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Sony MDR-Z1R In classical music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SONYES, Aug 22, 2017.

IS Sony MDR-Z1R suitable for classical music

  1. SONY FOR classical music

  2. classical music IS NOT FOR Sony MDR-Z1R

  3. AND WAY ...

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  1. Witcher
    Mine is from iTunes.
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  2. rgs9200m
    Not a matter of money SonyES? Then just order up an Apex Pinnacle from TTVJ and don't worry, be happy. (Don't forget a nice NOS 6NS7 tube as a cherry atop the sundae...)
    Thank you very much for sharing
    Really the first time I hear something like Gary Bertini
    It really warms the heart
    Since I had heard Maestro Bertini hundreds of times on the radio here.
    And even his live concerts here in Israel.
    With the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Broadcasting / Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
    I also think he is a great conductor and definitely Mahler's symphonies cycle with the amazing Colon Orchestra I might be wrong with the orchestra?
    For Blu-ray I had the OPPO-105 and it had a very good sound in BlueRay but always the 24/48 layer of video
    Sounds more full to me
    From the sound of net 24/192 or DTS
    I have several blu-ray discs but thousands of ordinary CD's and some SACD
    My opinion is good but prefer the version
    The Red Book
    Do your opinion and your listening to music
    The best of files
    Give the sound of CD?
    I TUNE
    From tests I conducted and myself did
    Facing high quality DAC
    Versus Rip's Discs Make those disks into files
    PLAC /
    The closest to reality CD is WAV
    But in any case a CD in a good CD player sounds different
    And good
    So I only hear from disks and not from files
    Sony's new amplifier

    Sony TA-ZH1ES

    It has the option to read all formats
    And at least my experience with discs I have
    Not everyone sounds better than the Remaster version
    Who did twenty years ago 24/20 bit
    In the SONY / RCA studios
  5. Witcher
    Yes they do. CD quality encoding isn't the best any more. These days many listeners use FLAC (uncompressed audio) or DSD. I'm not too bothered with the file quality because most of the audio encoders today are very good, and it's not easy to tell compressed audio from uncompressed in a blind test. As long as the sound is of good quality, I'm fine, regardless whether it's a 256 kbps file, or DSD.

    PS. You do know that CD audio quality is actually 16bits with 44khz sampling, which is one of the lower standard formats used today.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
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    I just read what you wrote about the headphones amplifier
    Of SONY Z1ES
    And headphones
    I ordered the headphones now without canceling the deal
    this is final
    I want the headphones after your impressions
    With this special Walkman amplifier

    I was more interested in headphones
    Apparently, there are better suggestions for the corresponding amplifier
    TO Z1R

    I had an OPPO 105
    No file from anything you mentioned except DSD
    And I tried everything against the CD source

    Sounds best in the original CD

    And all this through the OPPO 105 DAC and REGA DAC

    Thank you for your comments

    Very important to me

    Indeed I ordered the headphones probably one day might be a legend like the R10
    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
    I have a SONY MDR-Z1R
    The whole story and pictures below 2017_0828_020911_001.JPG 2017_0828_020928_002.JPG 2017_0828_020937_003.JPG 2017_0828_021002_005.JPG
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    I actually have them for a few hours

    Simply offered for sale here in Israel
    So I happened to see this ad
    I did not know at all about the existence of this wonderful couple and everything that came around with him
    The truth did not interest me a thing because I was only going through the loudspeakers all the time

    In short
    I checked a few options in front of Amazon US / UK

    I drove at 100 km to one direction
    You have something like 60 miles

    I saw them and immediately bought them
    I took test instruments only for testing
    I arrived at 2.00 am home and went to sleep at 4.30am

    In a new situation, there are no signs of use, nor did they pass through a running bake

    To my utter amazement, I have already proposed the P-1U
    Along with my new HD800 pair
    Suddenly it turns out that
    The wonderful works with SONY controls the bass is open and it's not the same amp that I've known for years

    In short, a full description of all of my impressions in future posts
    Maybe I'll open a new post
    Or add to the title what you say

    MDR-Z1R in classical music ???

    Thanks for watching and reading
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  9. Witcher
    So... any issues about the bass and soundstage?
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  10. SONYES
    The stage width is amazing
    Almost does not hear much differences between HD800 and
    The advantage of HD800 is really limited
    Tested on discs with amazing stage widths
    1. Mahler's Symphony No. 4 of Bernstein 1960
    2. Carnival of the Animals Arthur Fiedler 1959 RCA LEVING STEREO
    3.Mahler 2 SOLTI DECCA 1966
    4. Othello 1962 DECCA KARAJAN

    I'm just overwhelmed by the separation in these recordings

    It should be remembered that headphones are really new only until now perhaps 15 hours

    I also fall off the chair from the LUXMAN P-1U amplifier
    Places the musicians right in the position
    And Dynamic Rang
    Simply amazing
    Just hear small details
    As the rotation of the wheels of recording tape in Mahler 2 SOLTI

    They said here that Z1R is dark and so there are so many small details
    Suddenly they go out !!!!
    IN P-1U

    WOW WOW This is a completely different amplifier than I know with HD800 3 pairs
    I went through all the headphones AT-W1000X DT-880/990
    and so on.

