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Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

  1. Mr Makarov

    You also can try Sony (right on the photo) and Dunu (left) tips. Dunu tips probably are ones that will suit you better (not a bass heavy, relaxed sound). Sony tips are good too but more "bassy".
    Just my opinion/recommendation
  2. AndrewH13

    Like you, I found a bassier sound and went back to my favourite Westone silicon Startips.
  3. Law87

    shoot I'm scare of this! I been PM a couple member asking if an analytical bright amp and a silver cable would help alleviate the Bass.
  4. kino lau
    A "good" silver cable does not decrease the bass and increase the highs as a lot of folks simply convey as a given assumed fact. But GOOD is a relative term and what one person thinks is good may be what another thinks is a waste of money. 
    However...regardless of the components you choose, the beauty of the 846's is that you can change the nozzle insert to you're preference. In my experience, using the White insert should dismiss any concerns about bass heavy presentation. 
  5. Law87

    I respectfully disagree, with my Westone W60, the silver and copper cable I can tell night and day. With copper the Mids are more forward, bass have a thicker appearance (and a little more boomy), with a Silver cable the mids are more recessed, giving the appearance of a wider sound and seperation. Bass are well define less boominess (less punch also).

    The user that I replied to stated that he was using the white filter.

    I saw a thread where someone was using the 535 red filter, was wondering if anyone saw that?
  6. Law87
    have you try the shure olive tips? I love these with my Westone and really don't want to go back to westone silicone tips
  7. AndrewH13

    Yes, find Westones more exciting than Shure foams on 846. Only on Noble Katana's do I prefer foam.
  8. MRT-Man
    I'm not into huge bass, and personally I found the stock cable and blue filters too bass heavy. But with a silver litz cable and the white filters, I found the bass and overall sound signature to be perfect with my AK120II.
  9. zmcqdv
  10. zmcqdv
  11. Jamnperry
    Yea that was me. On the Knowles, you really can't go wrong with brown green or red. I think the one that works best will be a cable dependent or taste. I was using red to tame a very slight sibilance. But it seemed to sacrifice in the bass. Used the green awhile and now the browns. I think most settled on brown but if you want a warmer sound go red, lively with deeper bass but a touch bright then brown. Green a compromise. But I promise, once you try these, you'll never go back if you get them in right. The clarity is a level above and it's not hard to hear the difference. To me, it makes a bigger upgrade than all of the higher end cables I've ever owned.
  12. freshman66
    Just received my replacement filters in "apropriate" packaging [​IMG] Muhaahaha.
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  13. Law87
    where did you get the filters?
  14. Jamnperry
    Everything you need is on that link above to the thread I started. That will tell you our various ways to make it work too
  15. Gosod
    the package you cool. ay.gif

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