Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...
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@Terriero The HD-580 are the original, and IMO the best of the series. Try and not sell them.

No, I think that will be impossible... :relieved: Now, listening to the "classical" -Come away with me by Norah Jones- with them and I prefer them to the HD 800... The 800 bring all the details to the front and the 580 focuse on the voice and the main instruments, keeping the details at the back, which I prefer and give intimacy for the vocal genre... Anyway, just my first trials, but I'm loving these pair of headphones. I think they will not dethrone the 800 for big ensembles or big orchestras and OSTs...

They have a bit smell of weed and brought me to my teen ages :smile: because the guy from which I bought them... well... Maybe I'm a little biased by the smell, IDK :rolling_eyes:

I bought the 58Xs for rock and metal but I will try other genres with them because I love their bass presentation :L3000:
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@Terriero If you ever need to replace the ear pads on the 580, may I suggest the Dekoni Elite Velours. The FR change is minimal, and nothing I could pick up on, and yet they are far more durable and comfortable. My set is about 30 yrs old (gawd has it been that long??) and I got tired of giving Sennheiser $50-60 every couple of years due to their pads self-destructing from the pad filler collapsing on itself.

I also see your headband padding is the new style. The one on mine looks like the original padding.
Yes, I bought them with brand new pads installed (well, little used). I plan to buy new headband padding for them and the 58Xs because I think the pads will suffer due to the stands... But the headband padding replacements are cheap... Thanks for your recommendation about the pads, yes I've read that stock pads don't last...
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Just posted a big write up in the threads associated with both the DAC and amp – don’t think my setup has ever synergized better, and I’ve owned some gear quite a bit more expensive than these pieces!
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Just wanted photographic proof that this was in fact possible on the holo spring 2 😃.

Got a modded Korg master recorder that does DSD128. Some guy replaces caps in them and makes the Japanese versions run on US power.

Today I used the format conversion software I've been writing (it's free & open source but command line only, if anybody's interested) to convert a vinyl rip I made at DSD128 to a 705.6K wav file. Kind of surprised it even played, but it sounds pretty amazing. Closest I think I've ever heard PCM sound to DSD.
just wow!
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Just testing, don't mind me 🤣
LCD-2 on my head. Joe Hisaishi in the transport.

Audiolab 6000cdt > Bryston BDA-2 > Custom D3a amp

So far liking the Bryston. It's definitely a laid back form of analytical, sound stage isn't huge but it's positioned right. good tonality and great instrument separation. Really great vocal dynamics and articulation. Unfortunately it does sound dated when you compare it to a modern DAC like my Aune S9c which has similar resolution but with more emphasis on the upper range. The Bryston is pretty neutral and it does it right, no glair and no problems in the mids. I'm not sure how much I like the "laid back" style of it's resolution/presentation. Sometimes the clarity feels lacking because of this. I'm certainly spoiled by r2r, which gives high resolution up front but still makes it relaxing to an extent. Guess it's all up to what you get used to.
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A bout of minimalism with my home office. The megatron looking ecclesiastical at this point.

Very nice and clean! But forgive me, I couldn't help but smirk seeing a fire extinguisher standing vigilant across from a huge bank of vacuum tubes. :laughing:
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I’m glad you noticed. Extreme voltage/electrostatic amplifier

I’m glad you noticed. Extreme voltage/electrostatic amplifier =
Works as heater and excellent amp. Will find it very useful in the chilling weather for the next several days! Stay warm and enjoy the music!
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