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Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by dragonmilenario, Oct 28, 2005.
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  1. Dragonmilenario
    I have the HD595 form Sennheiser, and my question is about songs well produced -every kind of music- that makes me fell that i buy a very good headphones [​IMG] whith clear mids and hights, and deep bass.

    complete albums too of course.

    i asked for that composition or album that you say to yourself wow, i like this sound as heaven [​IMG].

    I have a good amp and a good euipement -onkyo- this is no problem.

    Any suggestion, i like too orchestral influences and piano and violin compositions.

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  2. ambro
    madonna - music
    madonna - hollywood
    50cent - outta control ( no **** , this sounds awesome with my HD-650's)
    infected mushroom - muse breaks
    shpongle - shpongle spores
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  3. superjohnny
    Dido - Life for Rent

    She makes me melt. I think the songs and recording are great. I have to limit myself to listening so I don't burn out on it.
  4. Dragonmilenario
    and orchestral compositions? indie?
  5. wakeride74
    Hilary Hahn - Bach Concertos
    Mahler: Symphony No. 2 - Slatkin
    Alison Krauss - Live
    Jem - Finally Woken
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  6. chat7
    Utada Hikaru - Single collection
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  7. nabwong
    For my HD595, dream theater - specifically "through her eyes" It's like total immersion.
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  8. kramer5150
    For my Grados...
    SRV - Texas Flood, Little Wing, The Sky is Crying
    Van Halen - Eruption
    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
    Clapton Unplugged
    Dreamtheater - John Petrucci guitar solo from the Once in a Livetime CD set.
    John Petrucci / Jordan Rudess - Live, An evening with
    Joe Satriani - Always With me always with you, Live at the Warfield
    Brian Setzer - Guitar rag, Live in Tokyo
    Ozzy - Randy Rhoads tribute

    Anything Iron Maiden, BOC, marillion, Pre-87' Metallica, DIO

    If I had to pick just ONE... it would be SRV, Little Wing

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  9. Dzjudz
    Well, I don't really know with the HD595's.

    But there's one song that's risen to the ultimate top of songs that move me in my collection since I've been using my Shure E4's:

    Damien Rice - Eskimo (from the album 'O', which also includes the beautiful song 'Delicate')

    I can't explain it, you'll just have to listen.
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  10. jagorev
    My favorite cans are the HD600 and any classical music brings out the best in them. The most impressive performance I've heard from these headphones was JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, performed by Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert. Bach's music has incredible fugal texture, but this is often hard to hear except in live performance. The 600s really distinguish the contrapuntal melodies and let you appreciate their interplay and complexity. Absolutely wonderful! [​IMG] Try out any recordings of classical music that interest you, I'm sure you'll appreciate it a lot through your good equipment.

    EDIT: made it less verbose
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  11. xxlMusikfreak
    Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony
    Dream Theater - Six Degrees...
    Tracy Chapman - Let it rain
    Peter Gabriel - Hit & Miss
    Buena Vista Social Club - Soundtrack
    and maybe Joan Osborne - Relish
    My "test the new can" CDs
  12. ScubaSteve87
  13. fatko
    Eric Clapton Unplugged
    Lily Chan's (Chinese singer)
    Susan Wong
  14. MD1032 Contributor
    Anything. But here's some examples:

    --"Awake" by Dream Theater
    --Liquid Tension Experiment
    --"Four Chords and Several Years Ago" by Huey Lewis and The News
    --any Blues Brothers recordings
    --The large amount of classic rock available: basically any album by Kansas, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen, to name a few, and also:
    --"The Last Waltz" by The Band
    --And for something classical, as I listen to organ music more and more and hear more organs I'm realizing my Grados are really good at it. Take a listen to "Great Organ Works" by Virgil Fox. Older recording for sure, but the organ is amazing. "Encores" is much better in terms of quality.
  15. Voltron Contributor
    With my HD650s I've been hitting that dream state with these these selections:

    Muddy Waters, Folk Singer (especially Good Morning Little School Girl)

    Rosa Passos and Ron Carter, Entre Amigos

    Bebo and Cigala, Lagrimas Negras

    Iron and Wine, Our Enless Number Days and Woman King

    Oscar Peterson and Stephane Grapelli, Skol

    Beck, Sea Change

    Mahler's 7th Symphony, SF Sympohony with Michael Tilson Thomas

    Orff's Carmina Burana, SF Sympohony with Herbert Blomstedt

    Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

    Lucinda Williams, Live at the Fillmore

    Low, The Great Destroyer
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