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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Roybenz
    Im still not sure. I didnt hear anything better with mojo then straight from my ipad. Would i maybe get some better sound with dragonfly red?

    Isnt it strange that i cant hear any improvement with mojo. Also tried with my questyle cma800i. Its a ting bit better but nothing much.

    With my HE1000V2 i can hear huge difference.
    Does anyone here have a broken IE800, a pair with a blown driver or similar? I need a single driver. I emailed Sennheiser about buying one but I'm not sure if they're going to be willing to do it or not. Please PM me if you do or know someone who does.
  3. Windsor


    I don't know if you have resolved this, but my first IE 800 developed a fault in the right earpiece. I returned it the the shop I bought it from and they sent it back to Sennheiser and I was supplied with a replacement new IE 800. If you contact Sennheiser I'm sure they can help out as they are pretty dedicated to providing the best in service. 

    I remember meeting with Axel Grell who designed the IE 800, and he demonstrated how robust they are by standing on one! :)

  4. denis1976
    20170302_113523.jpg This is heaven on earth my friends....
  5. Caruryn
    Congrats,if you would can you describe the sound?I read that 1Z sounds full and thick so would that counterbalance the thin character of ie800?I bet the bass sounds stupendous with your new toy :)
  6. Dobrescu George
    I tested this combo as well. 
    Wasn't that happy with the amount of treble 1Z took off, and the bass was not that fast. 
    Thick and warm would be a good way to describe the sound, someone who is looking for a thick, warm and smooth sound would most probably be happy with this combo.
    Counterbalancing the original character of ie800 kinda results in a general usage character but it might lack some of the general detail of ie800 as thickening the sound will make specific sounds less evident. Transients and textures are also thicker and slower, but again, if you like this signature, it works in this direction.
    Like giving some HD650 and He560 and HD598 characters to ie800. Still comes at some detail loss cost. 
    Caruryn likes this.
  7. denis1976
    The sound is more thick and warm than with for exemple Lotto paw gold but the treble is all there, the detail is all there the soundstage is huge and the sound to my ears is delicious, the thing that the sound don't have is that artificial type of sound (like with qp1r)that seems to bring more details
    Caruryn likes this.
  8. denis1976
    yes the bass is awsome, but is the opness in sound that is stelar, my 1zis with more than 200 hours , the sound is still more thick than most of the other daps but now it has "air"
  9. AndrewH13

    What the QP1R does is make cymbals sound like real cymbals sound! That's musical not artificial softening :)
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  10. denis1976
    sorry but i don't have the same opinion if you where talking about Lotoo paw gold i could agree with you , with the qp1r i don't, but that's just my opinion WITH THE IE800
  11. AndrewH13

    We all allowed different opinions, we all have different ears, and have differing views of what we think is natural. I'm quite concerned by the treble roll off on certain DAPs and iems. Fortunately, ie800 does not do this. Then again, synergy is important, I actually prefer 846s with QP1R, ie800s with Mojo, so pairing for an individual's liking is important.
  12. denis1976
    yes of course, but about this pairing (sony nwwm1z plus ie800 ) is some kind of confusion, i think that some are saying that the 1z has treble roll off but thats not correct the 1z has a more thick and organic sound but the treble is all there it don't miss any detail, thats whats makes it "special"
  13. adonissk
    Has anyone here heard the IE800 with the new DX200? I'm wondering if the pairing works. 
  14. Dobrescu George
    When I tried it, there was some treble roll-off.
    Not to say it rolls off completely. It still has detail, but the treble is like attenuated to a -10dB -15dB or even more. So you're hearing all the detail but at a much lower volume and it lacks the full treble bite. It sounds too smooth and relaxing given the energetic nature of ie800. But this is to those ears and with a special selection of music, so opinions can be really different when you change the set of ears doing the listening and when you change the music used. For example, I really love having a ton of treble bite on acoustic music, especially cold guitars must have that pick sound when a chord is picked. 
    Would expect the pairing to work quite well, but there's many more to check in between. 
  15. denis1976
    to my ears theres no roll off theres tons of refinement and detail the sound is fantastic
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