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Sony MDR-EX1000 vs Sennheiser IE8/80

  1. NoLimitsOnLife
    I owned the HD650 for about 2 years now but iv decided to go for a more portable approach to my music. i originally decided to go with the westone 4 mostly cause the pair i picked up were only $300. at first i thought they were very muddy sounding but they started growing on me. i loved the clarity of them over the HD650s but i really missed the bass and the sound stage they provided. the HD650s mad me feel like is was sitting 30 rows back in a theater, but the westones Made it feel more like 4 rows. Iv decided to sell them and hopefully pick up a used pair of ex1000 or IE80/8. I'm open to other IEM's and even customs but my budget is limited to $350 (why im going used). the music i listen to is metal core, rock and classical. I'm really looking for an IEM that has the clarity and balance of the westone 4 but the bass and sound stage of the Sennheisers and from what iv read the IE8/80 and ex1000 are my best options.
    now I'm leaning more towards the Sony's but I'm unsure if they have the sound stage I'm looking for or will work best with my genre of music. I know there are a lot of fake IE 8/80s out there too so id rather not have to deal with that. also what are the differences between the IE8 and the IE80? is it really worth the extra investment? And are there any tips that provide better isolation than the stock? i know both of these IEM's are lacking in that department
  2. Swimsonny
    EX1000s easily. Soundstage is awesome and much better than IE8 which is wide but distant. The bass is more plentiful and their is slightly more rumble on IE8 but the bass quality is much better an their is still rumble.

    Then the EX1000 has so much better speed and separations is also therefore much better.

    The rest is a white wash to the Sonys and they have the best dynamic treble I have heard and clear transparent mids. The IE8s mids are veiled and the highs are just awful.
  3. Kaffeemann
    You should really dismiss the IE8. I agree with Swimmsony on the distant soundstage (which is bad in my opinion) and the veiled mids. Treble however is pretty good and extended although it tends to get overshadowed by the huge midbass bloat.
    The IE80 have clearer bass and mids but still a big soundstage for IEMs. Still I don't thing you will get the soundstage of full sized cans with any IEM.
    So you should decide between the EX1000 and IE80.
    And take al look at joker's EX1000 review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-239-iems-compared-alclair-reference-added-05-24-12
  4. Swimsonny
    IE8s, good highs?! No try are way to recessed.

    Also for the IE80 to be better than that EX1000 it will have to be one huge improvement, and I mean HUGE.

    Also Kaffemman, what of the 3 IEMs have you tried.

    I can tell you the EX1000 are true top tier and the IE8 is not. I think you shouted eliminate the Sennheisers altogether and add Westone 4 which from what I have heard is on the same level of EX1000.
  5. sjondenon
    you talk like you've never heard the IE8/80... The highs on the IE8/80 are top notch and extremely smooth....This makes listening to the IE8/90 ivery pleasant and not fatiguing... The treble on the ex1000 is extremely piercing to my ears... Their fit is also extremely bad....  
  6. ProjectDenz
    IE8 has nice highs, it was the mids that made me walk away from them in the end.
  7. Kaffeemann
    It's fascinating how every thread here on head-fi gets derailed after some posts.
    OP is trying to decide between three IEMs. I said he should forget the IE8 and decide between the IE80 and EX1000, because the IE80 are a noticable upgrade from the IE8. Choosing from two IEMs is easier than choosing from three IEMs, right?
    Yes, I have heard both the IE80 and IE8 (and still own the IE8) but have not heard the EX1000. Therefore I didn't comment on the EX1000.
    OP has also stated that he tried the Westone 4 and wants something with better bass and a bigger soundstage. W4 is already out of the race, so why do you recommend it?
  8. Swimsonny
    This is hardly derailed and in fact very on topic speaking about the IEMs in topic.

    I merely forgot about the W4 mention in the OP, sorry.

    Oh and EX1000 are very comfy with a super ergonomic fit, the ie8s have rough edges which I found painful after a while, of course different ears create different findings.
  9. Jeremypsp
    If you're impressed with the soundstage of the HD650, the IE80 would probably impress, I feel it's like a Westone 4 with a wider soundstage with less mids and more bass. However, the EX1000s are a good choice too, although the soundstage isn't as wide as the IE80, and more towards like the W4. 
  10. NoLimitsOnLife
    thanks for all the replies guys. I'm still leaning more towards the Sony's right now, but I'm hoping to get a few more opinion in here before i decide. the IE8s are no longer an option. one thing no one has touched on yet is how compatible each IEM is to the type of music i listen to. would one be better than the other? or are they about the same?
  11. Swimsonny
    Well i am not a listener of classical so i can not really comment on that.
    I listen to mainly rock and metal and i think the bass on both is great for the genres. However for guitar solos and high hats which are fairly vital and frequent in these genres which makes in my opinion highs very vital and more importantly highs that are forward and not behind the rest so for that reasons again i have to say Sony.
    Oh and for isolation i have to say that although both bad i think IE8s are victorious here. I took the Sonys out of the house to a swimming gala today and well they done pretty much nothing to stop people around me voices leaking in. Swimming galas are a busy environment but most of my earphones and especially my Aurisonics and Etymotics would get rid of everything. Thing is isolation and soundstage is a rare package and the soundstage comes from the vent on both earphones or the open back on a headphone.
  12. Bokyung
  13. eke2k6
    I have not heard the IE80 or EX1000, but I have had time with the IE8 and EX600 (rumored to be 85% of the EX1000's sound), so I may be able to give indicators as to the general sound.

    The IE8 is a pleasure to listen to. I have no idea why people have been bashing them. Yes the midrange is a touch veiled by the bass, but it's nothing life threatening like some will make it seem. The treble is not agressive, but it's not overly recessed. If I remember correctly, it has more treble quantity than the V1.0 of the ASG-1. As for comfort, it among the top 5 comfortable earphones I've used, and it's built like a tank. It's just as comfortable as the Vsonic GR06/7, and the cable is just as good. The soundstage is big, but to say it sounds like it's coming from miles away is a massive overstatement. Even my best concert recordings of Queen or Michael Jackson don't sound like that.

    The EX600 is identical in shape to the EX1000. Once you learn how to wear it properly, it can disappear in your ears. Wind noise is horrible though. It sounds pretty damn good to my ears, but only slightly better than the IE8 due to it's more balanced sound.

    I agree with the others that you should get an EX1000 based on pure SQ alone. However, if you want a total package, the IE80 would be more up your alley in terms of ease of use, more isolation, and usability outdoors.
  14. FieldingMellish
    I loved the EX1000, except for having paid the full retail practically, then discovered it's wind noise and low isolation. Since my travels are rarely silent, it was a no-go for me. I couldn't justify them as a home use IEM, because at home, I prefer my cans.
  15. NoLimitsOnLife
    for the Sony's and the wind noise problem. would i be able to wear like ear muffs or something to keep the wind out but not effect the sound stage? also, since the Sony's have vents, how badly do they leak sound? one of the main reasons I'm switching to an IEM is to prevent disturbing others that might be in the room.

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