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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Hyde8767
    They do have enough source material for going full on retro images.jpeg
  2. gerelmx1986
    WM1A plays well with DSD files, godly good SQ
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  3. gerelmx1986
    Hopefully Sony offers in their next Walkman release an all PCM to DSD function like now the new fiio M11
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  4. AnakChan Moderator
    Hi all, sorry if I haven't been following this thread. Was there any conclusion if the NW-WM1Z supports MQA? More specifically MQA-CD (rather than Tidal) that has been ripped and played back via Audirvana Plus via the NW-WM1Z USB-DAC?
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    It certainly supports stand alone mqa files
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  6. DatDudeNic
    Has anyone tried out the nes m11? It piqued my interest as a daily, sometimes the 1a just doesnt want to fit in my pants :/
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    Thanks, that actually helps. I needed to use the MQA Tag Restorer on the original FLACs. Works great on the NW-WM1Z.
  8. equalspeace
    751F888B-4727-4EE6-9E39-4A8C82098F4E.jpeg The WM1A and my Oriolus Mk2 (with Ares 2 bespoke 8 wire) makes for an insanely good paring!
  9. auronthas
    Sorry to bring up this old post, @Redcarmoose from the DACMagic indicator, it shows audio file played is only 44.1kHz, though I have selected 24 bit 96kHz audio file from WM1A, transmitted this file to Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver via Aptx HD codec , Toslink/optical output from this receiver to DACMagic, How can it be?
  10. Redcarmoose
    I don’t use the Walkman in that use. I only watch YouTube videos using the Walkman as a Bluetooth receiver.

    But what I can do is come up with a logical flowchart to discover the issue.
    1) Does the Walkman really broadcast Bluetooth Aptx HD? I didn’t know it did? Also if it does then it would also show up with the Aptx HD codec varified.

    2) I did read that Aptx HD does broadcast as 24 bit Bluetooth but did not note it as 24/96?

    3) Is the codec the Walkman Aptx HD actually a full 24/96? Or in other words; does the codec have a variety of rates? And if so can they be chosen in the Walkman, and again is the Walkman capable of broadcasting it in full form.

    4) Have you determined the BT receiver is really able to do full 24/96 acceptance? Is there a way to control how it accepts signals?

    5) And finally here! Your DAC Magic Is going on 11 years old. I have done 24/96 “USB” with my Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus but never higher than 16/44.1 with optical toslink? I would start here as to look for a manual to describe the maximum bit-rate you can do with your DAC fiber optic. An easy test would be find some old theatre amp laying around and plug the fiber optic in. That way you completely test the Walkman output bit-rate. 2) You test your receiver output and receiving capabilities.

    So if the theater amp shows a 16/44.1 input you know it’s a problem upstream. If it actually shows 24/96 then you know it’s an issue with the DAC Magic!

    Don’t feel bad, my DAC Magic doesn’t even recognize the Walkman. At least you have 16/44.1.




    I just went through the manuals and it’s clear the DACMagic plus does take higher digital signals than 16/44.1 via RCA or Optical Toslink.

    Though it is not clear in your respective manual?

    It looks like it does accept 24/96?


    It shows here that the Walkmans do Aptx HD, but it’s not listed if it’s sending and receiving or just one? Seems like they would make it sending as the priority with so much Aptx HD Bluetooth products out there?

    I don’t know but after all this if the Walkman outputs Aptx HD, then it could be the receiver box not being what it was advertised or there is settings?

    Cheers! Again!



    You can read this though it does not sound like the new codec adaptive Aptx will be fully 24/96, but less when launched?

    So my question is was AptxHD truly 24/96 upon launch?

    From what I can read on line Aptx only goes to 24/48 right now?

    What you want is the coming Sony LDAC which will be better.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  11. auronthas
    Thanks for your detailed explaination. Yes, look ahead for Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC receiver :D

    Yes, I can confirm seeing ApTX HD on the WM1A screen when it's paired with Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter/receiver, also its indicators show both ApTX and HD respectively. Nevertheless, I do not know if it transmit at 24/96 or 24/48 ... and most likely it's only 16/44.1 as my DACMagic shows 44.1kHz and not even 48kHz.

    Also I tried to connect WM1A via USB digital input...Yes, this 10.y.o DACMagic's USB input can only deliver 16/44.1kHz according to its manual, but I was curious and ordered WMC-NWH10 cable and USB A to USB B cable , will try out when they are arrived if they will work when WM1A is on USB DAC mode.

    Do you have any recommendation on DAC like Benchmark DAC 3 ($$$$$) with USB digital input and XLR balanced output to integrated amplifier?

    I wish I can play 24/96kHz or higher audio to my HIFI system.
  12. Redcarmoose

    Yes, I read about the USB DAC limitation, which Cambridge updated with the DACMagic plus. The DACMagic plus has Balanced out? But no not sure I have any answers for you on a DAC?
  13. auronthas
    Both DACMagic and DACMagic has Balanced Output (XLR) left and right channels to integrated amplifier , not 4.4mm though LOL.
  14. Arion128
    A video on the Sony WM1Z and recommended Accessories for those who are thinking of buying this player.

  15. Redcarmoose

    Not to be critical but I’m pretty sure that video would be at the end of the list of videos for someone thinking of buying the player. Though it would be best to be viewed by someone who just purchased one.

    A video for someone thinking of buying the 1Z/1A would need to show the relevance today of such a purchase being the players came out in 2016. Many new products have been introduced since then, and a video could show how the Sony Walkmans still hold up. Secondly the video could show the new additions of firmware 3.01 being it now offered DAC functionality as well as AptxHD and Bluetooth sending and receiving. The video would need to show operations of the interface as well as the list of sound modification options such as vinyl character filter. It would need to explain DSD support, DSEE upscale and what S-Master HX digital amplification was about.

    As many new players in the field do not offer 4.4mm Pentaconn 5 pole plugs a video could show the benefit and negative opinions on that.

    And finally a description of sound and comparisons of the choices concerning the 1A, 1Z and choice of ZX300. At best a direct comparison of sound characteristics comparing the Sony sound to other DAPs in the price range.

    So with that in mind the video is useless for a perspective buyer. IMO
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019

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