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Sennheiser introduces the Momentum 3

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  1. TorontoSS
    - I too have the XM3's (and live in London!). I agree with you mostly - it was just the comfort that I didn't like. I was seriously trying to figure out ways to tell my husband I was going to buy the momentums but I tried them on again and again and it just hurt. What do you feel about the comfort?
    - Do you find the noise cancelling is on par with the Sony's? I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference in this but I think there is some.
    - I wanted to get these because of the build quality. the Sony's right cup sort of is rickety now - you hear it when walking. that would never happen with the momentums!

    which shop did you get them in?
  2. soundblast75
    Sony's are cheaper now, but i wouldn't recommend them, creeky plastic and earcup pressure, not a pleasant experience.
    Got the Momentums at John Lewis in case id wanna return them, tho be carefully opening the box, they won't have it back if used
    Id say comfort is better than expected, ultimately no headphone or iem is comfortable for long, so it's a compromise, i found the Sony's to create more of a sweat effect, thats cheap fake leather materials, the B&O and Momentums use better quality, but very different as the H9s are on and very close to ears while Senns are quite deep, dont touch mine much,only touch around the ears rather ears themselves, that helps with sound too,a bit wider.
    I think NC is as good, definitely does the job without affecting SQ, again, not the case with Sony or B&O, that's important and not mentioned usually in commercial reviews.
  3. mwhals
    Seriously thinking about selling my Sony 1000XM2 and getting these.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  4. iamwilf
    Almost bought the previous gen recently after demoing them against Sony XM3 (they destroyed the Sonys in sound quality). Glad I waited, this update is a no brainer. They're £349 in the UK which isn't a terrible conversion from $399, might wait until black Friday though
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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  5. drey08
    Can you elaborate on this a bit? You mean that in normal mode, whatever you do, if you turn your head right it pauses the music? Can this behavior be disabled via some phone app or something? That sounds terrible..
  6. drey08
    Also, what is the bass on these like compared to the previous gen? Because that's the one thing that was always missing a punch in previous versions. I've temporarily switched to Bose QC35 II a few months ago, they have much better bass, but the overall sound quality is trash compared to the Sennheisers. Today I read the news about the new Momentum's coming out, and my wallet jumped out of my pants.

    I'd also like to know about the cup size. I had an issue with the previous Momentum's that they were a tiny bit too small and irritated my ears if I wore them for too long. The Bose phones win here for comfort (but again, they lose in the sound department other than bass..)
  7. Soundizer
    Putting comfort and noise cancelling aside, which deliver the best audio quality.

    These Momentum 3 or Audeze Mobius?
  8. cripple1
    I don't know how the newest Momentum sounds, but I do own the Mobius from Audeze, and I love it. It's a very good planar Bluetooth can, and gives you multiple presets that you can switch between to find what you like most (flat, default, warm, music, etc). The absolute only issue I really have with the Mobius is that it cannot be used once the battery dies, and the battery life is (relatively) short at about 10-12 hours based on volume. It does, however, have a whole host of features from 3D mode to LDAC support, and can be used as a gaming headset with detachable mic on both console and PC. I use it for both music and gaming and its worked flawlessly ever since I got mine from the Kickstarter.

    As far as Bluetooth connectivity, the Mobius has 5.0/LDAC, so at least wirelessly I can say for sure that it beats the Momentum with sound quality. The only issue is how subjective everyone's taste in overall tonality is, but as I said, you have presets to work with, so you can choose your tonality. I've seen very few complaints overall. The biggest one is that the WARM preset seems to have too much bass slam for some people and not enough air in the upper registers.

    Dunno if any of this helps you, but take it as you will.
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  9. soundblast75
    If you switch off smart pause, no problem, but it also means no pausing when you take them off.
    It's something i can live with, but it should have been tested before release.
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  10. soundblast75
    P.S i have noticed just now, it doesn't always happen, so not much of an issue.
    Bigger one is comfort i have to say, pads do rub around ears, but that is inevitable as they are big.
    Sound is worth it tho.
    Also, NC is good at 3 steps as wind reduction works when you need it, while 1st position is good for general use with least ear pressure
  11. Soundizer
    Perhaps Audeze will release a new BLUETOOTH OVER EAR this year to include AptX/HD and longer battery life.

    LDAC is no guarantee of better quality as there are multiple versions of it and we never know the actual bit rate being transferred.
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  12. Soundizer
    With 3D audio does the source device have to be in front of you and center?
  13. cripple1
    Not really. The audio is centered in the direction you're looking when you first turn the Mobius on, and when you turn your head you'll hear that centered sound shift from the center to the right/left channel depending on whether you turn your head right/left. It's actually pretty cool. It gives you more a sense of being in an open room, too. Most people turn 3D off when they're moving a lot and doing stuff while wearing the Mobius. It's mostly used for gaming or music when you're just relaxing and sitting still.
  14. Soundizer
    It doesn’t work. My AppleTV4k BLUETOOTH device is to the right. Initially it works , but as soon as I move my head the audio is all to the right.
  15. cripple1
    Think about it. Put a speaker in front of you and then move your head to the left in real time. Everything you're hearing is going to be playing into your right ear now, isn't it? That's what the Mobius is doing. For some people, listening to a headphone this way confuses their ears/mind, so it takes some getting used to for them. For others it makes sense and they adjusted right away. Give it some time for your mind to get used to it. If it doesn't work out for you, then maybe the 3D audio isn't your thing.
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