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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. OppoGuy
    Shittin hell. I bought the 256G one last week.
  2. OppoGuy
    Thanks. I'll try it this weekend.
  3. Aliv3
    Have you guys ever had a malfunction in your WM1A / 1Z? mine had a problem on bluetooth and went for the warranty. they called me today that they had no parts to repair and they exchanged me for another. It's a little worrying for long ownership.:fingers_crossed:

    By the way, I'm going to use the topic to ask a few questions. Where I live does not have a store with a wide variety of headphones to try out. sometimes it can be good and bad at the same time. I'm thinking of taking advantage of this Christmas time and giving socks to my family so I can upgrade my iems / headphones. :o2smile:

    The genres I usually listen to are pop / rock / metal / alternative / edm 80% of the time. the iems are to be used exclusively on the WM1A while the headphones can also be used on the walkmam but also on the PC for multimedia / movie consumption etc. I thought about buying Andromeda's and the Sony Z1r / Lcd-x. but I was thinking and also would not be bad thought to buy two headphones a bit opposite each other as for example Vega and the HD800S. What do you guys think? Sorry for the long text.
  4. OppoGuy
    I've given up trying to keep track of the internal politics of Fleetwood Mac.
    I've met Mick Fleetwood twice before concerts at one of those "meet & greet" things. Think he lives in Maui now.
  5. Edric Li
    Anyone knows why the Kingston 512GB micro sd goes for $150 while almost every other brands are going for $250? Seems to me the specs are better on the Kingston, too.
  6. Stephen George
    there's only a few working options at this time and hopefully this is competition...all legit brands are selling out as they come online

    should have mine in a couple days, will report back on them
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
    Edric Li likes this.
  7. hke3g2006
    anyone experienced more hangs and crashes than before after upgrading to version 3.00??? I experienced this twice within 4 days already......i am using wm1z...
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes so went back to 2.0, never had a crash before 3.0
    rcoleman1 likes this.
  9. Stephen George
  10. boomtube
    Whenever I put an SD card in the slot (I've tried 3 different cards)... It always says there's no music on the card? What am I doing wrong? These cards are full of FLAC files and work just fine with other DAP's.
  11. iron2k
    must be the format of the SD, did you ever format it directly form your 1A/1Z ?
  12. Bepli
    They have to be in a Folder called "Music", all your files and folders should be under "C:\MUSIC\....."
  13. Stephen George
    Onl format within player as a LAST resort

    make sure it's exfat (allows for files over 4GB) and all files are in a folder on the root named MUSIC (a&k uses this convention also)
  14. audionewbi
    WM1A owner should seriously have a look into the IER-M9. If you are into monitoring sound, this will be a setup very hard to beat. GIGO will apply if you have all the DSP features off, but with them engaged, it can be more forgiving.
  15. sne4me
    Ive experienced 3 crashes although I havent listened a whole lot. one I vaguely realized happened, another happened when i set down the player and picked it up and opened the screen; crash. another crashed mid playing.

    Actually I'm rather disappointed they have crashes since 2.00 never crashed. seems to be going backwards

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