Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...
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Color me jealous... Awesome setup! I'm working towards a similar setup. Got a black Gumby a few weeks ago...just got a Lynx E22 to replace my Singxer SU-1 as transport, Jot should be here next week once the guy who im buying it from gets his new amp but the Freya is on back order from schiit for a few weeks. GRrrrrr! Ah well, it will give me a little time to track down some better tubes and get them here before hand. I would love to sell my Woo WA2 and move to the Zana Deux, but that'll require a little saving up through the year. 
  Schiit stack

New addition...

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You'll love it!  Freya definitely takes the edge off Jot but I never knew how good the HD650 could sound until I got the Zana Deux.  It's a revelation.  
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A little new setup, with Sage + Aries 2+
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  are those cables PS Audio

Most Power Cords are MIT, The Amps and Filters have Synergistic Research.
Interconnects are MIT and Synergistic Research and Nordost.

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