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Sony MDR-Z1R In classical music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SONYES, Aug 22, 2017.

IS Sony MDR-Z1R suitable for classical music

  1. SONY FOR classical music

  2. classical music IS NOT FOR Sony MDR-Z1R

  3. AND WAY ...

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    Are the Sony MDR-Z1R suitable for classical music ..
    I hear mostly classic from Sony DGG DECCA. RCA
    And I have the HD800
    I like details and stage space ON HD800

    Sony MDR-Z1R
    The bass might possibly cover other parts of the orchestra ???

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  2. beowulf
    I don't know how to vote. I'm tempted to pick no, but they're not that bad. Separation and positioning are pretty good. They're airy, very holographic for closed cans. A bit on the warm side which might give the impression of losing detail (but it's still there). Hmm.

    It depends. If you can listen in total silence, I'd still pick open, high-res headphones. HD800.

    If you have to filter out some noise, the Z1R are OK for classical and can smoothen out some older recordings quite well. Ever heard some grainy mono Callas on the Z1R? It's less painful than in many of the classical beasts, even with the high frequency spike.

    So, it depends. It's not a bad model for classical, but it's not particularly interesting either. It's good, you can definitely live with it if all you listen to is classical and need a bit of isolation (And good build+comfort).
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    thanks a lot for the answer.

    In-depth understanding and excellent understanding of my question.
    It is very interesting because

    I have thousands classical discs + some good cd players + BCL + P1U LUXMAN- or very good PRE ports.

    Previously I tried the closed headphones. Like the D7000 or the W1000X

    Today I have two HD800 pairs with a completely different sound from each other. When the first in the data is very similar to S.
    I like open sound and love to hear the hall and the separation of the musicians depends of course on the recordings.
    With sound floating in space. Feel the stage on the conductor podium. Just like, in recordings of the past.
    Do not hear jazz or other music just operas. Such as Puccini Vardi MAHLER....

    It is very important to me that the amount of bass does not cover. Or the strings.
    Or details within the orchestra.
    Also love to hear the beautiful drum beats but still get the
    The entire living room breathes. And location will be as high as possible
    And stage width and depth.
    to feel in the hall.
    There is currently no problem with noise isolation. But it is possible. Because low noise NOT goes anyway. Air conditioners.

    According to your experience with Z 1R is its hologram good what HD 800.IS
    And tonality is different from HD800.

  4. Witcher
    I wouldn't say it's the bass that detracts from making the Z1R a good classical headphone. That's fine. It's the treble roll off, making the headphone so relaxing to listen to that's stopping it. When I go classical, I want my HD800S because I want to hear every string vibration, every tinkle from the percussion, every reverberating timpani hit. Where the Z1R excels, I find, are in brass and woodwind tracks. Not so much on piano or strings. For example, in Vladimir Ashkenazy's Rach 3, there orchestra sounds great, but his own piano gets a little subdued. On Janine Jensen's 4 seasons Summer "Presto", the violins don't sound as urgent or as aggressive as they should. But put on Rhapsody in Blue, and that clarinet intro shines.

    Don't get me wrong. It's not bad at all. But considering you have a HD800, you might find the Z1R not to your tastes for certain classical pieces.
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    Wow thank you very much.
    for the distinction in music and your understanding of the things I hear and love.
    Your opinion is most important to me.
    And the members of the site who have the Z1R + HD800
    I really like to hear everything and I'm already used to it
    With HD800 {my two pairs}
    I'm a Sony fan.
    And has been wanting a long-time Sony headphones THE R

    You told me about the piano. I just know what you're saying
    There is joy and brilliance in the music that I like so much to hear on the piano
    I have Rachmaninoff No. 3 with Ashkenazy
    With Andre Parvin LSO

    Or Yefim Brofman with Zubin Mehta+ IPO.
    Prokofiev Concerts No. 3 + 5 + 1 Sounds great
    Or excellent recordings over the years of DECCA / DGG
    I read opinions from friends here - but their musical taste is different from mine and it's hard for me to really know why to relate
    But very few people are listening to the music I like.

