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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Tboooe
    Piece of cake. Nothing to desolder. The IEC plug and cover is kept in place with 2 screws. There is a connector and a ground wire. I just removed the IEC plug and kept the power supply in the SU-1. But if you remove the entire power board then there is nothing to disconnect. The board is held in place by 4 screws accessed from the bottom of the SU-1. 5 min job tops.
  2. Thenewguy007
    Would the entire power board need to be removed or just that IEC plug & its connector wire to then use the kitsune power conversion kit?
  3. Tboooe
    Just the IEC plug. That is what I did. I kept the power board in the SU-1.
  4. LoryWiv
    I'd love to be able to answer the "How does it sound" question but in the same hour I udated SU-1 firmware and installed the Holo driver to support native DSD512, our friends at Microsoft did this! Once I get HQ Player running again, I'll assess the sound.
  5. Tboooe
    Oh man. That sucks. Good thing I use Server 2012. No issues with auto update! Good luck.
  6. uncola
    Tim coughed up the goods! firmware updated to from 2.02 to 2.22 in win 10 with no issues.. so far so good!
  7. JerryLeeds
    No soldering needed. Pretty much just screws. I heard some tiny torx heads? But I'll figure it out.
  8. rocky500
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
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  9. manishex
    Hq player version 3.16.3 should apparently fix this
  10. thyname
    I had several exchanges on the CA site on Singxer SU-1, but I thought I'd post an update here, for those of you who don't follow both forums.

    I swapped yesterday the internal power supply on the SU-1 with LPS-1. Big THANKS to @Energy who helped me with a hiccup I had (the guys over at Kitsune had mistakenly soldered the wires wrong, red/black opposite side).

    I can 100% confirm that there is a very noticeable improvement on SQ by doing so. To use the cliche key phrase - quite unsubtle improvement. The sounds becomes punchy, clean, hard hitting, and "silent" (if you know what I mean). It gains a certain fullness to it, which is certainly evident even to my not-so-specialist ears.

    I was very skeptical to this first, as honestly I don't (even now) understand the technical explanation on this, but it works! Definitely something you guys want to do for those who have not done it yet. I am now a believer ...
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  11. T Bone
    Read THIS
    It's relatively easy if you have the right tools and a little patience
  12. T Bone
    @Energy is a very useful/knowledgable and active member. I don't know where he finds the time to do all his mods, post pix and hold down a job.

    I concur - the change is NOT subtle. It was a fun mod and worth the money to me
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  13. thyname
    Yep. Tell me about it. Quite amazing for @Energy given his very young age compared to some of us around these forums. I guess some people are just nice, like to help the other, and passionate in a non-selfish way for this hobby.

    Definitely a NOT subtle improvement on SQ, and I am not even expert on this to easy tell. Easy, non-expensive mod too, especially if you have a LPS-1 laying around :L3000:
  14. Thenewguy007
    Which LPS did you end up using?
  15. thyname
    Sorry. I should have been more clear. Uptone Ultracaps LPS-1
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