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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, Aug 5, 2016.
  1. bachankas
    I think I received only USB C - USB PC connector but now I do not remember to be sure.
  2. paddler57
    Funny... If mine did come with the micro to C I didn't even notice. Think all I got was Usb-c though. My laptop and phone all have USB-C so I don't even bother with micro if I don't have to. I have two older tablets that are still micro, otherwise everything is USB-C thankfully. If only my BT headsets would go to Usb-c...

    And yes, wasn't trying to be rude. Just pointing out.
  3. RojasTKD
    My M1 only came with USB-C to USB cable for the PC and a MicroSD Cars to USB adapter.
  4. HungryPanda
    I only got the charging cable usb c to usb with mine
  5. Yedaself
    Earlier products comes with 3 cables.
  6. damex
    So mine is from old batch? ;(

    Got shanling l2 but it is uncomfortable to use on top of pha3. Is there a straight or right-side-angled microusb to type-c otg cable i could get?

  7. bsoplinger
    Wow, that picture really sums up how much nicer the new type-c connector is compared to the micro usb style. If you could reverse the cable end at the pha3 end it'd be perfect.
    Perhaps one of these might help out since I can't tell if you need left or right on the micro usb end.
  8. damex
    @Shanling i have the same issue on last 4.0 firmware. it connects to my macbook/iphone/ipad automatically over bluetooth even if bluetooth disabled on m1 ;(
  9. kamisu66
    Hi! Sorry if this post violates any rules. I'm interested in this player, but before I make my decision, I'd be really grateful if anyone who has used it could let me know if there are any usability issues? Things like file and tag sorting, sorting of multi-disc albums, playlists, repeat functions etc. - I'm coming from Rockbox so I'm a bit apprehensive. Thanks very much in advance! :)
  10. damex
    What feature are you concerned about? It is good enough to be a rockbox replacement.
  11. kamisu66
    I guess I'm just concerned about whether I'll be able to navigate through my library properly without things like artist/album categorisation getting messed up, or if multi-disc albums will be shown correctly, or if playlists can be used. Or minor things, like if I can set one song on repeat while playing it. Also display issues, like if there are any font issues with special characters. Thanks! :)
  12. bachankas
    Recently I feel that standby mode causes some additional battery usage. I leave my DAP with 3/5 battery bars without any music playing and the that after battery is dead.
    I will roll back to FW 3.0 and compare it.
  13. bsoplinger
    When I first got my player I knew there were firmware updates for it but I wanted to play with my new toy so didn't update for about 2 weeks. I too noticed that it seemed that once I updated (to version 4) that standby did not completely stop battery drain. On the order of within a day the battery would empty. My fix has been to always use the timer function in the system settings and always set it. Doesn't always work if the play time is much shorter than the off time, ie play for 15 minutes with timer set to an hour.

    @bachankas did you try setting the standby time in settings to something other than the default 0? I have no idea if that would help but I have seen other software with bugs where the default didn't work as expected but any valid value worked fine.
  14. bachankas
    II had 10 minutes to standby set. Right now I changed Auto Standby to "off". If still I will feel some battery drain problems, I'll just roll back to FW 3.0.
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  15. Shanling
    New firmware 4.1 for M1


    Google drive link:

    New functions:

    1. HiBy Link app for iOS system released (beta test version), now any iOS device can be used to control the M1. How to install guide is included in zip file.

    2. Added the DSD native digital output mode.

    Changes and fixes:

    1.Fixed the problem of the M1 automatically connecting to Bluetooth headsets when Bluetooth is turned off.

    2. Fixed the problem of the progress bar not moving during playback.

    3. Clock Lock screen was removed to assure more convenient usage. Now current time is displayed only on top of the screen.

    4. Fixed other small system bugs
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