    Is there
    The Z1R has at least a HD800 stage sound that can distinguish the musicians' position within the concert.
    With different parts string / percussion instruments / wooden wind instruments.
    And the air around the orchestra with a feeling of being in the hall ??
    The detail I am asking? In your opinion
    Missing details like small pizzicato.
    Would not sound as good as the HD800 on the Z1R

    When the source will be from several different CD player sources and cables
    Which are very open like Cord Corus 2 or VHD 102 III.
    The LUXMAN P1U
    With its own warm nature
    Or the German Leeman, who is more open in the treble

    Which scares me of my past experience with the DENON D-7000
    The bass came up and sometimes covered the orchstra and made the hearing uneasy.
    Playing contrabasses, for example
    In works such as Shostakovich 5 with Heitank
    Or the W1000X of course not the Z1R quality but the symptoms are similar.

    Thank you for your help
  6. Witcher
    Well, you CAN try to coax the sound with silver cables and a brighter amp, but then I'd say you'll be missing the point of the Z1R. This is meant to be a relaxing listen. Just let the music flow without having to pay too much attention to what's being played. When I want music to play in the background without asking for too much attention to me consciousness, I go for the Z1R. When I want to listen to a piece and to learn what the musician is doing so I can learn the passage, I use the HD800S. Different uses.

    It's not to say that the Z1R is bad with detail or treble. It's just not as prominent as the HD800S, which makes it more relaxing to listen to. Try it out. You might like it. I know I do. Actually the piano detail for Ashkenazy isn't so bad. You still hear what he's playing. My test track for piano is usually Keith Jarret's Koln concert, where he used that faulty baby grand. With the HD800S I can tell the struggle he's going thru to control that piano. That faulty sustain pedal, and it shows clearly when he's creating that sustain with his hands rather than the pedal, which makes his performance even more amazing. With the Z1R, it just seems like he's having fun. :)
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    Keith Jarret's Koln concert,

    I do not have this recording
    Is this recording unique ?
    In small details like the edges of the hall
    The depth of its height and the breadth of the stage and the height of the hall ... and the interpretation of the piano itself?
    In an orchestral recording
    Do you hear more layers on top of layers in an orchestra
    in the Z1R or
    Dynamism like you have in HD800
    You feel a difference between the two headphones
    In the same recording?

    That you can say you hear the losses
    And here you hear all the beauty of recording
    That the differences are small or really noticeable
    Z1R is more relaxed
    Like switch from the HD800 that I have

    I have warm amplifiers like Lexman or as open as BCL or ports
    Excellent CD or quality of Danon PRE


  8. Witcher
    I'd say the HD800S has better separation. But it's pretty clinical, and evenly EQed, so a warm amplifier will suit it. The Z1R is a warm headphone. A warm amplifier might not be as suitable. The best match I've found for the Z1R is actually the Sony amplifier itself. The Z1R isn't as well layered, and that's the whole point. You seem to be someone that enjoys the tiny details of the orchestral recordings. In this, I'd venture to say there is likely no better set than the HD800/S.

    The Keith Jarret Koln concert is a solo piano recording. Something that is to me the best example of a fully improvised concert. From a musician's standpoint, I'm appreciating his effort in the performance more than the sound itself. The Baby Grand here is bright, and not as nice. But his playing and control of the instrument is what shines through here. Every single note rings out because he wills it. The note sustains because he wants it, and it dies because he wants it. He has to work to get it to sound like this because the piano is faulty. The true talent of the man's skill shines in this one more than his other recordings I feel.
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  9. sosrah
    In my opinion, Z1r are suitable for classical but Hd800/hd800s are probably one of the best headphones for classical music.
    But by experience, choosing between the two, you should ask yourself what are the best for your way of listening.
    I really could enjoy HD800s when i'm alone at night while i listen to Z1r more easily.
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  10. SONYES
  11. SONYES
    thanks a lot for the answer
    Simply amazing
    Your point of view on the music. As a musician
    I'm very learned from that.

    It's true that I like the small details.
    The stage width as in the concert itself. ???

    The HD800 is an original two pairs with a different sound stamp
    As if it were not the same company and device.

