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Shure rmce-bt1 (Bluetooth Communications Cable)

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  1. psikey
    I just got a 2nd pair of SE846's for use with my Fiio BTR3 and short cable leaving my other set with premium cable.

    It came with the Shure BT1. What can I say...... absolute garbage sound via SBC plus the loud hiss. My old Samsung H3000 aptx adapter even sounds better.

    Do yourselves a favour and get a BTR3. Sounds nearly as good as wired when using LDAC. Got my BTR3 new for ~£50 and has 10hr+ battery life.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  2. hamikaze
    Hello does anyone find the sound of the voice in the shure BT1 is incredibly loud ? Like the sound of "connected" etc. Also the bip when you have an incoming call or when you finish a call. I have been talking to shure support they don't quite get the problem, maybe it's just me that have low treshold for noise but it's painful when you are chilling with music when suddenly the beep sound of an incoming call blast in your ear like hell

  3. m4rkw
    Yes, it's awful. I complained to Shure about this and they just fobbed me off. It's much more noticeable with lower impedance IEMs like the SE535, with the SE215 that the BT1 generally comes with the volume is more reasonable. I found with the SE535s I had to always remember to turn it on or off with the earpieces out of my ears as it was so loud it actually hurt them. I don't know if there are any applicable laws but I would hope that selling devices that are so prone to damage your ears like that is illegal. The BT1 is clearly not fit for purpose and should be recalled imo.
  4. hamikaze
    Anyone have any experience with the BT2 ? Does it fix the overly loud volume problem of the BT1?

    My SE315 died 2 days ago (the left earphone), my faith in shure is really melting down

    Anyone can give me advice for an alternative for other good in ear Bluetooth earphones ?

  5. blockchainhero
    I have the BTR2 and I’m very impressed with it. There is no shouting woman, and I have never experienced a drop out, even when walking a significant ways from my phone.
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