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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. bflat
  2. OppoGuy
    Aye. But I used this tool to change the region to US:


    Though I'm not sure if I need the high gain output on 4.4mm balanced.
    The seller at LQi says burn in for 50 hours.
    I will leave high gain disabled for 4.4mm balanced unless I really need it.
  3. syke
    The Final D8000 is one lovely headphone.
  4. ryaneagon
    Nice! I have a 4.4 LQi Esprit for Focal cans. Great build quality and customer service.
  5. bitonio
  6. Vitaly2017
    Hi I am a happy new owner of 1z and tia forte,

    Got a question is it normal when transferring music to 1z into music folder it only goes at 16mbps , thats kinda slow is it normal? took me 3.5 hours to transfer 211 gigs!
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  7. bitonio
    Congratulations :)

    You are transfering to the internal memory?
    If so, I have similar experience.

    For faster(ish) transfer, I'd recommend to use a MicroSD card with an an external USB3 card reader (or built-in if your computer has one). It is often the speed of the card itself the bottleneck, not the USB2/3 speed itself.
  8. Vitaly2017
    Thanks :) I now own 1z tia and phantoms its crazzy good

    I see no I am transfering right into the dap it self, cause I have enouf room for my content, its only 211gig and sony has 230gigs. So I assume that is normal... Dam sony could made the internal speed faster even if its an old device. I use my sd card in my phone its a 400gig one, I stream spotify to 1z haha. With new update on spotify we now can download 10k songs !
  9. Dizzle77
    After picking up the sandisk 400gb on Amazon UK last week for £82, I didn’t think it would drop any further. Now £75 and cheaper than the 256gb
  10. OppoGuy
    This does not work.
    Maybe because I have progressive JPEGs embedded inside the FLAC files?
    i.e. the presence of the JPEG in the folder (with the same name of the folder) is not fixing the thumbnail.
    Do I need to remove all progressive images embedded inside FLAC files?
  11. nc8000 Contributor
    I don’t know which one gets used if there is an embedded and one in the folder but my guess would be that the embedded take priority and yes progressive is not supported
  12. Stephen George

    hope you didn't buy as i got snookered...and i should have seen it right off the bat..they were clever counterfeits...the 512 on the front of the actual product (not the manufacturers picture) shows the 512 spread apart and on every samsung microsd i have seen the numbers are kerned very close...also on the back, did not have real look serial number that samsung cards have

    i think these cards were only 16gb but the FW is fooled so it does try to copy everything out ...but when you look at the data..it's corrupt..the weird thing is...only the A&K240 flagged it as a bad card...the samsung note 8 was fooled along with the z1a

    i ended up finding some kingston canvas react for $150 ea...will report on this when they arrive
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  13. bitonio
    I personnally use MusicBrainz Picard to retag properly all FLAC files, you can use either their database JPEG file or upload yours, it works great.
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  14. proedros

    ah Mirage by FM , one of my favorites 80s albums - great taste.

    You'll probably hate me for saying it and making you noticing , but ever paid attention to how it seems like there is a witch head between Lindsey and Stevie ?

    also Christine's head seems like 180o rotated , exorcist-style

    it's one of those illusions , once you see it you can not unsee it

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  15. Whitigir
    Same as when I hear something, I can never unheard it....LOL, and so upgradatis is real...

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