    I'm really in a big dilemma and I'm just away from the touch of a button to order the Z1R
    I appreciate your opinion.
    But there's something extra - I love SONY's
    And two
    I am waiting for something similar to CD3000 / Q 10 / R 10

    I'm in a real dilemma also have equipment that is precisely tailored to the HD800
    Lexman P-1U

    What to do to order / or wait for the price really dropped 1500
    Now Amazon has $ 1700
  12. rgs9200m
    I wrote this in another query and just wanted to repeat it. Sorry for the duplication. I just felt like putting it in a main Z1R thread.
    I actually run my Z1R unbalanced with the Sony/Kimber cable. Over the years, I have found many headphones sound better balanced, but for some reason I am getting excellent results with the regular 1/4-inch plug cable.
    I also like it better using the low-impedance output selection of my amp. I also like the Z1R very much direct from my Chord Hugo TT. However, I like tube amps better on it.
    (But I like good tube amps on all headphones, so take that into account.)

    I don't understand at all the reviews/comments about accentuated highs on the Z1R.

    Its non-shrill highs are exactly why I love the Z1R; it is perfectly behaved and refined in this area, somehow precisely keeping the pain away that happens in just about every other headphone that has good resolution. Best highs in the business to my ears.

    I like the highs much better than in the multiple Sony R10s I used to own (and sold because of the too-strong highs on all of these bass-lights).

    (LOL, Sometimes I think many headphones are designed for analog sources.)

    The Senn 600/650 had unfatiguing highs (with the right cables) but had nowhere near the resolution and insight and reach of the the Z1R (and all of these are now sold too).

    I turned to the 600/650 for a long time to avoid shrill highs/upper mids in vocals and elsewhere, but the Z1R was a revelation for me as *finally* the key to fatigue and pain when it comes to glare.

    This is a mystery to me.

    And just to re-state my view, if you listen to stronger music (rock/pop/Electronica/Dance/Metal/80s hair bands), you should get *less* pushy extreme-sounding headphones, since you need to balance things out for synergy.
    For instance, the Stax SR009 sounds nice to me on classical music. But the SR007 is my choice on everything else.

    And I also want to put in a good word for the ZMF Atticus here. It is also a very welcome example of this conscious avoidance of fatigue and pain in headphone design. It is difficult to design a headphone that avoids pain and does not sound masked or soft.

    It is a neat trick especially to have good resolution in the lower-mids / upper bass (bongos, stand-up bass, percussion in general). Transparency and speed in this critical area is very important, and softness here is a terrible thing.

    Somehow the Sony (and the ZMF) preserves resolution in this range very well to my ears.

    Sorry for rambling and doing a tl;dr. But thanks for reading if you got down this far.
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  13. SONYES
    Thank you for your contribution
    To my question
    I have no problems of night and day
    Most of the time I listen to the speakers
    But there's more magic than my childhood hearing in headphones
    More from the HD400 in 1975 I had them
    And all these years
    I dreamed about the MDR-R10 SOUND
    I even have the Gramophone Booklet featuring the 1989
    Appeared in England at 2700 pounds

    On the one hand you press the button I have them
    But will they really be
    the Holy Grail ...????
    At least like the past of SONY Q10 / R10 / CD 3000

    And whether the sound will not be Boxy LIKE CAN
    Timber is true with low strings that will not cover the rest of the orchestra
    Or Timpani Rolig Beethoven No. 4 with karajan 1964 Recording

    Right now I'm listening
    To Aida
    SOLTI 1962
    What a musical recording
    What a stage space came from all directions
    Via HD800
    player from 30 years ago

  14. SONYES
    In fact you say that the Z1R has all the benefits of high resolution + true timber without feeling pain
    I love open but not to the extent that it hurts
    Do not hear so loud
    Only classical music
    Mostly old recordings that suck you into
    The concert
  15. SONYES
    Thank you very much for your help
    Dear Friends
    Yesterday I ordered the Z1R

    Want to hold headphones SONY

    I'll still hold the HD800 but I'll sell one of the pairs
    And the corresponding amplifier LUXMAN P-1U
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