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Shure rmce-bt1 (Bluetooth Communications Cable)

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  1. deepee

    I think Shure's customer service is great. But the points raised here are probably uniform for everyone who has bought the
    BT1. Mine is also very very load with the SE535 but reasonable with the SE215 (although the voice is completely sibilant with both).
    The other problems reported also happen here and there.

    As its a new product, if Shure already has two kinds of products, where one of them is already improved, then it would be interesting
    to know, and very appreciative if they can replace the problematic units. However, my intuition says that a new version is yet to come.
  2. m4rkw
    "strong" lol. EarStudio it is! This piece of junk is going back to amazon.
  3. m4rkw
    Hmm "decibel levels aside" - that's actually an interesting point. I've just replied asking them if they can measure the dB level coming from the BT1's prompts and off beeps.
  4. HeadphoneBrnout
    Sad times indeed
  5. m4rkw
  6. Gnawbert
    I wanted to echo what a few others have said. I bought the Shure Bluetooth cable for my SE846s, and when pairing with my iPhone these things were WAY too loud. I could only go one or two from the very bottom without discomfort. Frankly, I actually think I might have damaged my hearing a little by starting up Spotify from a previous volume on a different pair of headphones at close to 50%. A week later and I'm hearing a faint ssssssss in my left ear. Hopefully it goes away. When I paired the Bluetooth cable + SE846 with my iPod Nano (8th gen) there was a lot more flexibility in the volume range. Additionally, these things are NOT silent. There's an ever persistent tssssscch in the background. And, as others have said, it uses the SBC codec, not AAC. Ultimately, I returned these via Amazon and went with the Westones, which I feel are better over all and don't drive my SE846s as loudly. Your mileage may vary.
  7. m4rkw
    How’s the battery life with the westone cable? I got well over 12 hours with the BT1.
  8. Gnawbert
    I can't say with any certainty as I've never used either for more than 6-8 hours. I think the Shure seems to be rated for more hours, and I'd believe it based upon the larger size of the battery pack on the Shure cable. Westone seems to have split it into 2 smaller parts. I can't imagine the Westone getting 12 hours, but I'm also surprised the Shure one does.
  9. HeadphoneBrnout
    Yep, that's exactly my experience. I think the tssssss sound is definitely caused by low quality electronics; I wish I knew more about it so that I could give you specific parts, but yeah, that's the bottom line.

    That's actually present in quite a lot of Bluetooth headphones, but at a $100 price point it shouldn't have been a problem.
  10. m4rkw
    I wonder if anyone makes (or could make) MMCX resistors. Male on one side, female on the other, 1kohm resistance between them and as small as possible. That should help with the volume issue if they could be made.
  11. golfinggino
    I picked up the se215 with this Bluetooth cable and I think it sounds pretty good, I tested some of my music tracks and was impressed. I wont be listening to music on it though ( that is reserved for my isine 10 and edition x :) ) I bought the shures mainly for podcasts and for watching iptv on my laptop and it sounds great for that better then my other Bluetooth earbuds.
  12. tarasis
    Got one of these recently from a deal that Cyberport (Germany) did with the Shure SE535s (299 for the headphones + the BT1).

    I'm shocked at how loud the announcement voice and other beeps are, and also the fact that the minimum volume (i.e 1 pip on the iPhone's volume bar) is about the same 4 or 5 pips when using the wire. I literally cannot turn the volume down, anything lower is off. Quality was perfectly fine (yes hiss was noticeable with no music playing, but once playing it wasn't noticeable).

    Have sent an email to Shure's German support asking if there is any way to turn off the voices (happy to use the phone's UI) and recalibrate the volume. Although I know from reading the thread there isn't much hope and there isn't upgradable firmware (slightly shocking to me in a 2017 product that has a USB socket).

    Now to try and find some other BT cable I can purchase in Germany and use with the Shure's.

    I see http://www.meeaudio.com/BTA-BTX1-BK/ online, Amazon DE which mostly seems to be units from Okcsc https://www.amazon.de/OKCSC-Bluetooth-Kopfhörer-Ersatz-Upgrade-MMCX-headphones/dp/B077GNBPX1/

    At €9 these ones are ridiculously cheap https://www.amazon.de/Bluetooth-4-1...17699692&sr=1-4&keywords=bluetooth+mmcx+shure
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
  13. freebil
    Hello. I bought shure se215 blue with bluetooth cable, but the bass is completely disappointed. There is very little bass. If I buy a 3.5mm cable, it will be better?
    Has anyone try se215 with bluetooth and with regular 3.5mm cable?
  14. HeadphoneBrnout
    Everything is disappointing in the Bluetooth thing. It doesn't have aptX, much less aptX HD, so the sound is garbage. Get the normal 3.5mm cable for the best performance.
  15. eganist
    Good afternoon, humans.

    Came across this thread after reading about the Shure RMCE-BT1 volume issue once I received it and wondered why volume at 1 tick sounds like 5 ticks up with the cable. However, I've got a mobile development/reverse engineering background, and at least on Samsung (and possibly other Android) devices, there's a workaround for this issue. The following assumes the same specs as my current phone, a late-model Galaxy running Android 8 (Oreo).

    1. Disconnect your RMCE-BT1 from your phone (no need to unpair!). You may also need to turn Bluetooth off on your phone, but I didn't.
    2. Enable Developer Options on your un-rooted device (don't root. You don't need to root to do this!). You should google this (android developer mode) as I don't believe my new account status would/should permit me to post links. It's straightforward.
    3. Once enabled, go to the base Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom to find the Developer options.

    4. Once in there, scroll 1/3 of the way down to find "Disable absolute volume." Enable that setting.

    5. Re-connect it back to your phone.

    Keep in mind this disables absolute volume for all bluetooth devices. I'm not yet versed on how to make this setting apply per device (it might just not be doable). It also doesn't resolve the native loudness of the voice indicators on the device itself.

    I'll probably still return it, but this at least made it usable for me on my Galaxy. I can't speak to whether similar settings exist on other Android or iOS devices, but hopefully it'll get you guys cranking to dig through your phones and see what you can find.
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