Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by dragonmilenario, Oct 28, 2005.
  1. Fabithierry
    This songs are really addictive on headphones 


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  2. serman005
    'Superstition' - Stevie Wonder
  3. serman005
    'To The End of The World' - Pat Metheny Group
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  4. Spyro
    Oh YES!!! Especially when the Thunder hits and rumbles in!

    Terrific cd!!
  5. serman005
  6. serman005
    'Oxygene Parts I-VI' - Jean Michel Jarre    One of those classics that never gets old (for me).
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  7. pootyash
    Just (re)discovered "Subterranean Homesick Alien" by Radiohead on my X2s. Oh my.
  8. Rearwing

    Especially - Gimmie Little Sign
  9. HansPeter
    AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train - Live at River Plate
    although makes you Lift 500 lbs in the Gym with one Hand
  10. PeteBrooks
    Second that, but I also end up going back to Radiohead - Karma Police, or Newton Faulkners version of Massive Attacks Teardrop.

  11. CycleMotion
    Allan Taylor - Color to the Moon (Oh My GOD!!!)

    Leonard Cohen - You Want it Darker (That voice)

    Dave Matthews Band - What Would You Say (That Band and crystal clear profuction!!!)
  12. cgramer
    I'm sure that somewhere in the 250+ pages of replies, somebody's mentioned it already, but this whole album is phenomenally well recorded and produced, particularly in headphones: "Two Against Nature" by Steely Dan. My favorite on the album is "Godwhacker."
    Also, their album "Everything Must Go" is amazing, especially the songs "Green Book" and "Lunch with Gina."
  13. cgramer

    Oops. "Godwhacker" is also on "Everything Must Go." I guess my fave on "Two Against Nature" would be "Janie Runaway" (those horns!) or "Gaslighting Abbie" (that snare!).

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  14. kid vic
    Cold- Post Malone
    Great for bass, soundstage and PRAT
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  15. soziblewuup

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