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Sony MDR-Z1R In classical music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by SONYES, Aug 22, 2017.

IS Sony MDR-Z1R suitable for classical music

  1. SONY FOR classical music

  2. classical music IS NOT FOR Sony MDR-Z1R

  3. AND WAY ...

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  1. kp297
    Nice find! I hope the Z1R retains a cult following, I wouldn’t mind if it attains R10 value in the future :wink:
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  2. Whitigir
    It might, where below 10Hz is so hard to get for many headphones and even speakers, and Z1R has no problem getting that, even from the frequencies respond graph. Older audiophiles are not accustomed to these sounds, older genres, older recording, older instruments, older drums were not much into deep and deep bass. The deep bass is more of a modern things. Heck, even true for new drums set and artists.

    There is real possibilities for that
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  3. Redcarmoose

    I actually own a lot of classical but have somehow switched over to movie soundtracks the last 8 years. So even though they do have an aspect of classical they also bring in synthetic processed sounds and electronic sounds. But hopefully I can still add some experience to this thread.

    Quite simply the Z1R is the ultimate or at least one of the ultimate movie soundtrack headphones. The TA amp takes it to a great level and supports the 4.4mm 5 pole balanced that goes well with the Kimber balanced cable. As noted earlier on this thread the TA amp is a nice match. The TA amp offers a DSD remastering engine where the digital files are decoded into analogue then converted back to digital inside the digital DSD envelope before being finally converted again. I figure it adds a little air and complexity in harmonics much like I have heard with oversampling DACs.

    In reality the Z1R is very amp dependent, where the correct amp can clean up and speed up the low end. The balanced Kimber cable adds a slight bit of treble and midrange detail and clears up the bass slightly; as mentioned before in this thread.

    The Z7 and the Z1R hold a few aspects in common, where I find the Z7 bass is really just like the Denon AHD7000 in bass character. The Z1R is really a very different animal concerning bass. Where both the Z7 and Denon 7000 tend to focus the bass image in one place the Z1R makes the bass almost dispersed about. This dispersion seems to add an almost room response; like listening to speakers. It’s this one aspect which makes the Z1R unique from any headphone I’ve heard. And owning both the Z7 and Z1R goes to show how Sony made improvements over the Z7. If anything the Z7 goes to show just how much better the Z1R is. Sony redid the midrange from the Z7 and somehow spread out the midrange with the Z1R. It’s in this magic midrange where the detail lays and well as Sony was able to get a midrange tone which was much more natural and true to life over the Z7.

    Funny too as I don’t seem to notice any of the sound character issues which seemed noticeable the first week. Call it brain burn in or headphone burn in; but vocals seem natural and in place. Much of the bass clarity can be cleared up with the right amp and cable though I think the bass areas of the Z1R is where Sony decided to go for musicality over definition? The lower regions seem to hold small areas of distortion. Upon coming to the realization of that, you either go with the program or don’t. We have had memebers even buy and sell the Z1R multiple times due to the controversy both among themselves or fueled by these pages.

    Once you realize it’s an accurate headphone, but not completely, it helps to get on with enjoying the Z1R for what it is.

    My favorite soundtrack this week.

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  4. gerelmx1986
    @beowulf @SONYES @Redcarmoose @pietcux

    Can the latch Tha locks the lid of the storage box be repaired ? This is not my Pic, it is from the customs brokers (zollmaklern), seems like customs managed to force it open ripping it apart. I haven't received them yet, they are submitting documents to free it by Wed or Thursday and ship it via DHL express Mexico 1-3 days

    IMG-20180921-WA0005.jpg IMG-20180921-WA0004.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  5. gerelmx1986
    Such ignirants is just a flip mechanism i bet... and they charged me the equivalent to 652 US dollars of import fees + fees of the brokers and to get this kind of service....
  6. pietcux
    Wow, sorry to see that damage. It can probably be fixed. But we need a better picture to really tell. Mexico seems to be rather special in some ways. The customs guys here are certainly able to open such a closure.
  7. Sp12er3
    Wow What, did they even try to open it normally, or they did and just do that on spite? Won't that be vandalism?

    It's just a normal latch you can find anywhere. If they can't even figure out its not even locked, what the heck are they even doing getting paid for opening thousands of stuffs per week?
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  8. beowulf
    Damn, sorry man, that has to be one of the most incompetent box opening exercises ever performed by an adult. Sloppiness bordering on criminal. Even a kid can figure out and pop that thing open in <5 seconds.

    The Z1R box presentation is a work of art, even in its price range. Much more expensive Rolex watch boxes next to it look like Happy Meal plastic sets.

