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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. T Bone
    That is correct. I don't have my Singxer SU-1 stacked directly on top of my DAC. So I needed a quality HDMI longer than 0.3M
  2. rafabro
    I was testing some Wireworld cables and definitely prefer Audioquest HDMI. Currently I'm using Carbon but friend has Coffee and is really great with darker background and sound stage even deeper. Just couldn't pay money like that for cable...
  3. Astral Abyss
    I'm using a 2ft Belden Series-FE from Blue Jean Cables. Comes in 1ft length increments. Inexpensive and high quality. The cable itself is really beefy, yet still fairly flexible.
  4. bflat
    You can contact Kitsune Hifi and get Supra HDMI cable. This is made in Sweden and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am very satisfied with mine.
  5. oneguy
    You can also get them from a retailer on eBay (zendada). That's where I bought my Ethernet and USB Supra cables from.
  6. Tonbas
    Hello everybody,

    is anyone able to help me with this "problem"

    I own a gustard x20 u (no pro) and the singxer SU1

    player software is hqplayer and Jriver.

    I installed the latest firmware for the singxer and the holo driver for native dsd.

    I do not manage to play dsd 512 native, dsd 256 plays very good.

    I tried many settings but when i play dsd 512 i hear a strange whistling sound, distortion.

    no hicks and cpu usage is not high.

    the problem is the same by jriver and hqplayer

    The hdmi cable between singxer and gustard is 0.5 mtr audioquest cinnamon.

    i read on internet the x20 is able to play dsd 512, what do i wrong?

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Greetings, Ton from Holland
  7. Tonbas
    Hello all,
    In my search for correct playing of dsd512 I did a strange discovery.
    I played music in dsd 256 and changed the settings in hqplayer again in dsd512.
    immediately the whistling tone was there again.
    because it looks like the sound of crosstalk, I tried to influence if I picked up the Singxer from my gustard x20.
    I put my hand on top of the dac and, to my surprise, the whistling noise gradually disappeared and disappeared completely.
    the whole album I could enjoy music in dsd 512.
    When the CD was finished, I started another album, the distortion was right there again.
    I put my hand on the dac again and disappeared again.
    I'm sure I do not possess supernatural powers :) so there must be a logical explanation for it. have not yet discovered which one.

    But for now to put my hand on my gustard by every album is no option haha.

    Maybe is it something with grounding of i have to place the singxer on a other shelve.

    Is er anybody who have an explanation?

    greetings Ton
  8. rocky500
    Hi Ton
    I have something similar with my Singxer and Holo Dac.
    I only get DSD 256 to come up on my Holo Dac.
    If I try and upsample with JRiver or roon, I get this on my Holo front display "---------" and no sound at all.
    I am still not sure what might be stopping me.
    I have the latest firmware on the Singxer and Holo.
  9. elan120
    Hi Rob,

    When the Spring DAC front display show just bars across, that is an indication of no signal being received. I am using HQPlayer to output native DSD512 without issue. Just wondering, which connection you are using between Singxer and Spring DAC?
  10. rocky500
    I see. Then it is my Singxer SU-1 that may not be able to do native DSD 512.
    I am using a PC with a PCIe SOtM tX-USBexp USB Card going to the SU-1.
    Then i2S using a starlight 7 0.3m cable to the Holo.
    Have the latest Holo drivers installed on the PC v3.40 that the SU-1 is using.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  11. rafabro
    I tested those Supra USB as well. I highly do not recommend them as worst then original Singxer USB Cable. The matter of fact I think they one of the worst on the market.
  12. rafabro
    When you upsampling to high DSD increase buffer size in JRiver settings. Default 100 milliseconds is not enough to handle this.
  13. elan120
    The Holo driver is the correct version to use, Have you by chance upgrade the firmware to v2.20 for SU-1?
  14. bflat
    Can give more details? Did you use the 0.5 meter?

    I am fairly new to I2S but with my past experience with digital signals and how cables affect sound - I hear a slightly thinner, more harsh sound with low quality digital cables versus good ones. The Supra cable in my setup does not have any of these problems. Of course this is well beyond connection issues which are really obvious.
  15. rocky500
    Yes I did the firmware update. Twice just to be sure, as I tried 2.22 and then back to 2.20
    Here is my control panel with the info and then when I play a file upsampled to DSD 512 in Jriver. It seem the panel is saying it is playing but the Holo has the bars on its display and no sound.
    Upsampled to DSD 256 works fine.

    CPanel.jpg 2017-09-03_001831.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
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