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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. gerelmx1986
    I bought a pair of fiio FA7 BA IEMs, 279€ to use fir outside. This will be my first full BA IEM and first non-sony headphone /IEM after the ultrasoune HFI780 in 2012
  2. Redcarmoose
    So cool. I actually have a couple Chi/Fi full BA IEMs which I use with the 1A.

    If anything they may end up as complementary to the IER-Z1R for you?

    I’m totally into BA bass, as it’s faster and can be very detailed. I’m just an IEM junkie so any IEM will fascinate me. Though the Z1R is still reference in my collection. The Noble Encore is also co-reference as it does things for rock and metal in a refreshing way the Z1R does not. If anything there IS room in a collection; if only to add appreciation for the IER-Z1R.

    Here is a FA7 and WM1A review....which you may have read?
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  3. gerelmx1986
    Yup I've read it. I got it just to not carry the IER-Z1R outside home, as I've found the Z1R to amplify bass sounds, f.e track noises while riding the German bullet train
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  4. Quasimodosbelfry
    Has anyone paired their WM1A/Z with a Bluetooth speaker?

    My WM1A is my primary player for EVERYTHING. I'd like to get a nice BT speaker for when I'm just moving around the apartment and getting my tunes unfettered. Occasionally take it to my neighbour's. Not all BT speakers are created equal. I have trouble pairing to an HK Onyx, sound clips when I change the volume when connected to a Klipsch. Sony's speakers are a little thin in sound. JBL connectivity is intermittent for some reason.

    So far am eyeing the following: Beolit 17, and Bose Revolve. Both connected easily and sound pretty decent. The Beolit was actually really easy on the ears. Not critical listening, but nice for when I'm just doing crap around the place.

    Hoping to try the Audio Pro Addon T10 but having trouble finding a showroom that has it. Has anyone tried the Audio Pro? Care to recommend something else? Much appreciated.
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  5. Redcarmoose
    F8AFB1C0-95AB-4A35-A54D-2A9E99F7E97F.jpeg Mine sounds great but it’s totally cheesy!LOL 3rd-World!
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  6. Quasimodosbelfry
    I admire that... I really do... But man... Way too many wires. Hard to haul that down to the pool.
  7. LinstantX
    Buy BenQ TreVolo 2 and do not worry :L3000:.
  8. Redcarmoose
    It only went to the pool once. Lol
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    I bought another Z5 (after selling the first) and kept the Sony kimber cable as I didn’t have the 1Z at that time.

    The sound of the Z5 is hard to leave and I needed something “Sony” to use around in rough environment.

    Z5 has the perfect bass and
    mids for high res audio. The M9 sounds great too but the design and fit of M9 appeals more to me.

    I have not tried H3 balanced on 1A/1Z.

    How are u enjoying Z1R and how it compares with your old Z5?

    @DONTGIVEUP did you try the XBA-H3 in balanced from your Wm1z? How does the sound change? I remember when I had them they had a pretty noticiable mid-bass emphasis that leaked into mids, giving them a hollow signature, a signature like listening to music on a tile-covered room (echoing with so much resonances and standing waves)[/QUOTE]
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  10. gerelmx1986
    My old xba-z5 sounded great , dont get me wrong, nice mids and bass that recreates very low notes.

    After upgrading to the IER-Z1R, I found this has better bass texture and feel'ability to it. It has a more physical bass to say in easy words. Mids on the Z1R are natural in the tone , perhaps at times a bit recessed on the lower part but it is nothing that bothers me. The highs are better than the xba-z5, again the Z1R highs like the ones on the z5 aren't shrilly at all, but, they extend high and effortlessly. The treble was in my opinion the Achilles heel of the z5, they were rolled off, they struggled.to reach the areas of hi-res audio.
    Build is better also in the IER-Z1R, the z5 was great built too, except for the paint that tends to peel off after extensive use and the wobbly MMCX.

    Separation and stage is so wow in the Z1R, I am still thrilled how they sooo un-iem they sound (like an open can or the MDR-Z1R stage) they don't have the stage of your average Joe IEM, they sound like big cans impressive. If z5 had a big stage already and that wowed me, the Z1R, made me jaw drop.
    For xba-z5 to improve had to upgrade cable to the sony MUC series (stupid name I can't remember ) , this has not happened with the IER-Z1R which comes with a great cable in the box.

    Only con of Z1R for me to date is the weird isolation , while better than the xba-z5, still has a thing that annoys me, it tends to amplify lower noises ( that hum from the german high speed train, must pump volume up, maybe it comes from the high speed friction between wheels and rails but is annoying HUUUUMMM). Reason I ordered a fiio FA7 Quad BA IEM , better isolation and leave the jewel at home to prevent possibility of getting lost/stolen and to get some curiosity satisfied with a full BA setup. I know sont fanboy, could have gotten the IER-M7, but it is not available in germany and the price didn't justify to me paying 600€ for an iem to be used to commute and increased risk of getting lost/Damaged or stolen.
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  11. gerelmx1986
    @DONTGIVEUP in summary to above, the xba-z5 has a dark signature with more punch for the bass, while the IER-Z1R has a.more fresh signature, it is not by any means reference but also despite having nice tactile bass it ain't dark, can I dare to say organic/natural?
    Wait...you think even the zx300 is too big? That's shocking to me because I think its a really average sized player.
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    A45 is a nice pocketable size
  14. Redcarmoose
    Only because of getting used to the iPod Touch; they are small. :)

    It’s all relative to what you are used to.
  15. Redcarmoose
    The Z5 is amazing. I do really like them. Though the fit is so strange. It’s like a USB stick attempting to be set into your ear. Sony tried to lock it down with those included cables but they were trouble too. So as far as sound the Z5 has a natural cohesive charm still making it competitive today in the $500 range. IMO

    But even while using the Z5 before the IER-Z1R came out I wanted more treble and mid-action. Though after listening to the IER-Z1R for 60 days.......going back shows the Z5 to actually have way-way more bass. It’s crazy, but you get less “fog” with the sub-bass tune of the IER-Z1R. Also it’s heads above in all other areas.......better treble detail and extension, better imaging, faster......bigger soundstage.....even though it has big mid-recession, the midrange is still there. So... it’s a continuation of the sound Sony has been developing. But the treble with the IER-Z1R may be a little intense for some? Also they don’t fit everyone. But one great thing is the included cables which are better than many aftermarket cables and better than the MMCX Kimber. IMO
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