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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

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  1. BobJS
    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if they're wrong. :)
  2. koiloco
    This is my 2nd time owing the SE846s. When I decided to get a pair of IEMs again, I tested the Campfires cuz they were all the hype back then. Without going into technical details and comparison, I ended up with the SE846s. For me, the Campfires just didn't move me. I didn't feel alive listening to them. However, it sounds like Campfire Audio didn't pay Whathifi :)...Cohesion...lol...
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  3. waveSounds
    No denying their reviews, and especially so for headphones, are woefully thin in actual details. I don't believe the Andromeda's are a 3 star product by any stretch of the imagination. Just thought it would be fun to see the fallout on here by bringing such a controversial review of one of the most highly coveted iems to light!
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  4. csglinux
    To really see some controversy, you need to go post that link on the Andromeda thread. Just give me a heads-up, so that I have my comfy chair and popcorn ready... :wink:
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  5. holsen
    Yep, this isn't even an LOL I am genuinely Laughing Out Loud right now!
  6. waveSounds
    Someone link me the Andromeda thread. I had a look earlier but couldn't find it. I'll whack the hornets nest ;p
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  7. MarkF786
    Sorry, which did you like better, the C or D?
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  8. MarkF786
    The reviewer is very late to the party - and has an opinion contrary to almost every other review on the Andromeda. Maybe he got a bad pair.
  9. oleWhiskey
    On the contrary, Maybe that's what they feel and they are entitled too in their review. I know it goes against the grain of 99% of everyone out there but. I don't expect for others to hear the same as me. I have tinnitus in both ears so I hear things differently for IEMs than others because of this stupid ringing. But yes please post that in the other thread. I would like feel the heat coming off the backs of others necks cause someone disagreed with them. lol
  10. Roasty
    For those who did the trishd mod and pushed the filter foam all the way to the filter end.. How did u guys get the foam back out?
  11. ropie
    Both are really nice
    The C is a bit heavier, thicker and has 8 strands
    The D is lighter and thinner and has 4 strands

    Both are flexible, don't tangle much and have no microphonics

    The D wins for me because of the Pentaconn connector. The D has an angled connector. The C has a straight connector
    An angled connector does not stick out of my music player, so wins it on transportability.
    If you use a 3,5 mm SE or 2,5 mm balanced connector, you will be happy with either of the two cables

    .............I have not really compared for sound, but honestly think I could not tell them apart in a blind test.
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  12. PhenixS1970
    Actually I just received the lc-d cable (curiousity killed the cat) and.......I don’t like it. Bass is gone and way too bright with Chord mojo (I ensured the in ear fit was right but it was a fight with the memory cable). Return to sender......
  13. Roasty
    Omg just re-did the trishd mod, but instead of pushing the foam all the way back, I placed them mid-filter.
    Added on some spinfit tips. plus ibasso dx220. sound is superb! enough impactful bass and clear non harsh highs.
    feels like a whole new iem!
    makes me wonder why I even sprung for custom a12t the other day..
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  14. unispeed
    Truly wireless SE846 with true 8 hour battery life and APTx. Each module can be used independently as well as they make 2 connections to your Bluetooth device using BT5. The MMCX connectors they use are also very solid! No wiggle at all.

    They are plenty powerful to power the SE 846 and are very quiet when no music is playing. Mind you, this is the second generation of the product (TRN BT20S). They are a huge improvement over the former BT20. Sound quality is not far behind a wired connection. Honestly, foam placement within the filters and the use of different ear tips affects the sound waaay more than the use of a Bluetooth connection. They sound good enough that in the 2 weeks that I've owned them I have never felt the need to go back to cables. Best of all, these are VERY comfortable.

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  15. gazzington
    Do these still compete well with competition in their price range? I listen to all sorts of different music and am considering these, ie800s, Andromeda.....
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