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Sony MDR-Z1R In classical music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SONYES, Aug 22, 2017.

IS Sony MDR-Z1R suitable for classical music

  1. SONY FOR classical music

  2. classical music IS NOT FOR Sony MDR-Z1R

  3. AND WAY ...

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    Yes that's exactly what I noticed
    But not Carmen
    It was Carmina Burana
    With a recording by Miquel Tilson Tomas
    A stunning performance
    But sometimes the big drum beats
    More than anything else
    I've heard with Maranz SA11
    big very big
    That's exactly what I do
    Does not take with me like in the past years
    The Walkman Sony with me
    Then MD.

    I also had files from Disc 24/192
    That's not what it should be
    I tried everything with OPPO 105D
    In short, I stayed with my discs
    My last discovery
    Depends on the source - almost completely

    Modifying the sound character drastically
    Of course depends also on the degree of fatigue and alertness
    So our ears pick up differently
    In quiet and gentle mode
    Or fatigue or exposure to other noise darkens the hearing
    Even after relatively high intensity
    There is a problem with hearing
    You hear less in the extreme frequencies, which means low altitude
    And what he built

    Continue my impressions soon
    I'll post
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
    Cable VDH B-5+
    + BCL + DENON DCD-1650AR+

    It begins to receive a character after 200+- hours of running.

    Recording of RCA 1954
    Concerto for orchestra with Fritz Rainer Symphony Chicago
    Without a doubt a ARC above the top of the instruments on stage -
    No doubt a huge surprise
    Exceptional stage width Height and depth.
    The bass of course comes where it should be
    And adds to what is a beautiful volume
    The treble got a bit calmer

    The beauty of bass is fast especially in contrabass
    And Percussion
    Wind instruments filled with beautiful colors

    Like I said before
    The Z1R is very sensitive to the connected equipment
    The intention is with the Walkman enabled or amplifier rather
    The nature of the source
  5. ervin192
    I also own the Z1R and the HD800 for classical, while the latter is mainly for a relaxed listening. If listened to seriously, the Z1R obviously has better resolution, dynamics and speed thus provide a more vivid sound.
    The only (however big) problem is that you have to look for a suitable amplifier.
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  6. phaeton70
    can I ask you what amplifier (and cable/sources) are you using with the Z1R?
    afer several tries I'm still not able to let these cans sound decently. have tried many totl amplifier (and sources) with no luck. lack of resolution and details, overbloating bass/midbass, really too slow, largely recessed mids, some strange zing in the highs. most probably it's just me, it's just that these cans are not for me, but would be sure before selling them.
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  7. ervin192
    I also haven't found a 'perfect' match; mine is the mass kobo 394 however I feel the cans being a little bit over-driven/lack of power, depending on the gain setting. But at least the highs not harsh and the bass doesn't flood.
    Source is Luxman D06 and I make cables myself from pro audio bulks. IMO the challenge for Z1R is pretty much alike that of the Utopia which calls for a steady and also swift power source, otherwise you get a somewhat 'blurred' and over energetic sound.
  8. Fifty five
    what cable do you use?

    AMP use hight gain or low gain?
  9. ervin192
    the headphone cable? Have tried a bunch and now still using the Sony-Kimber.
    Gain depends on tracks. For better speed set to high, better dynamics and details to low.
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  10. Fifty five
    thank you.

    I use Sony-Kimber Kable too.
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  11. SONYES
    I'm going to find some good things?
    Let me elaborate later on
    First like. I said the stage really like the distance between the musicians
    The depth and height of the platform is exceptional for closed CAN
    Here really is a surprise:smile_phones:
    There are several sides that I found with different combinations
    Who do good for music
    And not only classical course also different
    The HD800 has a significant place
    The Z1R is already after 200+ hours running
    There are indeed differences
    Mainly in agressive sound softening
    And it's not my mind that gets used to it
    further impressions

    I do not intend to sell them
    The moment I already enjoyed some music WOW BACH ORGAN
  12. SONYES
    Hello friend
    You're not alone I'm just like you
    I do a number of experiments with lots of combinations
    Luxman amplifier
    And other ES device outputs for headphones
    MARANTZ SA-11 S1
    DENON DCD-3560
    Everything you have described is exactly the same with me
    is also
    But I do hear changes for the better after 200 hours
    And it's not my brain
    I have to compare and remember just every sound

    Now I am at the stage of hearing entire works
    And a lot I discover years of recordings into MD
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  13. SONYES
    What model exactly
    Is it balanced?
    Or normal
    And whether you have a significant change in sound against the cable provided by the company
    Thank you
  14. ervin192
    The organs are just great. These cans are built for this enormous instrument, with their closed chambers and extended bass. However I do think it could be better if the sound be more spacious.
    The Sony-Kimber cables don't make much of a difference; a little bit of tightened bass and clarified mids and highs can be heard. The advantage is that they don't make it out of control or, become something NOT Sony any more.
    SONYES likes this.
  15. SONYES
    Thank you so much for the answer
    So there are differences between the existing cable and Kember's

    I'm really interested if Sony's TA-ZH1ES amp
    Better than OPPO HA-1

    Because I have a chance to buy OPPO HA-1 with my second hand

    Just because it has pure analog inputs / outputs
    TA-ZH1ES Each analog input goes through A / D
    and also
    Has anyone tried the differences between them with the Z1R?
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