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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. Justin_Time
    Thank You!

    You made my point far better and more succinctly than I ever could.

    Being a mechanical watch collector and the victim of Chinese counterfeits in the early days—now I know where to look—and being an R&D research scientist, it especially hurts to be accused of supporting counterfeits.

    Thank you for correctly seeing my point, however clumsily it was made.
  2. csglinux
    I quoted the first part of your statement, which is definitely not necessarily true.

    The second part of your statement is only true if you're happy to buy and enjoy counterfeit goods, as long as they sound good.
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  3. cyclops214
    Jesus ****ing Christ Quit derailing the thread With this bull**** Counterfeit discussion Take it to Private Messaging.
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  4. Mr Makarov
    Guys please stop derailing the thread.
    Or create a "How to spot a fake Shure SE846" thread (like the one for IE800) - that would be helpful and the discussion you´re developing right now would be somewhat in the context.
    On the other hand, it seems that there is a misunderstanding and from an observer point of view - it seems clear to me that what Justin_Time wrote in his recent posts is far away from some pro-fake propaganda. He never said - "go and buy a fake IEMs/headphones instead of the originals" and it is clear that as someone who knows about R&D from experience he is strongly against counterfeiting (and accusing him for that makes no sense).

    The way I understand it: Lets say someone buys SE846 (or some other counterfeited high-end IEMs) at a very good price, tries it and it sounds better than his Beats Pro, ATH-M50, SE215, Xiaomi Piston, se425, etc.. he will strongly promote the awesome Se846. But he did not noticed that his IEMs were fakes. At this point he is not supporting counterfeit IEMs at all, he is supporting a good sounding IEM he believes is the legit SE846 because it sounds very good to him. By the time he notices that he got a fake he will be furious and will be wondering "how much better the original must sound". He tries the original, notices that the original is even more awesome, pays a grand and walks away happy with a new and legit pair of SE846. The point is, that if an IEM sounds great to a person and the person is happy with them then it is not wrong to be happy with an IEM even if it is fake and the person is unaware of that (it makes it wrong if the person notices that the item is a fake and still enjoys them? should he destroy them and buy a legit pair ASAP?). Supporting and promoting a fake IEMs/HPs is wrong. Enjoying a sound an IEM/HP produces that turns out to be counterfeited product is wrong?

    Bonus: in this video where I am very sure is about a counterfeit IE800 (watched it several times and it all points out that he got a fake one. At least carrying case is 1000% fake) because I had an extensive experience with fake and legit product. The guy loves them. I believe he don´t care if they´re a fake or not because they sound just great to him.

    Note:he said (in his response to my question) that "they sound as loud as my HD650". <-- as loud as a 300 ohms/103Db sensitivity headphones! (some fake IE800 are 90 ohms and low sensitivity and are considerably quieter than senns HD700 and do not require much volume matching when A/Bing with HD650. Original IE800 (16 Ohms, 125 DB) are way louder than HD650.

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  5. AllenWalker
    If you are so worried about the authenticity, why not get another brand out there? There are many IEMs that have superseded SE846 already...
  6. FactoryStock
    Hi guys. I'll be camping here for the mo. From Chifi...to here.
  7. msp
    Hallo fellows.

    I can’t seem to find a definitive answer, have anyone tested the Shure Lighting cable (RMCE-LTG) with the SE846?

    Is it any good—how far is behind a Mojo—and finally is there another cable that is better?

    Kind regards Morten
  8. Marvellous_DAP
    Tried it when I bought my SE846 (came free as sales promotion).

    Didn't like it as it gets loose after just a few times of plugging/unplugging, and connector area does not feel that it will last long.

    Can't comment on Mojo though, as didn't really use the Mojo for long before selling off.

    I won't expect the small DAC inside the RMCE-LTG to have huge improvements over the apple lightning to stereo adapter, so probably will not get close the Mojo.

  9. Justin_Time
    Could anyone here lead me to the thread(s) on modifications of the 846 filter system to improve its sound?
  10. phthora
    Here is some stuff I have bookmarked regarding impedance matching, tips, and filters. That should get you started.

    EDIT: I just realized you only asked about filters. My bad. It's the third one.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
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  11. FactoryStock
    My source has 1.1ohm OI, sould I be very worried, a little, or at all?

    The various times I listened to them were in a noisy retail environment, so I couldn't test for hiss. They also didn't sound too bassy. I'll reckon to upgrade these, I just have to change my DAC/amp further down the road.
  12. phthora
    Well... That would change the FR response noticeably over, say, a 0.1 output impedance, but if you like the sound, you like the sound. It's something to keep in mind when buying gear, but it won't harm your equipment or anything. At worst, that output impedance mismatch would have less effect than an ill-fitting tip. And, on that note, you could probably change tips or make up the dip in db in the lower treble/upper mids.
  13. csglinux
    I personally wouldn't worry about a 1.1 Ohm z-out. The effect may be noticeable - but barely. As @phthora says, the effect would be less than that of changing eartips. There are plenty of excellent DAPs out there with ~ 1.1 Ohm z-out and I've never ever seen a complaint specifically about their output impedance. Right now, everyone in the community seems to be in love with the new HiBy R6, which has a 10 Ohm z-out. So it's all relative :wink:

    P.S. I'm just curious - what is your source?
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  14. archangel22
    Im thinking about buying these for my daily use on the way to work, about 2hrs everyday train ride music helps me pass time. I have an ipod touch 4g I think its the 4th generation version. Are these headphones good for the ipod for use to enjoy the music or is it a waste of money and I would have to spend on another player? Just not sure if it is overkill because I will get good mileage out of it and good use if I can use the buds to their full potential
  15. Justin_Time
    It really depends on what type of files you use.

    If it is MP3, even the 530 is a huge improvement over the stock iem. I would not waste my money on anything more expensive.

    If you use lossless files or WAVE files, the 535 will do very nicely. The 846 may sound a little better better, but in my opinion, you will not hear the full potential of this iem unless you get a better DP with better DAC.

    With many older versions of the Astell & Kern on clearance sale soon, you can grab one around $500. The combination A&K and Shure 535 will sound better than the iPod Touch and Shure 846, you also get the advantage of playing HiRes files, which will,sound even better.

    In short, if you want to keep the IPod Touch, the 846 is probably an overkill. I’d save the money and get the 535 at half the cost instead.

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