Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...
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WIP.....but so far this stands as one of my favourite main setups (usually through modded Crack or 336SE).




LME49720HA per channel coupled with 1 0.47uf Wima MKS per channel with Sanyo Oscon SEPC filter caps in the signal path of the analogue RCA outs.

No NOS mods applied yet, one of the best vintage DAC chips from BB. PCM56/58P better then the later 61 series. 
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That's correct :)

Also, that table was the first computer table that we had since 14 years ago. It's quite beat up from being used by my first daughter, than my second one and now by me again.

Regarding DNA amp, I bought it from my friend, Gavtron. The dac is also from him.

I haven't had a chance to roll the tubes. Maybe this weekend. I'm happy with the sound already though.

Mine has gone through 5 family members in over 15 years. It's completely beat up but it's size and layout are perfect for what I need 
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  It's funny how impressions change over time didn't you dislike the Stratus you heard initially at A2A back then with your 800's?

Hmm, as far as I know, A2A never did sell any DNA amp.
I've tried in the past at my friend's house (the one that I bought from).
We didn't impressed with the combo at the time (using different source).
As he upgraded his source (and I did upgrade my transport), I like hd800-stratus combo.
It seem to show that this phone not only picky with amp, but also with the synergy with its source.
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Mine has gone through 5 family members in over 15 years. It's completely beat up but it's size and layout are perfect for what I need :D  

That's great.
Actually, I think I used to have similar table as yours as well, but newer than the one that I used for my current setup.
My daughter use it for some stage and broke it around the place for keyboard :frowning2:
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Haha that's exactly where mine is broken as well, on the right side. I had to put in a couple of screws to hold it in place. I'm pretty sure it's an Ikea desk.
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My new humble headphone rig is complete now...just got the amp in from the builder and am burning it in right now..

the lower shelf of my very worn out Atacama audio rack (am in proces getting a new rack) houses the external powersupply..for brands/models of the things on pic see my signature under this post :wink:

Ps..sorry for bad quality of pics..was taken by an ipad 3 :xf_eek:

Ps..the grey/green stuff under the shelves are from out of the transport box the amp came in..they work very well as anti vibration thingie though and are free!!! :p


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