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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. ryaneagon
    I've tested the LCD2C with my WM1Z, seemed to have enough power, they sounded pretty good. My reference headphones are Focal Clear, personally I think they are a better headphone, sound and comfort. Of course this is my preference so....I'd recommend giving the Focal range a listen if possible. The Massdrop Elex is pretty much the Clear model but at have the price, and The Elear model sounds almost identical to both models with the Clear pads. The Utopia models are also fantastic, but too much for me to spend and didn't think the sound upgrade was justifiable. Cheers!
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  2. Tsukuyomi
    I'm also considering the Elegia from Focal. my friend has the Utopia and he said its so efficient that it can run on almost anything even smartphones easily.
    im leaning a bit towards the classics because i dont own a pair of Orthodynamic Planars at the moment and want that thicker deep sound again. i hate having to EQ things myself and i'd rather the headphone does it for me by itself.
  3. ryaneagon
    I get you, that's what drew me to Focal I love their "tuning" I always run them direct (Sony) or I'll add the Vinyl processor (Sony) from time to time. The only Audeze I own are the iSines, they are fantastic with the cipher cable and iPhone, but seem to lack a bit of spark unless eq'ed via the WM1Z but they are fun from time to time.
  4. jcdreamer
    I can tell you from first hand experience that the Sony 1Z does not have enough power even out of the 4.4 balanced to maximize the Focal Utopia's full capabilities. I never tried it on high gain, however.
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  5. ryaneagon
    I have a WM1Z and a set of Elear's and the Sony has plenty of power at low gain. I would assume being the are both 80ohm cans they should act the same in these regards. I have had to bump to high gain on a few MFLS releases that were mastered with a greater dynamic range, but high gain was more than enough, and to be honest low gain was plenty, unless I wanted to make my ears hurt. Just my 2 cents.

    I did try a set of Elegia's at a Focal demo in Spokane WA a couple weeks ago, they had all 4 models out, and to be fair I didn't have much time to compare all side by side, and it was kind of noisy, I thought the Elegia's sounded great, they didn't have the width as the rest, but giving they are closed backs...I still thought they had that signature "Focal" sound signature. The Clears are still my favorite all around model, with the Elears coming in second for their fun sound. (at least I think so)
  6. lmfboy01
    selling my WM1A, included case and everything!
  7. endlesswaves
    I have LCD2C and Eikon. Both are ok thru 4.4mm balanced. Sounds limp thru 3.5mm.
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  8. iron2k
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  9. rcoleman1
  10. Lookout57
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  11. ltanasom
  12. rcoleman1
    Amazon's return policy is the best there is (as long it's not a third party seller) so for me it's worth the risk IMO.
  13. OppoGuy
    Ordered a 4.4mm balanced cable from LQi Cables in the US. For Oppo PM2 headphones.
    Arrived in the UK today.


    Detected as balanced.
  14. Ricky64
    The TOTL Final D8000 is easily driven by the 1Z.
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  15. 480126
    Is it a EU Version with volume cap?

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