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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. T Bone
    Was bored on Flea-Bay one day and picked up a few from China for a few bucks.
    I removed the 'center' pin from the BNC caps so as not to short the circuit. I just wanted a dust cover.
    Call it "adionervousa"
  2. Tboooe
    Not T-Bone but you can get them on ebay for about $1 from China. Not sure if they make a difference in sound though.
  3. winders

    Don't use any of those on your Yggdrasil.....
  4. LarryMagoo
  5. uncola
    another benefit of the shorting plugs is they prevent air from oxidizing the connector metal.. some preamps for instance ship with little rubber covers for the rca ports you won't use for this purpose
  6. winders
    Some units don't like there unused ports shorted....
  7. thyname
    Any Roon users here? I have major problems when I try to upsample (sample rate conversion) to Max PCM or 2X Max PCM to my Singxer SU-1. Terrible noise comes off my system (see signature).

    This problem does not exist when converting to DSD (via DoD). Everything is fine in this case.

    Here is the Roon page on sample rate conversion:


    Anything I can do with SU-1 to fix this? How do I even update the Singxer's firmware?

  8. captblaze
    what rate are you up sampling to? Anything above 384 kHz is not supported by the SU-1
  9. thyname
    Good point. The option they give you on Roon is "Max PCM" or "x2 max PCM". I don't know what they mean in Roon's language. I will have to check when I get back home. Thanks!
  10. rafabro
    Is this 3.3V clock voltage regulator? wright?

    About the caps..I tested around 20 different combinations, many different types, models and capacities. In my opinion nothing more than 220uF sounds good with SU-1.

    My recommendation is to put:
    at xmos chip - Audio Note standard 220uF 100V
    at power socket - x2 Nichicon Fine Gold 220uF 25V
    other two - Chemicon Nippon LXV 220uF 25V
  11. thyname
    @captblaze You were right. Roon output it at 768 kHz. Once adjusted it to "custom" 384, no issues. Thanks!
    captblaze likes this.
  12. thyname
  13. Tboooe
  14. T Bone
    Yes, I have installed it and posted pictures in this thread. LINK
    No, there aren't instructions - It is pretty intuitive.

    The only warning is that the SU-1 has a couple of really small specialty fasteners. You need to have the right hex and square bits/drivers. If you have a decent PC/micro/electronics screwdriver set you should be OK.
  15. thyname
    @Tboooe @T Bone Thanks! I do have a PC screwdriver set. So should be OK.

    Did you guys then use the LPS-1 to power it? If so, did you notice any difference in SQ?

    See my sig. Both of you appear to have the same SU-1/Holo Spring combo as me.
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