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Sennheiser introduces the Momentum 3

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  1. Sennheiser
    Wedemark/Berlin, September 5, 2019 Sennheiser’s premium MOMENTUM headphone range enters its third generation, with the launch of the new MOMENTUM Wireless at IFA 2019 (September 6-11). The headphones are the latest addition to the audio specialist’s iconic range that offers superior sound, a modern design aesthetic, cutting-edge technology, and a touch of handcrafted indulgence to every moment. Thanks to Auto On/Off and Smart Pause features, the new MOMENTUM Wireless headphones start up instantly when unfolded, and sense when put on or taken off to pause and resume playback, ensuring a world of uncompromised sound is just a heartbeat away. Designed to be supremely comfortable for all-day listening sessions, they feature genuine sheep leather and soft padding on the earpads and headband. Active Noise Cancellation and a Transparent Hearing function allow listeners to experience their audio on their terms, by either blocking out the world or staying aware of their environment. One-touch voice assistant access lets them stay connected on the move.

    Our MOMENTUM range has been synonymous with a unique blend of superior sound quality, progressive technology and remarkable craftsmanship, and with the third generation, we are bringing this contemporary classic into the always-on, connected age,” said Stephane Hareau, Global Head of Products Consumer at Sennheiser. “The new MOMENTUM Wireless is a smart headphone that gives you fast, effortless control: whether enjoying entertainment or making calls, escaping it all or staying connected – it anticipates your needs and lets you interact intuitively and instantly,” added Sebastian Rodens, Product Manager at Sennheiser.

    Never Lose your Rhythm Again
    With the new generation of MOMENTUM Wireless, interaction is supremely intuitive thanks to a unique combination of features that offer fast access to one’s music. Auto On/Off instantly turns on or off playback as the earcups are folded open or closed, while Smart Pause uses proximity sensors to pause audio when the headphones are removed and to resume playback when they are slipped back on. Just as effortless is a three-button interface that gives control of audio or calls – all without the need to consult a manual. Via a dedicated button, the MOMENTUM headphones feature one-touch access to voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, while Amazon Alexa integration will be available soon with a firmware update via the Sennheiser Smart Control app. Pairing is effortless as well, thanks to NFC and an automatic pairing mode that makes setting up on initial activation a breeze.

    Hear the Difference
    Sennheiser’s new MOMENTUM Wireless headphones offer outstanding sonic performance. The high-quality speaker system is powered by 42mm transducers to reproduce the balanced depth and precision of a studio recording. This flawless audio performance is ensured by Bluetooth 5 compatibility and support for codecs including aptXTM, AAC, and SBC, as well as aptXTM Low Latency for perfectly synchronising audio with onscreen visuals. Whether listeners are enjoying music, movies or podcasts or simply want to fine-tune the audio experience to their taste, it is possible to tailor the audio experience with the built-in equalizer via Sennheiser’s Smart Control app.

    Perfectly in Tune, Wherever, Whenever
    No matter where the MOMENTUM Wireless headphones are being enjoyed, they are able to adapt to every environment. When on the go, Active Noise Cancellation with three different modes blocks out the outside world. Alternatively, the Transparent Hearing function lets listeners enjoy their music and still be aware of ambient sounds in their surroundings – perfect for environments that require greater situational awareness.

    MOMENTUM Wireless_Black_Application.jpg MOMENTUM Wireless_Sandy White_Application_2.jpg
    MOMENTUM Wireless_Black.jpg
    MOMENTUM Wireless_Sandy White.jpg
    MOMENTUM Wireless_Tile.jpg

    A Sophisticated Harmony of Form and Function
    Like all MOMENTUM headphones, the new generation model offers a sophisticated harmony of form and function. While the genuine sheepskin leather of the earpads and pearl-blasted stainless steel sliders express a subtle luxury, they also functionally enhance every interaction. The leather on the padded ear pads and headband is ultra soft for improved wearing comfort, even for longer listening sessions made possible by the 17-hour battery life. Meanwhile, the strong yet lightweight stainless steel sliders and hinges maintain a purity of design while also ensuring the headphones remain robust enough for a lifetime of listening on the move. The folding headband design allows the headphones to fold away in their fashionable fabric carry case.

    Hard to Put Down, Difficult to Lose with Tile
    With the new MOMENTUM Wireless, it is easy to lose oneself in the music, but thanks to smart Tile technology, the headphones are almost impossible to misplace. The integrated Bluetooth tracker ensures users can find their headphones via the Tile app.

    The new MOMENTUM Wireless is available in black as of now for $399.95 (MSRP). A sandy white color variant will be available from November.
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
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  2. cripple1
    Oh man.. If I had the money and means.. I loved the original Momentum. These sound like a very convenient and feature rich upgrade to the previous iteration. I hope I can get my hands on a set one day. That battery life and iPhone compatability with AAC would be perfect for me and my recovery/therapy after my upcoming surgery in 2 weeks.

    Congrats on the new and upgraded release!
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  3. joshnor713
    That sandy white color scheme is something special! Look forward to trying these :)
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  4. audionewbi
    Lately I've been testing various BT headphones tell you what the BT game is improving.

    Looking forward to comparing this against akg n700mk2 and sony wx1000mk3.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
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  5. mwhals
    I would love to see your comparisons as I have the Sony WH1000mk2
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  6. Inoculator
    RIP Sennheiser Ivory color scheme I guess. Such a bummer, as I always wanted to rock some competent, wireless ivory momentum headphones.
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  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Looking forward to impressions.
  8. Niyologist
    Wow. This is cool. I never listened to the old Momentum Headphones. So I guess I could go to Audio 46 to Demo it.
    Sennheiser likes this.
  9. LDouglasLJr
    Wow really like the looks of these. I've been using my HD1's in the office lately and they sound really good, slightly tight on the ears though. These appear to have larger ear cups, will be curious if they actually do.
  10. Bansaku
    I wonder how the stack up compared to the original Momentum wireless. :thinking:
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Hopefully they listened to the feedback and whatever shortcomings were consistently noted by users were addressed as much as possible. I am always flabbergasted when a company is provided significant feedback from users all around the Internet and then appear tone deaf and come out with a new edition that doesn't seem to at all address concerns. I hope that Sennheiser has been listening, after all, who better to let tune your offerings than your target customers?
  12. billbishere
    I have always like the look of these. I always hated the always on ANC of the previous ones. I look forward to trying these. Tho one review I saw said they weren't great sonically sonwe shall see.
  13. trellus
    Looks the cups and pads keep getting better with each generation. I have the Momentum Wireless which until this announcement were the current generation and those pads are still somewhat smallish for over ears but bigger than the wired-only original Momentum over-ears which I had for a short time.
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  14. Giullian
    The momentum's sounds really good, but as an updated version in 2019 I feel it misses the LDAC and APX HD. Quite sad.
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  15. billbishere
    Yah. 400 Dolla and no Aptx HD is very SAD. But Bose same. Blows my mind.
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