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Sony MDR-Z1R In classical music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SONYES, Aug 22, 2017.

IS Sony MDR-Z1R suitable for classical music

  1. SONY FOR classical music

  2. classical music IS NOT FOR Sony MDR-Z1R

  3. AND WAY ...

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  1. MozartMan1201
    You should play a test demo of "Dies ire" from Verdi Requiem (Telarc/Robert Shaw)... amazing bass drum that'll knock your socks off.
  2. gerelmx1986
    I have a SACd rip to DSD64 of Bach Four great toccatas and fugues. With E. Power Bigss (remasterd as SACD from analogue tapes) the sound is amazing from my WM1A and XBA-Z5 IEM, nice from MDR-Z7 but i find it lacking and resonant. And lie @SONYES i like the feeling of being there Big stage/hall/cathedral soundstage
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  3. gerelmx1986
    How? is Z7M2 tricking itno small/big/small soundstage? glad i am deciding more for Z1R
  4. ervin192
    Generally the Z1R has bigger soundstage than either the Z7 or the Z7M2. However the soundstage of z7m2 is kind of more stable, you can sense the sound occurs to you, reflects and diffuses through the chamber constantly, I regard this as an open atmosphere. For the Z1R there are times you may feel the sound propagates to you and just vanished, and the soundstage is very close to you on these occasions. I don't quite understand how this happens.
  5. gerelmx1986
    Next wekk i will purchase my Z1Rs and sell my Z7 original version. Will also purchase the upcoming IER-Z1R. as for source i Have a NW-WM1A. If i find balanced is a must with Z7, what @SONYES said, then for Z1R's too, i do agree with him that these newer sony offerings are source dependant.

    Now i got what you say, sometimes yeah i feel the same with Z7, the nice soundstage and then suddenly it goes poof! unde a thick cloud of sparkles :D and i get with a face of where is my soundstage?.

    I do like bass with classical music, but not too exaggerated like f,e Beats by dr dre or low quality speakers, also don't like over-blwon highs, i've had this experience twice both with sony headphones and ended selling these ASAP (one was a Hi-fi D100 or so and the most recent a MDR-1R).

    Contrasting to @SONYES i listen to more "classical" classical music e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, JS bach, Monteverdi, palestrina, Couperin, Telemann, Froberger, Vivaldi, Haydn etc. My library is like 1.08TB (238GB of these are High-res either 24-bit FLAC or DSF (DSD)) I value more mastering and recording quality.
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  6. ervin192
    Personally I think the ier-z1r is the best among those sony hi-res cans and iems, detailed resolution and pretty big soundstage for iems. They are successful in putting the 3-way drivers together, good work.
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  7. Whitigir
    That fancy crossover overcomes multi drivers limitations :)

    Z7mkii needs Z7 mods :D
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  8. Sp12er3
    Hm? I don't think Sony ever used any fancy crossovers in their Multi driver design? They do have unique mounting and driver placements tho, but usually they just combine them into one chambers.
    Let's see whether the Z7 Mk2 would be good enough even without mods~
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
    Hello to you
    The Z1R is with many good features and 1- not so much 3KHZ + ZING IN FEW CDS

    My equipment is PHONITOR 2 amplifier
    Maranz SA11CD
    Cable is NEOTECH

    And I also have the Sony KIMBER cable

    My work mode is FULL BAL ........IN TO OUT

    In order to achieve a sound balance that has improved remarkably
    At the time of purchase a year ago
    That way I can hear any kind of music and especially classical music
    Different genres without problem

    In my humble opinion the Z1R for me IS MACH ON TO HER THE JOY OF MUSIC BUT ... NOT WHAT IS through the HD800 3 IN DEFERNT NO....S I HED
    And I sold the LUXMAN P-1U that did not fit

    ALSO HE400I
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
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  10. gerelmx1986
    Thank you @SONYES my main source is my Walkman WM1A which has balanced outpu
    15342590413271985378454.jpg t
  11. gerelmx1986
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  12. SONYES

    The better the source TOP CD ..... AS SONY XA5400ES OR OHTER
    There is no comparison to a medium-quality source

    Of course you can not buy everything immediately
    But slowly
    You'll be able to get a good amplifier to try its compatible Sony's ES

    But the Z1R is truly spectacular with a quality source.
    But it costs at least a $ 2000 booster
    And an excellent source
    And do not forget about the cable.
    The supplied is really not at the level of Aftermarket
    Different in sound
    BAL is the right form for achieving good sound in Z1R
  13. gerelmx1986
    Thank you @SONYES for clarifying my doubts. Like you, I was scared these z1r won't be suited for classical. I can't wait to have them on n my hands (and ears)
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  14. SONYES
    I repeat that
    They are spectacular
    When connected to a high quality source
    With a very high quality amplifier very fast and accurate
    With the correct cable
    And most importantly, in my opinion
    Work form BAL
    So they are spectacular in their ability
    Present in front of you the orchestra instruments with the acoustics of the hall
    And precise positioning of the instrument
    A lot of fun in the sound
    After all the conditions above will be carried out

    Otherwise he will hear a reasonable

    And it is very important that her sound gets from my experience
    only after
    300 hours of break-in
  15. gerelmx1986
    Finally Paid for them, waiting for their arrival
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