Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. overgang
    I'd say you think more highly of your luck than of the thing you bought. It's the overall contentment of the purchase. Three days ago I was smug about paying EUR 800 for the SE846 instead of EUR 1,000.


    To find one in a thousand it is hard
    Who reckons sound as its own reward.
    Even 846 fails unless it's dearly bought,
    For people grudge to be audiophile for naught.
  2. overgang
    When I tried my shiny new $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom, boy was I upset. I then got some Firestone all-seasons and was getting happier and happier.


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  3. overgang
    Most likely, although I'm ashamed to admit this because, well, we're among the discerning public and the cheap thrills of V-shaped sound is for, well, the Beats generation. I guess I like the idea of pure expensive noble clear sound more than such sound itself.
  4. BramblexD
    Badly done v shaped sound is whats common. There's reasons why headphones like the TH900 sell (that thing has crazy bass).
    Switching to a more neutral signature needs getting used to. At the beginning it will sound quite "plain", and its all up to preference.
  5. headdict
    Any Etymotic IEM will make you love having shrieking kids around. :)
  6. overgang
    You mean the shrieks sound better than the 'motics? :)
  7. headdict
    No, you won't notice the shrieks anymore. The isolation is that good.
  8. Dulalala
    Not exactly true. You can have a somewhat higher impedance IEM that has a high sensitivity and still be susceptible to a high noise floor (hiss). As mentioned earlier, hissing is NOT caused by impedance mismatching but is caused by a sensitive transducer picking up the noise. If you really want to fix the hissing with impedance you'd need to add a hell of a lot more impedance than what the Etymotic IEM supplies. But the Etymotic ER4XR has a somewhat lower sensitivity so depending on how bad the hiss is you might be fine.

    Regardless, @overgang , while the Etymotic ER4XR are quite a nice pair of IEM, I think personally trying them (if possible) at a store would be much better as to avoid the same mistake from occuring like with your SE846.
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  9. csglinux
    ER4XR is ~ 104.5 dB/mW, as opposed to the SE846, which is ~ 114 dB/mW - much more sensitive. I hear hiss on the SE846 with a lot of sources; I've never heard hiss on my ER4XR with any source. I still wouldn't recommend the ER4XR over the SE846 though - it's just not as resolving to my ears.
  10. uzairahmed101
    Hay there I would like to know if you have finally tried the ibasso CB13 cable with the se846? As i am on the fence of buying it but worried about its compatibility
  11. mathi8vadhanan

    • IBASSO CB12 specially for ibasso IT03 2.5mm balanced earphone upgrade cable, 2.5mm interface fits for iRiver series, Cayin N5, LOTOO PAW5000, FIIO X7 AM3, Onkyo DP-X1, L&P L3! This cable MMCX pin only applies to IT03 or Westone series, but it does not support Shure.
  12. uzairahmed101
    Yes that’s exactly where i read it too that it’s not compatible with shure however it tells about CB12 specifically so its possible that for CB13 it might work or it might not since its the same manufacturer and for the same iem...was wondering if someone has actually tried as i can get this cable from a guy for half the price its brand new unopened seems like a great deal
  13. SteveOliver
    It works, but to get it to fit a little bit of plastic has to be trimmed from around the mmcx connectors. Which is exactly what I did.
  14. uzairahmed101
    So what’s your impression about this cable? I can currently get it for 110$ do you think its a good option compared to something like ALO Reference 8 ? That’s the one i can get here in Beijing as well for 300$
  15. SteveOliver
    Its OK, I won't talk about the sound quality or differences as that's a bit subjective with a cable, it really depends on the listener.

    Its covered in a nice soft flexible plastic, which is good as the micro-phonics are low, the quality of the connections is good too. For me its a little heavy, it (after more than three months) is still a bit smelly and the copper conductors are going green, which is strange but apparently doesn't affect the sound, I've seen at least one other report of this.

    I would say for $110, get it and then sell it if its not for you.

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