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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. denniswaugh
    Just received an email from James Smyth requesting my shipping details, backer number 94.
    I live in the UK and will let you know when I receive the A16.
    Can't wait.
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  2. esimms86
  3. phoenixdogfan
    Would be interesting to have Amir at ASR take some measurements. Thing has two separate DACS (a 16 channel for the analog outputs and a two channel for the headphone outlets) as well as a low wattage amp for the subsonic outlet, one or two headphone amps, and an A to D converter. Would be nice get Sinads, IMD curves, output in watts (milliwats?) for the amps, as well as other info he can measure.
  4. gearnet
    Everything would be (almost) perfect with my A16 if I was yesterday unable to display "Audio Meters".
    It was very useful for me to monitor my different channels.
    I have tried everything:

    - Restore Factory Setup
    - Full Reset Factory
    - FW 1.70
    - return to 1.75 + Restore Factory

    Nothing works, no more Audio Meters, this is probably the result of a bad configuration on my part.
    Can you help me, please.

    To facilitate my Resets, I made a table allowing me to easily restore my settings.

    My configuration has 2 presets (5 and 6 to avoid their erasure in the case of a simple Restore Factory)
    These 2 presets feature the same Listening Room (5), but differ in their Audio Source:
    5 HDMI (1)
    6 LINE
    By disabling the Keypad Group, I can call the desired preset simply by its number and thus switch from HDMI to LINE easily (Thanks 1.75!).

    Thanks in advance
  5. Got the Shakes
    When you’re in the main menu where it shows User A, User B, HDMI selection, etc is the audio meters option at the bottom of the list gone? Is there still there and when you click on it nothing happens?
  6. gearnet
    the audio meters option at the bottom of the list is still there and when I click on it nothing happens.
  7. phoenixdogfan
    I'm getting the impression people are struggling a little bit on getting their A16s to live up to their potential. There are now about 80 people who have gotten their Realisers so it's time to ask who has been able to capture a really high quality 16 channel Dolby ATMOS room with their own PRIR? Anyone out there have a high quality Dolby Atmos 16 channel PRIR from a quality studio or other high quality room? If not is that because you have not yet located such a set up, or is it because you haven't been able to make your Realiser work well enough to capture such a room?

    How about a high end 7.1 set up from an audio dealer, any luck there? Or how about a high end 2 channel system, anyone find a provider? Anyone able to master the intricacies of PRIR capture, editing, and use well enough to enjoy a new system over your headphones in your living room?

    I'm not really interested if you're doing something like taking an old A8 PRIR and adding the height speakers from the Surrey Room, I want to know if anyone has been able to as yet capture and is now enjoying a quality, personalized 16 Channel Dolby Atmos from a set up he was able to measure and successfully capture from scratch using an A16 with current features and firmware.

    Anyone who's advanced the ball that far out there today?
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  8. You Gene

    I took the liberty to make a "quote...unquote" copy of your email (in French) with our friends from HCFR ; I did it on your behalf and asked them to please respond to your enquiry : https://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum...view-hcfr-liens-en-post-1-t30075654-1185.html
    It will be extremely enlightening to know the answer to your question, whatever the reply. And also who succeeded on the +- 80 users and who failed. Failing would not really be the right word in this particular case!

    Again thank you for this question.

    You Gene
  9. bcwang
    I’ve made a high quality 7.1.2 room using my own LS50 with Rel S3 sub in my music room and faking the single speaker method of measurements. I’m quite enjoying the results and can’t say I’ve heard any theater room sound better. I can make the 7.1.2 into a 7.1.6 quite easily now that I know what I’m doing but just haven’t taken the effort to do the last set of overhead measurements since I’m satisfied for now considering relatively limited Atmos content I have access to.
  10. phoenixdogfan
    Would you be so kind as to do a write up of what you did. I'm probably buying an A16 either early December or early January and I own LS50 and an SVS Sb2000 sub, so what you did plays right into my wheelhouse.
  11. sm0rf
    Greetings and thanks to blubliss, Dixter and Rene Lou, dunno if it's just my todays perception but that PRIR2004_aix_7_1_andy.SVS works for me much better then both provided PRIR's that came with the A16.
  12. romainhc
    How did you manage to do that ?
  13. denniswaugh
    My A16 arrived today (Monday)
    I've only connected it up temporarily to ensure it powers up etc. Briefly tried Terminator 2 on Bluray and all is well.
    Looks like a phenomenal bit of kit with lots of settings.
    Need to start reading up and looking at the videos to get the best out of it.
  14. sahmen
    Congrats! Might I ask what your number was on the kickstarter list?
  15. denniswaugh
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