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Shure rmce-bt1 (Bluetooth Communications Cable)

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  1. ecopicture
    I had been using the Shure BT-1 cable for about 3 weeks. Loving it.

    Pairing it with my iPhone 7plus. Playing music with itunes and downloaded hi res Tidal files.

    I had use it to drive Shure 215, Westone W10, Fenders Fxa5 and Mee audio Px (massdrop version)

    BT 1 works well with those iems and its near wired quality. Infact W10 seems to sound clearer using BT1.

    Even the hard to drive Px seems to be ok on it. Except the sound stage seems abit smaller for Px.

    I had tried BT1 against westone bluetooth cable and purdio 840. (Both with better declared specs like aptx etc.) Both cable lost to BT-1. The volume seems lower and under powered. And had to tune like max audio to drive a Px when using a purdio 840. While BT-1 can do it with like 60-70% when driving a PX.

    Overall i find its the best performed and best valued cable in the market.

    Note: i find the sound to be weaker when pairing with my macbook air. Guess having an older bluetooth player will affect the sound quality too.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
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  2. pubtronic
  3. pubtronic
    I am in the market for the SE215 with Bluetooth. I plan to listen to music and also use this for my Webex conferencing and answering phone calls. How good is the clarity on phone calls , specially the mic.
  4. JarryS88
    So is there any third party mmcx Bluetooth cables with atx or atxhd?
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  5. NeoteriX
    The Westone Bluetooth Cable is MMCX and supports Apt-X. Unfortunately it has its own share of reception issues.
  6. HeadphoneBrnout
    I've been using this module for about a week now and the biggest issue I have with it is a constant static sound caused by low quality electronics used in this made in China trash product. Don't waste your $100, I have done it and regret it since the "Legendary Performance" company hasn't even implemented the APTX (HD) codec compatibility, which would have surely outweighed the annoying static sound. And absolutely don't purchase it if you have the 400s or higher. Wait until the next gen Bluetooth module from Shure if you have patience, I think they'll get it right next time.

    Best regards!
  7. HeadphoneBrnout
    I've asked the person on the other end about the quality and it seems like the mic is quite good. Read my previous post for more info.
  8. ecopicture

    Hi, Had you tried and compared Shure BT 1 with other on paper stats packed bluetooth cable? e.g. westone and purdio etc?

    I had tried and compared them. The short of codex didnt really caused it to loose out. Infact it drives the iem much better than the rest.
  9. ecopicture
  10. pubtronic
    I saw the Bluetooth Adapter from FIIO. The BTR1. So you can actually attach your SE215 cable to BTR1. FIIO also sells a short MMCX type cable.


  11. HeadphoneBrnout
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  12. Amber Rain
    I've been considering both the Shure and Fiio options (I already have the Fiio short MMCX cable which I use with my 535s - just about the right length to fit your DAP in a shirt pocket). I'd only likely be using it with my iPhone (6) when I walk my dog (and not my DAP as it doesn't have bluetooth), so Apt X isn't really an issue. However the Fiio seems more versatile in that you can plug in any IEMs / headphones and of course it's half the price. Any thoughts from those that have / or tried both?
  13. deepee
    I just bought this BT1. First one, did not charge for more than 10 sec at a time, had
    to return it to the shop.

    Second one: For music it works well with my SE215 and my SE535. Good sound, fluent.
    But the phone calls are catastrophic: the sound I get is broken, sometimes repeated.
    This is on my Samsung Note4, which works well on phone calls with other bluetooth devices.
    Basically, it is useless for calls. Anyone else had this problem?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  14. m4rkw
    I've had the BT1 cable for a few weeks now. I bought it with the 215s and although they were good, I've now upgraded to the 535 ltd editions.

    I mostly like the cable but it has at least 3 software defects, the first two of which I consider to be fairly serious:

    1) When paired with low impedance / high sensitivity earphones like the 535s the battery and connection voice prompts are ear-piercingly loud and there doesn't seem to be any way to turn them off or even down a bit (please correct me if I'm missing something!)

    2) When the battery is very low the battery voice prompts repeat over and over again every 30 seconds or so making them unusable even though there's still enough power left to play audio.

    3) When connected to two devices, whenever either of the devices tries to play audio it will interrupt the other one. Bose headphones don't do this - once one device is playing it retains priority until it stops playing. With the shures, you can be watching a movie on your computer and if the phone is connected at the same time, any sound playing on the phone will interrupt the movie which is quite annoying.

    I tried talking to a UK customer support rep to ask if there will be firmware updates in the future but the guy didn't really seem to have a clue. I've sent an email to the EU support address in germany, hopefully they'll have a bit more information.

    I think the first and second issues are serious defects and we should try to put pressure on shure to address them even if it means we have to send the cables off to be re-flashed. Still crossing my fingers that they support user software updates.
  15. HeadphoneBrnout
    I agree 100%. I've made quite the fuss with the Shure support guys and hopefully they'll forward the huge quality issues to the engineers and financial department since the price was horrific for what it did.
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