    That customs/postal worker shouldn't be allowed to open anything more complex than his own fly.

    The latch won't open with top pressure but it's just a magnet, lift the bottom and done. It's not even possible to lock it.

    Criminal. And dumb.

    Hard to tell from the photo but you might be able to screw/glue the latch assembly to the box (not heavy duty/frequent opening anyway) or in worst case scenario, get the parts from Sony since the Z1R is still in production.

    Sony has some pretty good service manuals+Bill of Material lists so I'm sure you'll get it just perfect....

    ...preferably while being able to charge that stupidity (breaking open an unlocked/unlockable latch) to the postal/customs service insurers.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  9. gerelmx1986
    I am now burning on stress :frowning2:, they say tomorrow (monday) they submit the documentation/papers and begin the process of getting it out of customs and ready to ship. I expect a fast shipping as i commanded them to change my parcel to DHL express.

    They estimated free by wed or thu, hopefully they didn't damage the headphones themselves, by the pictures they took, they seem fine in shape only the box. Upon arrival i will do careful examination and sound test with tracks i know well and see if i can repair the latch
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  10. beowulf
    I know. It's definitely unfair to invest and be disappointed in such needless way. I hope you get the box/latch just right.

    I suspect the cans themselves are fine and untouched. That's the main priority. A lot of people dislike the signature of the Z1R but I haven't been that excited about anything Sony since the R10 days.

    Even if you get a totally trashed latch on it, you'll still be getting the best Sony cans in almost a couple decades. That's just my totally irrelevant opinion of course, but I think the Z1R are so good they're worth keeping for a long, long time.

    They're not as impacting as the R10 in 1997, because what the R10 offered back then was just mind blowing at every stage. Full box presentation, sound, everything. That was the cutting edge back then, but the Z1R surpasses it in many ways. It is better NOW.

    Yup. It's better than the R10. I've heard the the R10, Qualia, CD3000. The R10 gained cult status for many reasons, the main being that there was nothing even close back then. Not so with the Z1R, competition is outstanding now, but it doesn't mean it isn't a really well balanced high quality product.

    The Z1R are so much cheaper (inflation adjusted), have an overall less premium presentation but sonically are well superior. The R10 were the best you could get back then, the Z1R arrives at a time when competitors make you wonder. It's not as easy, not as magic.

    But still, regardless of how the box/latch story rolls out, even in 2018 I think you'll be getting a classic that people just go "Meh" about now - but still will become a lesser classic.

    I remember when the R10 were in shops. The Z1R won't match that magic because those days are gone. It's like Bitcoin in 2013 vs now.

    The Z1R are amazingly enjoyable headphones. Pretty average with some types of sources+music but amazingly good with others. Add perfect design/build/comfort and you're having the next R10/Qualia grade classic.

    I digress. Meant to say, you already won. You're getting the Z1R. Even with a ****ed latch in the awesome box, even being flawed in some charts or music types, you're getting a true flawed-yet-awesome classic.

    Time will show it. I bet my head-fi membership on it. Good choice regardless what comes out of this box incident.

    You already won @gerelmx1986. The Z1R are going to be a great prize regardless of what customs did to your case. :smile_phones:
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  11. Redcarmoose
    Somehow as audiophiles we put up with a lot. It’s a sacrifice which takes place due our emotional desire for better sound.

    A broken latch is nothing in the wide range of things! You had/have the Z7 but have no idea how great the Z1R is. Enjoy!

    Soon you will have your new headphones!
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  12. gerelmx1986
    That's the point @beowulf @Redcarmoose The latch i can say f*** off, i can maybe put a nice golden One DIY :D But the headphones is what matters most. The fact i be getting a classic to come. Hope the time passes quickly an di get them sooner rather than later :D
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  13. beowulf
    Definitely. That's what ultimately matters with such a great piece as the Z1R. Good luck and keep us posted.
  14. pietcux
    Nice to see how much you still like the Z1R. You are not the only one.
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  15. Redcarmoose
    This hobby IS all about working stuff out. At times it’s easy and at times it’s not easy. If it was easy all the time we may not appreciate stuff as much. But most of us have had to have long talks with our partners; simply because they think we spent too much. Or we accumulated so much stuff at one point; that our lives were run by it all. I’ve actually been downsizing the last 9 years. It all started when I moved to an island; I simply could not take everything. If anything there IS a simplicity about headphones, even if we naturally tend to complicate it all.

    But hopefully we have the stuff we need to enjoy music. A simple latch that was broken in transit doen’t really make an effect.
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