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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. LeFaucon
    Well done but too much long
    Just an « unboxing » video more... 3 years after
    Accessories presented are just basic for any DAP : protective screen and (leather) case + pouch
    Right : unusual sorry
    Agree also for new features should have been added
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  2. Erfan Elahi
    great said!
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  3. auronthas
    Well said.

    My DAP journey from FIIO, then HIBY and now Sony, I have no regret with WM1A especially with the firmware 3.0.1 USB DAC and Bluetooth Receiver features . Though it's not all-in-one unit, I discover the sound that I really like. At least SONY firmware is more mature and stable than other DAPs.
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  4. Redcarmoose
    I found firmware 3.01 to be great with the 1A and IER-Z1R, but that’s the thing; I guess everyone uses the players differently. Many here do feel they have ended their journey; at least for awhile? :)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  5. nc8000 Contributor
    My jouney has been ended for near 2 1/2 years now with the 1Z and I’ve not yet seen anything that I even felt like trying out. Expect to be set until the 1Z dies and can not be repaired.
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  6. hireslover
    After purposely not listening to 1Z for 2 to 3 weeks but instead listening to something else in my case the LPG; once I go back to give the WM1Z some love I will be able to tell the difference right away. The sound is awesome. I wouldn't want to change it for nothing else in the world. I am set for a long time to go.
  7. timeslip
    I thought the same thing, until I made the mistake of trying out a LPGT for a week. Other than no m3u support, I love it and ended up purchasing it. May be putting my WM1Z on the classifieds soon.
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  8. bflat
    There's always K-Mod from Music Sanctuary :)

    One more follow up on K-Mod I've had since January. Prior to K-Mod, I had a problem with the rhodium plating coming off my Furutech 4.4mm plug after about a month of use. The K-Mod included a brand new Pentaconn jack and so far I've had no issues with my replacement plug. On a separate note, I was really surprised how good the product support is from Furutech. They sent me a replacement plug within 2 days of contacting them.
  9. nc8000 Contributor
    I would be afraid that it would change the sound sig I love to something else
  10. bflat
    The K-Mod is all noise reduction/rejection. It replaces wires that have better noise immunity and add shielding to areas that generate EMI. Basically same reasoning that Sony had by not implementing WIFI. End result for me is more dynamic range than before. Have to admit though, half the reason for me was to ensure I lock myself into the WM1z for the next several years which will do wonders for my wallet. However, if you have better discipline than me, than K-Mod value is much lower IMHO.
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  11. Tawek
    I do not know if it's just me
    but my "old x1061" sound is not worse than 1z.
    for me Nwz x1061 is still masterpiece!!! 20170515_093523.jpg
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  12. djricekcn
    Can someone help me with the RMT-NWS20...i'm trying to connect it via the Remote section under the bluetooth but it quickly picks up ( i think, it shows the name of the remote for a split second) and says something in the line of cannot connect to remote/ is there a way to factory reset the remote (as well?
  13. gerelmx1986
    Now try with wav on the x1060 and flac on the wm1z
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  14. ttt123
    Did you check if the Hold is switched off before using?

    You can reset the remote pairing by Holding "play/pause" + "Vol -" for 10secs.

    With "Hold" switched off that is.

    You will see flashing alternating Red and Blue lights which is pairing.

    The instruction manual is here: https://www.sony-asia.com/electronics/support/res/manuals/4595/45956391M.pdf
  15. LeFaucon
    Yes : it’s just you ! :grin:
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