    Well here lots and lots depends on recording and there are places to drop you over
    At least from what I remember so well from the DENON D-7000
    At the Opera Madame Betarpley was a place of bom in the Strip 2
    I actually heard it so loud with the D7000
    And it was at least 5 years ago with no amplifier like today

    It does not exist today and you hear just like the HD800 in the exact location of the HD800

    Well at the opening of Othello there is a very low ton of organ
    In the score
    Throughout the opening the HD800 sounded in a location with everyone around ok
    but ...............
    With Z1R
    You hear it's a organ
    But suddenly hear details I have not heard before if that CD player SA-11 S1 / SLP-990
    On hd800

    Lots and lots depends on the recording in the same room in rasonnas
    It sounds completely different with the Z1R

    I still have not heard that I suddenly have to go through all the discs
    My test
    Their assault on music goes far beyond the HD800

    At Prokofiev's No. 3 concert with Yefim Brofman and Zubin Mehta
    And the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
    Excellent to super really great
    With the SLP-990 player with its incredible brilliance relative to any other player I have
    Sounds good at the Z1R in the HD800 is really great. but i have to retern to it .more.
    Everything relates to my first couple of 3 and there is only the number 3 added
    2 sold

    Amazing amazing bass marble .I have not heard anything like this in earphones yet
    Of all the types I had including the D7000 there is nothing to compare.

    Continuing impressions I realize slowly
    Discovers something new.

    Z1R also weighs heavily on the ear when pressed and should be loosened
    Rainbow in my case. over my haed
    Bass also becomes a comfort to the ear without losing all the details
    And high.

    Later I will relate to other things - it was a bit of what I have to tell

    So far I was afraid I was sacrificing my hologram in Z1R
    But with my discs
    Full deep and full high also.

    I heard a CD of EMI Yurgo Dallars singing Theodorakis
    Recorded in Athens 1995
    Amazing sitting in the first row
    I would be happy to upload pictures and the like
  11. SONYES
    I came to judge the separation - in 3D's look on stage like
    On a podium
    Or the first lines you see the entire orchestra.
    The SONY Z1R
    does not lose anything compared to the HD800
    The width of the Z1R's front-facing HD800 is really superb.
    In some ways
    The location of the microphones in the hall up to what distance they had absorbed the hall
    The limits of the hall.
    That's what gives us the experience of the concert being there.
    The sounds fade into the hall
    And it was recorded in many recordings.
    Especially classical ones in churches and in really good halls.
    for example
    I hear details in the low register as well as the noise and low noise level generated as a result of cars outside the hall
    in the recording of Ramsky Korsakov's Golden Rooster with a Columbia recording of the 1960s with Ormandy
    He immediately hears Rumble just before the first note
    On the recording
    Just like a huge speaker in my room and I have such a small, special speaker
    Is Morale Israel Octav Sigenzir 5.2

    I was just beginning to listen to the headset again after a relatively long period of time,
    z1r is
    almost beyond the speakers -
    I have heard headphones for several years even though I had a YAMAHA NS1000M
  12. Witcher
    Congratulations on the Z1R then. I have also found that the soundstage for the Sony is sometimes more accurate than the HD800S. And like I said, the bass will be fine, and more suited for some classical pieces than the HD800S. I take it you have also ordered the Sony TAZH1ES?
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  13. SONYES
    Thank you for your greetings
    The width and depth and height of the stage I have the original HD800
    Still with 2 pairs they are with two different sound signatures.
    Z1R here in this sense I hear the whole stage wide
    A giant from right to left
    With layers of first violins and two Violas CHLOS and contrabasses
    Well-well are heard on the sides of the stage in a location as recorded in Symphony No. 4 with Bernstein 1960, both in height and in depth.
    This is a surprise. Because I thought that I was going to lose something, but apparently not.

    It is still clear that the stage in the SONY Z1R is most surprising and must say outstanding
    Last night I heard Bach's 565 with an excellent recording by Simon Preston at DGG
    The SONY MDR-Z1R is really awesome
    3D hearing.
    HD800 is also good .
    not to say it is not like this but here
    The Z1R
    Above and beyond expectations

    I found something interesting up in there is a bass-reflex port
    Just like there's on the loudspeaker
    I covered it with tape

    Bass is restrained and I'm only at the stage of the experiment

    The problem is unusual for her ears closed because there is some load on the ear
    especially LONG TIME ON HI VOL...
    The HD800 has a sound that resembles electrostatic speakers
    IS NOT .

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
  14. Witcher
    Hahahaha... I'm glad you are enjoying the headphones. They are superb indeed. Some might like them, some might not. At the end of the day, it's about how much you enjoy the music you hear from them. Another piece I find better on the Z1R is Bizet: Carmen Act 1: "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle" (Simon Rattle, Berlin Philharmonic), where the choral section is much louder on the HD800 because it's open and you have to turn up the volume a little to hear the details on the solo vocal. On the Z1R, that dynamic range is still there, but because of the silence, you can turn it down a little, and the choral section isn't as deafening.

    But yes, the 70mm drivers are quite something.
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  15. Witcher
    I forgot to mention, this is an important point. If you are happy with the sound quality of CD (as am I), then that's all you need. There is no need to go and hunt for the highest resolution of file qualities, like FLAC, DSD, etc... If CD works, so be it. Just enjoy the music.
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