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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. harpo1
    Looks like someone probably bought them and sent them back to Amazon with fake ones in the box.  I'd contact Amazon right away.
  2. Dj Jaz

    I'm talking to them as we speak. Thanks for your help!
  3. Dj Jaz
    Getting a refund which is good., Amazon can't be sure if I order another pair that they won't be counterfeit.  I guess I'll just buy toilet paper from Amazon from now on.
  4. rcmo

    Here you go. On the iems and witnesses of my crusade :wink:
    Bottom-up:jvc spiral dots, comply, comply, new porous sony hybrids, regular sony hybrids, audio-tecnica, spin-fits and earsonics. The mandarines small, medium and large.
  5. les_garten
    Thanx, I ordered a set of those.
    Hopefully this will be the end of my crusade as well.  Great earphones that need a reliable earpiece.
    These look interesting.
  6. catroni
    Are the mandarine's sizes equivalent to the origibal Senn's?
    (ex. a S Senn tip the same size as a S mandarine?)
  7. Sound Eq
    sorry but those are fake
  8. Dobrescu George
    This looks fake to the level where the creators of the fakes didn't even bother to look at an original ie800 making it. 
    What baffles me more is how can something like this slip in an official shop. Sennheiser always recommends to get your Senn products from official dealers, guess that should be taken to heart all the time [​IMG]
    At any rate, I hope you get properly reimbursed and that you'll be able to get an actual ie800 and enjoy it to the max! 
  9. rcmo

    Pretty much, yes.
    catroni likes this.
  10. kuebler

    By others I had read, that the Mandarines M is more like a Sennheiser L.
    Could you shed further light on this, because I might be interested to do a test as well. 
  11. kuebler
    Apparently the IE800 has created sort of a - quite sophisticated - fraud industry.
    And although it has to be marked clearly as a crime, i.e. a commercial fraud, I cannot resist to attribute those people ideas and sophistication... Ordering an original from Amazon and sending it back with the original exchanged by a fake certainly is "well" thought out... 
    I once was victim of such a thing, but I have to admit, that some of the fakes are of quite high quality. Once I had received mine and overcome the initial disappointment, I found out that i liked the sound very much. Even to such a degree, that later comparing it thoroughly to a real IE800 in a Sennheiser shop, I ended up preferring my fake to the original...
    So then I started a project for finding out, how I could get a 2nd and 3rd fake of the same origin, for reserve and for my family. This was not at all easy, but at the end I realized, that there might have been not more than 2..3 makers of IE800 fakes in China. Obviously, because engineering and producing such a fake requires energy, money, and technical prowess. An investment which sure could not be done by many.
    At the very end I found a vendor still supplying the very exact fake which I had got initially, and which I like so much. Meanwhile my 4th ist on order.
    But I want to highlight a very important point: the quality differences between the fake ear tips are extreme. I found some which made the IE800 sound without any bass and totally exaggerated highs. Unbelievably so, because their fit seemed Ok. Because identifying the differences is awkward, my strong recommendation is to use only the original Sennheiser tips. At $15 per pair this shouldn't run anybody into bankruptcy...
  12. Dj Jaz
    I did listen to my fake pair for a couple of hours and they sounded really good. I would have been fooled if  I didn't try out a different sized ear adaptors and noticed it was a fake.  Its quite upsetting paying $700 CAD for a counterfeit product.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  13. Rob80b
    That's really discomforting...[​IMG]
    Now they're  badly faking fakes.[​IMG]
    Legit on the left, "legit" fake on the right. lol
  14. Dobrescu George
    The fakes Rob has are actually hard to tell apart from the originals compared to the other earlier ones [​IMG]
  15. kuebler
    But for myself in the very end it came out quite favorably: I paid $200 for the initial fake, and then (I hesitate to say it :) $30 for each of the additional 3, then some $70 for experimental ear tips and sending back bad fakes, and some original Sennheiser ear tips.
    So totaling it all up, an average of $90 for a set of four of very satisfying IE800 class IEMs, which in my subjective weighting I even slightly prefer over the original.
429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438
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