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Shure rmce-bt1 (Bluetooth Communications Cable)

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  1. m4rkw
    Where did you complain to? Maybe if we all complain to the same department in the same country it might help to put pressure on them to sort it out. I have a horrible feeling though that the software is baked on ROM and that isn't going to get fixed unless there's an enormous backlash. I know two people with this cable, one of whom has the 535s and he's pretty happy with it, so not sure how many people are going to bother complaining.

    Another couple of relatively benign quality issues I noticed were the weird little white label that was stuck to the cable very tightly. No reason for it to be there and it's very difficult to get it off without marking the cable. Also the little plastic cable routing thing is totally useless as far as I can tell, it's presumably only there because whatever chinese manufacturer they used were told to stick one on so it looked more like a shure product. I'd love to see someone who can actually use that thing with enough cable left to run to their ears!
  2. HeadphoneBrnout
    Yeah, again, I totally agree. That cable routing gimmick is laughable at best. Anyway, I commented on the YT video presentation of the BT1, returned the item back to the store and also sent emails to their support and sales (if I remember correctly) departments in Europe. I don't care if they don't change it. It's their problem if they don't have a solid international communications channel for complaints, and if that's true, I want them to fail since the premium audio market is not to be tainted by some established, greedy manufacturer that thinks their past products have brainwashed our objective thinking.
  3. m4rkw
    For me it's still better than using a wired cable (I have the iPhone 8) so I guess I'll live with it and hope they fix the software issues.

    I monitored the bluetooth connection from my mac and can see that it's using the SBC codec with a bitrate of around 315kb/sec. I tried forcing AAC but it doesn't support it, shame as that's what most of my music is in. So I got to thinking - if it's encoding to 315kb/sec SBC then it seems like there would be an advantage to using lossless audio because then the bluetooth encoder is starting with a higher quality source than if it was transcoding say 256kbps AAC or 320kbps MP3. So even though I won't hear the full depth of the lossless recording over bluetooth, the resulting SBC encoding should theoretically be better.

    Is my logic right here?
  4. HeadphoneBrnout
    I really don't know what to say. There are many variables that can influence the final experience of listening, at least that's what I'm guessing. But yeah, if you read my previous posts, I was also complaining that these don't have any high def codec support like aptX (HD). Then we wouldn't have to waste time calculating audio fidelity, we'd just play our favorite flacs and just enjoy.
  5. m4rkw
    You might, iOS doesn't support AptX anyway :wink:
  6. HeadphoneBrnout
    That's kind of unfortunate. That's why I'm sticking to Android. The advantages of open source coding are just too good to drop. Anyway, isn't there any support for high-end codecs on iOS?
  7. m4rkw
    I don't know what "high-end codecs" means. I suspect Apple don't support Apt-X because they have their W1 bluetooth chip which is exclusively in their Beats headphones. If they supported Apt-X more people might buy sennheiser and other brands that support Apt-X rather than Beats headphones.
  8. HeadphoneBrnout
    Beats... lmao
  9. m4rkw
    I didn't say there was anything good about Beats headphones. But that's the kind of thing I can see Apple doing, making their own proprietary chip/codec and then shunning the competitions ones.
  10. HeadphoneBrnout
    Oh, yeah. You can see that from a mile away.
  11. m4rkw
    Just discovered a trick, when turning the BT1 on just as it's about to say "POWER ON!" if you hit volume down it shuts up :D

    Haven't found a way to silence the other painfully loud alerts though :frowning2: still waiting on a response from Shure about the issue. I was going to return it and get either the Westone cable or a Fiio BTR1 but neither have the kind of battery life i need. The BT1 lasts more than 12 hours which is awesome. Think I'm gonna wait for the Ear Studio and get that.
  12. m4rkw
    from Shure:

  13. m4rkw
  14. HeadphoneBrnout
  15. m4rkw

    No reply yet. I don't think they're going to do anything about it. Sad times for Shure.
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