folks get into DD bass so deep that afterwords trying something like EDM with a full BA set never is the same again. It’s just that BA bass no matter what, is never going to be the same, no matter what the builder does. IMO

    I would think people would have both and use them for different genres?
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  5. sklonchpower
    Hi everybody. Does anybody compared 1Z and Hugo 2? If someone have such experience, could you be so kind to give some details? Pros and cons? Than you in advance.
  6. rgutierr
    Thanks for reply. I actually ended up demoing them for about 90 minutes today with my wm1a. Man, what a rollercoaster of emotions. At times, i thought, im buying these on the spot. Then on another track, i would be disappointed. I had side by side with my andros and i thoght the soundstage on the andros, mostly, was superior. Surprised as i had read the SS on the Z1Rs was "gargantuan"

    The bass though fckkkkkkkkkkkkk. My experience on the andros is usually either "bass is spot on" at best, and "bass is too weak" at worst, track dependent.

    On the Z1Rs the bass that was "too weak" on tracks with teh andros, was spot on with the Z1R's but then i felt some tracks the bass was overrrrrkill and actually felt like it closed the sound off somewhat. I will try again with different tips next week. I still want the Z1Rs because when it sounds good, it sounds fckn fantastic.
  7. gerelmx1986
    Remember to feed them with good.mastered tracks and lossless files
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  8. rgutierr
    Of course :) my library of 24bit flac is fairly smallish, but everything else i have is lossless. I listen to mainly electronic music (non commercial) so its sometimes a bit tricky to find well mastered tracks with complex layering etc but i do have some i like to test on the player when testing out other IEMs.

    But yeah....probably going to get them in a few weeks ahhhh.
  9. gerelmx1986
    The 97% of my library is 16/44,1 FLAC, the remaining 3% is 24 bit or DSD (about 60 SACD )
  10. gerelmx1986
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  11. Redcarmoose
    Well, again I’ve never heard the CA Andromeda but.......I have an idea of what full BA IEMs sound like.

    It’s on the edge of impossible to compare two very different IEMs at the same time; as we acclimate.The two are at extreme ends of the spectrum, though in reality you have two groups at Head-Fi which like both. The problem is when trying to determine which is best. The IER-Z1R thread is full of new owners who have sold their Andromeda IEMs off.

    The two IEMs will trade off making different files sound better. It’s against the idea of folks who basically think one IEM should be superior. It’s also going to be a type of mental-gymnastics if someone was to own both. At times the IER-Z1R could make the Andromeda sound thin. Of course there are people who think the IER-Z1R is too bass heavy? So it goes at Head-Fi. Though there could be someone who owns and learns to love both for their unique qualities. Headphones are the same way. Though I rarely listen to my AKG k701s as they sound too thin nowadays? As consumers we slowly migrate across sound signatures.

    What your trying to do is very difficult. As if you had one IEM at home you MAY get used to it? Meaning after time folks CAN mentally adjust. Sometimes they move on to something else over and over. That’s a different issue as some will never be happy. But our goal is to find a home with a signature and have it for years. Though anymore I wonder if it’s simply better to have a couple IEMs? If anything it can justify more purchases? :)
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  12. auronthas
    I listen to both, i own Andros, sweet, detail, and well balanced throughout sound frequency. I listened to Z1R two weeks ago rather short time, more bass, not as detail as Andros.

    To my liking, I prefer Andros that's the sound similar to my HD 650.
  13. gerelmx1986
    I rhink @Redcarmoose ohne said that the IER-Z1R has.more physical Bass to it than the MDR-Z1R, and that at times can the MDR-Z1R sound bass shy.

    Not so I think, good bass as the IER-Z1R
    15650883892947641351675377097775.jpg 15650884295014205592574846998380.jpg
  14. nc8000 Contributor
    I think there is more physical feeling to the bass on the MDR as it moves more air and affects the area of skin around the ear as well, but they may well be more direct ear drum slam from the IER.
  15. gerelmx1986
    I did some accounting I have 6% of my library in hi-res the rest 94% and s CD FLAC.

    From the hi-res 40% is DSD (79 albums) the rest 60% is hi-res PCM (121 albums). 329GB of lossless HD from.the complete 1.16TB
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019

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