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Singxer SU-1 Owners

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by t bone, Mar 7, 2017.
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  1. Superdad
    Chill guys.  The reality is in the middle.  
    While there is a great deal of immediacy in skipping the silicon-resource-constrained (and frankly sometimes poorly designed) filters that are stock wth many DACs, the very real aliasing artifacts from playing 16/44.1kHz Redbook material through entirely non-oversampling/filterless DACs is in the long run fatiguing and a form of distortion.
    Playing at least 24/176.4kHz material through the same NOS DAC is far more musically truthful.
    I know this first-hand as I have an all custom PCM1704K NOS/filterless DAC. And while I listened to it for years with straight Redbook, the availability of high-quality sample rate conversion software (Audirvana+/iZotope and HQ Player) combined with an upgrade to an USB>I2S input board capable of 384kHz immediately proved how much the aliasing artifacts were a distortion I was glad to leave behind.
    Computers have far more horsepower to run ultimate-quality SRC/SDM filters than what is affordable in a DAC (unless you are a DAC manufacturer willing to incorporate a giant $230 wholesale cost FPGA and do a lot of work, ala Chord's Rob Watts).
    I actually think the trend for some DAC makers to offer an NOS mode is a good thing--as long as the DAC will also accept high sample rates at its input.  This both assures that users can feed it high rates without overlap from the DAC's own filters (though typically if you feed 384kHz you are pretty much over-riding the built-in filters), and it frees the designer to concentrate on other areas (PS, isolation, clocking, output stage, etc.) where what they do is not so much a compromise as it is with attempting a great built-in filter.
    That's my $0.02
    --Alex C.
  2. winders
    All I was saying is it depends on the DAC. Some NOS DACs sound really good...some don't. Some Delta Sigma DACs sound really good. Some don't. Some oversampling R2R DACs sound really good and some don't. The sound quality of a DAC is much more dependent on the actual DAC implementation (the whole unit) than it is in the DAC architecture chosen. 
    As far as horsepower is concerned, keep in mind that DACs that upsample do so in real time. Computers can't always do that. Also, I would take the filter used in Yggdrasil over anything I could get in Audirvana or HQ Player. How do I know? I have listened.
    I want my ISO Regen!!!
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  3. Padawan38

    A few words about my SU1 that went for a tweak by ROSE Audio.
    As you can see, the PSU is completely new and the tweak is quite huge.

    Most important is the sound … and it rocks !
    Black background is better, more refinement with better details, more “meat” and re-enforced organic character.
    It’s really a step up.

    Have a nice day !


  4. winders
    Tell us about the new power supply and how it affects the sound. How much did it cost?
  5. Energy
    On your music player, does everyone have it set to XMOS USB Audio 2.0 ST 3086 [ASIO] or XMOS USB Audio [WASAPI] ?
  6. manishex
    XMOS USB Audio 2.0 ST 3086 [ASIO]
  7. inthere

    ​Where would I find this info? I just right click on Windows 10 volume and it says XMOS USB Audio and nothing else
  8. Energy
    It's not available on sounds.
    J.River Media Center 22
  9. T Bone
    For those interested in using an alternative power supply in their Singxer SU-1; Kitsune is now offering a kit that replaces the IEC inlet with a simple "block off" plate with a 5V input.   LINK   Here's a few pix:
  10. manishex
    How good is the internal power supply, what would be an upgrade?
  11. T Bone
    That's a loaded question!  ...and one I am not qualified to comment on.  
    There are many different audiophile power supply options.  One possible replacement is an Uptone LPS.
    I am "borrowing" this photo from the CA site that shows an Uptone LPS powering a Singxer SU-1.   If you're not familiar with the Uptone LPS, you can think of it (in the most simple of terms) as a "battery" powered supply.
  12. rajacat
    Is it possible to run the sMS- 200 and the SU-1 off of one LPS-1?
  13. T Bone
    That question is better directed to Uptone and/or SoTM support.  
    The sMS-200 needs 6.5v while the SU-1 needs 5v.  So I doubt that's going to work for you.  Only SoTM can tell you for sure.  
    I suppose it doesn't need to be said, but any mod like this is going to void the warranty on both devices.  
  14. winders

    Input voltages are not compatible. The SU-1 needs 5 vdc while the sMS-200 needs 6.5 ~ 14Vdc.
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  15. rajacat
    Thanks for the replies.
    The sMS-200 does accept a wide range of voltages (6.5 - 14V). I don't have the SU-1 yet. I should have checked, I now see that the SU1 only accepts 4.5V - 5V, a little too low for the sMS-200. It would have been nice. Two LPS-1's starts to get a little too pricey for me. I do have an Acopian 5V PS that has very low ripple that I could use for the SU-1 when/if I get one.
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