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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, Aug 5, 2016.
  1. eaglesgift
    What's displayed on the lock screen now?
  2. csglinux
    I presume that's a typo? There hasn't been any M1s model released, has there?
  3. bachankas
    No lockscreen, pressing button once unlocks device.
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  4. Noza
    Sorry shanglin dudes but the iOS app doesn't work. the qr code is broken
  5. Snoopy112
  6. Noza
  7. bsoplinger
    Does it require a long press like the press to wake or just a tap? I never used the lock screen feature before so I have no idea how it used to work.
  8. bachankas
    I think now it works the same way you use it, so it sound like just lockscreen removal.
  9. Shanling
    Currently there is no lock screen, you go directly to the last active screen.

    Yes, sorry, too much editing done at once. try the link again, HiBy was updating the version of app during night, so it was possible down when you tried to get it. Works now for me.

    If you didn't use clock lock screen before, there is pretty much no change for you.
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  10. wawrik
    Please, put back Auto Shutoff... New Standby mode really drains battery.
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  11. bsoplinger
    Yes indeed. I only use the auto shutoff feature. If that's gone I'll stay with version 4 of the firmware.
  12. bachankas
    So it is not only me... Yeah, standby mode makes M1 live shorter on battery.
  13. csglinux
    The M1 boots up so quickly anyway, I'm not sure a standby mode would ever be useful for me. Maybe give the user the option of a standby mode??
  14. eaglesgift
    I always turn mine off when I've finished with it so I don't suppose it will make much difference to me. Having said that, auto shutdown would be handy for those odd occasions when I might forget.
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  15. bsoplinger
    I go to sleep listening, so its 6+ hours until I can turn mine off. I need the automatic off function.
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