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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. elan120
    I have the same display on my control panel as well, so the driver appears to be correct...assuming when you installing the driver, Spring DAC is in power off state until the installation is completed, somehow, DSD512 signal is not being send from SU-1 to Holo Spring. I am not familiar with JRiver, so not sure if there are some differences between what I use, which is HQPlayer, and JRiver.

    I did run into an issue couple weeks ago getting display with just bars across when playing 44.1K frequency family music files, and later found out one of the output side SMD resistor near the 22.5792MHz oscillator was improperly installed from the factory, and finally broke the contact, preventing the signal from 22.5792MHz oscillator from going into the Xilinx FPGA input, once the resistor was re-aligned and soldered back to its proper location, I was able to restore the 44,1K frequency family music files playing all the way up to DSD512. Your issue isn't the same, because you are able to play DSD256 files, but no signal output to Spring DAC when playing DSD512, which I wonder if using HQPlayer will work but not JRiver?

    Another thing to look, although not sure if it will make much difference, is the control panel "Buffer Settings". Mine currently is set with "USB Streaming Mode" to "Reliable", and "ASIO Buffer Size" to "Auto".
  2. bflat
    It looks like you are using the Windows 10 generic USB Class 2 driver. At lest for the Holo DAC, I have to use the Holo ASIO driver to get 512 DSD.
  3. elan120
    The driver, based on the HoloAudio Control Panel showing under the driver info section of his attached pictures has the correct version - v3.40 displayed, it doesn't appear to a generic USB driver though.
  4. rocky500
    I will play around a bit more with settings, cables etc to see how it goes.
    Unfortunately maybe elan120 could be right too. I did change the 5 caps and put in new regulator.
    Jriver settings

  5. bflat
    You're right. Just checked my settings and they are the same as yours. Not sure why 512 doesn't work for you.
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  6. rocky500
    I did update my Holo Dac early on when I got it to new firmware 1692.
  7. elan120
    My hunch this is more software related than hardware related. If it is a hardware issue, symptom will be more like what I described with my encounter. Another possible try is install the trial HQPlayer to compare if that will play DSD512.
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  8. rocky500
    I installed HQPlayer in Demo but I can't quite get that working in upsampling to DSD. A bit a reading and playing with settings it seams. I get hiss with a very faint sound of the music in the distant.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
  9. elan120
    I assume you are testing with DSD512 output, and if yes, try the following settings (picture borrowed from another poster). I use all "-2s" Oversampling setting when playing DSD512, since it is very CPU power hungry, non-2s oversampling will result in static and lots of dropouts in my system.

    Note, I select "CUDA offload" in my setup since I use NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 graphic card.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. rocky500
    Thanks so much for the settings.
    I get the bars again on the Holo Dac display with these settings. I even dropped the box down 44.1k x256 and then static with very faint music in the background.
    Looks like I need to play around some more with my setup. I have a Geforce GT 730 in this machine.
  11. elan120
    One way to reduce the possibilities is temporally remove SU-1 out of the loop by connecting PC to Spring DAC directly using USB input and see if you can get the DSD512 to play. This will help remove the possibility of I2S cable, connectors, and SU-1. If the direct connection can work up to DSD512, the setting of software is correct.
  12. rocky500
    Just straight with only the Spring Dac, I get DSD 512 on the display but no sound.
    JRiver, Roon upsampled to DSD512 seems to work but again no sound. Stepping back to DSD256 and it works.
  13. elan120
    This remind me of when I was using my old laptop before changing to the new desktop (i7-7700) that can only play up to DSD256, but when playing DSD512, it has static and dropouts mixed together using HQPlayer. Your issue looks to be more computer related now. Is there another computer that has more computing power that can be used to test?
  14. rafabro
    It was couple meters but as I I said it was USB cable, not hdmi/I2S. The highs wasn't clear and smooth at all in comparison.
  15. bflat
    Got it. I was talking about Supra HDMI cable only. I also try to keep USB cables to 2 meters or less and find the Kitsune ones to be excellent.
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