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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

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  1. cbui
    Yes only when I play through something with high frequency. But only the right earbud has issue. It feel like the speakers are clashing against each other
  2. BobJS
    I completely forgot that I ordered these on (Mass)Drop, but I probably won't be seeing them until end of month or August.

    BTW, further listening ... I would say the Beyers are more fun vs. the greater accuracy of the Andromeda, and they both have a place along side the SE846 in my personal wall of fame.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  3. Roasty
    What cables are you guys using for your 846?

    I had the Linum Bax but didn't like it very much. Have been using the Moon Audio silver dragon and am quite pleased with it.

    But I would like to try the 846 on a balanced cable with a 2.5mm plug to connect to my pioneer xdp-300r.

    Am looking at the Norne Audio silvergarde as well as the lavricable ultimate. Has anyone tried these cables with good results?
  4. BobJS
    Stock works great for me.
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  5. paulgc
    I use @MoonAudio Dragons. Have a number if their audio and USB custom cables. Great service and quality.
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  6. PhenixS1970
    I gave the Oriveti Affinity (200 $) that I use with my New Primacy a try. Despite that it extends the level of clarity and soundstage it also reduced the low end somehow. For now I’m very happy with the stock cable and spinfit eartips (i only have the se846 since last week).
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  7. holsen
    My Xelentos showed up this morning and have been A/B ing them all morning - I would say the the Xelentos have far deeper, lower bass but the speed of the P1s is staggeringly crisp, clean defined and fast... Its really hard to say which I prefer
    I actually think I'm leaning towards the P1s simply for the precision of the mids and highs and I can EQ the bass in.... but the Xelentos are the first pair of IEMs that I dont need to EQ. Its a tough call but when you consider that the retail on the P1s is $160 that's incredible.
    I suspect the Xelentos will be my travelling companions because they'll easier to drive
  8. csglinux
    @holsen - have you taped over the vent port on your P1s? I'm not quite sure why Tin added that port, because its only effect seems to be to destroy the sub-bass - and I'm not sure why anybody would think that was a good idea.
  9. csglinux
    Hi @holsen! Ooh, things are much calmer over on this thread :) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the P1 with vent ports open vs vent ports sealed.
  10. holsen
    I haven't even tried the tape mod on them, haven't felt the need but now I'm getting curious too. I'll give it a go later. In the week and let you know.
  11. csglinux
    Try a couple of bits of electrical tape over those tiny port holes on both IEMs. You might find you don't need to EQ the bass with those ports sealed.
  12. TigerAlex
    Fiio LC-2.5 balanced cable, for 100 bucks works pretty damm good.
  13. ropie
    Very nice cable indeed!
    Almost seems like it's designed for the Shures.
    Color matches very good. MMCX connector fits really snug and has the right angle
    Fiio recently came with a more premium version LC-2,5D. This is a silver cable.

    I like this one even better. The reason is I have the LC-4,4D (4,4mm Pentaconn)
    On the C series the Pentaconn connector is straight, on the D series it is angled
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  14. SteveOliver
    Agreed, Fiio do appear to be making great cables, their earlier offerings were not so good but they've got it right now.
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  15. TigerAlex
    I agree the LC-2.5 D improved my sound in my Shure SE846 IEM, better sound stage and sound separation.
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