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Sennheiser introduces the Momentum 3

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  1. Bansaku
    Current iPhone 2019 Market share:

    52% N.A.
    28% Europe
    24% China
    24% Global

    I hardly call that a small market share! Especially when you factor in all of the cheap $99 Android phones that flood the market in poorer regions, the gap shrinks quite a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Not sure where you are getting your numbers from, but I assume sources will differ, plus Appple hides their sales figures now I understand since the decline of iPhone sales at the end of 2018. I find sources that show Android owns 83% of the global smartphone market, and if that is correct, my statement holds, 83% dwarfs 17%. Now if you want to make the argument that among upper income earners that iPhones do quite well, that is another discussion, but still not likely one-sided enough in favour of either platform there. I think iPhone fans love to think that it is the standard the world over, and in some ways, sure, but not all across the board. I vastly prefer Android, plus I do not at all like the Apple Ecosystem approach, personally.
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Speaking to the discrepancy in sources:

    "This statistic shows the market share held by smartphone platforms/operating systems in the United States from January 2012 to June 2019. In June 2019, 51.1 percent of smartphone subscribers in the United States were using a Google Android device. Apple was the second most popular smartphone operating system with a 48.1 percent market share."

  4. Giullian
    Iphone users are premium market and keen to spend more on a headphone. 40% is a lot for Senn to target (not even counting android premiums). So the strategy is still right.
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  5. FastAndClean
    Screenshot (345).png
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  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    It is, but seriously, why would you be well behind the competition in terms of codec support? It can't possibly be that much more money if almost all of your competitors have come to market with better codec support much earlier. Anyway, ultimately it is what it is, AAC sounds great in my experience, and Apt X is equally good sounding (or at least I can't tell them apart).
  7. gr8soundz
    How stable is AAC on Android?

    Some of the headphones I'm considering (sadly) top out at AAC and seems HD codecs still aren't being widely adopted.
  8. Bansaku
  9. trellus
    Worldwide, Android dwarfs iOS, but in the US it’s less of a lead, and I’d wager iOS users constitute a sizable chunk of the market share here in the US for the cross section of the market Sennheiser is targeting - people who are willing to pay $400 for Bluetooth headphones.
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  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    For sure, I couldn't argue that point mate. Clearly Sennheiser did the math and figured that among their target clients, audiophile nerds who would reject the Momentum 3 simply due to laxer codec support didn't justify the development cost of offering the broadest codec support. Still seems odd that Sony, Bang & Oulfsen among others can find a way to manage this, but that is all academic now, Sennheiser did their market analysis and decided this was the way to move forward.
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  11. Bansaku
    Sennheiser are no dummies, and I am sure they know what's best to sell their products. :metal::sunglasses:
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  12. Mark Up
    Thanks for posting this. I like the low end, the high mids to lower highs are a bit off. Showing channel imbalance and a troubling spike in a bad area to have one.
    Rolls off at 8-9 khz which isn't great, that area gives air to the sound. The overall upper low mids to true mids are very scooped also. This isn't looking promising.
  13. TorontoSS
    I tried these out yesterday. I'm not an audiophile at all, just a regular person who enjoys listening music on good headphones. I used to have the Momentums around ear wireless which I LOVED. I kept them longer than I've kept any headphones. I switched to the Sony XM3's early this year because the features were just so much better (changing NC, google assistant, etc). I was super super excited about these when they were announced last week and they sound great! I was thinking of ways to convince my husband that me buying headphones again is a great idea. However when I tried them again in store, I found they just hurt too much. I was willing to give up the better noise cancelling from Sony but not willing to give up on comfort. the extra noise cancelling is probably great for flights and I take a few of those a year not more. But the comfort is an every day thing. Would be good to hear other's thoughts on these.
  14. soundblast75
    I got these too yesterday in London.
    I tried them in store and my ears immediately got this too hot sensation, only to do with the fact that these are over ears, fully cover your ears.
    But i was determined to buy emm, so even despite the fact they sounded too bloated and compressed in the store i am an experienced spender and to my pleasure they didn't sounds anything like that when i opened my own pair.
    They are very clean, spacious 3d and yes, bass is a topic that needs special mention. Its mid bass prominent, it sounds bad on some badly msstered tracks and awesome on good ones. Does this make the Momentums an audiophile can,lol??
    As this is noise cancelling most of all, let me give you the good news, as you'd be buying it to use on trains,planes etc. I have had the Sony m3, pretty rubish in my book, not clean, bass a disaster etc, generally ok, but worst of all, noise cancelling whilst efficient, creates the worst kinda feeling of pressure, especially on London underground.
    I also own B&O h9 M3, these are way better than the Sony's.
    The Senns are the best of the bunch, no pressure whatsoever, 3 steps of NC, first one already working great on all my London travels, haven't tried on planes yet. But basically, no ear pressure and even more importantly, SQ stays same throughout different modes.
    This in my book is worth the premium they're asking, build quality is also way better than Sony's plastic, cheap made one, the B&O is a luxury item of course and its great, the Momentums are industrial cool solid, i love them, case a bit bulky, but folded, they are actually very compact, you can always use another case, pouch, i don't have a problem with the included one, its not bad at all.
    A weird problem to do with the silly decision to not have On/Off switch and the pause sensor on the right earcup is that every time you turn your head to the right, music pauses, it works impeccably every time, What Sennheiser
  15. mwhals
    Thanks! I have the Sony 1000XM2 and was thinking about getting these.

    I guess they want you to sit on the left side of the plane so when you turn your head to look at the stewardess, your music pauses. :)
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