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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dobrescu George
    Forwarder mids, smooth treble and less bass is exactly what I don't want from them though . Absolutely no offence but I kinda want their house signature :)

    I imagine you lose quite a bit of sound definition in the process as well since you're cutting off the treble which is very well defined on ie800
  2. Misson07
    What you said is very true. While I like the sound of this tips, It really made the IE800 lost quite a bit of their very unique character. I probably switch back and forth between this and the stock tips as I find the latter work better with acoustic/jazz/instrumental but maybe a bit too detail (especially in the treble) for more modern kinds of music.
  3. Dobrescu George

    I might sound crazy, but that too much detail in the treble especially with pop and edm and such is turning on all my mental switches. It sounds like a flood of detail coming at your from every direction, ready to beat your ears down and never let you go back to another headphone. That is what I name love .

    For real, I do love that signature and especially with recent music it makes my life interesting to have all that detail, but I can see how it could be a bit too much detail ;_;
  4. Mr Makarov
    1000% agree with you on this one. Love IE800 for that treble, recessed but very detailed and natural mids and plenty of bass. Just love that soundstage and overall signature is exactly my cup of tea, my end game (for now...until IE800-S? arrive, probably). 
    However, I have not heard IE800 with CP220 Spinfits so I can not give a valid opinion (yet). But interested. It is always interesting to try something new. Will try it in the nearest future.
    On the other hand, I managed to fit IE800´s ear tips to SE846. Just out of curiosity if it was possible at all. And results were...unexpected.
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  5. Dobrescu George
    Please tell more about your results! [​IMG]
  6. Sound Eq
    this is how to use jvc spiral dots on ie800
    simply best sound ever coming from ie800 using this simple mod, those white tubes are used in fish tank aquariums which I cut to the length i want and fit the ie800 and the tips do not come off in the ear
    with this I can control the insertion of the tips and choose the size that work for me best using jvc spiral dots which I like
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  7. zuber
    I wish I had a chance to try these spiral dots on IE800, but I sent them back. I know a lot of people like the treble, but it was to harsh for me. Not my pair of shoes. Bass, however was superb.
    Back to HD650 again :). Pulled a trigger on Bottlehead Crack instedad :)
  8. Mr Makarov

    I do not know how to describe it exactly. But.If someone just bought SE846 after owning IE800 and are finding SE846 to be very inferior in SQ, they should try SE846 with IE800´s tips. It brings life to SE846 compared to all the stock tips I tried so far. Bass is punchier, instrument separation is better, and finally there is respectable width in the sound stage which is normally pretty much vertical, also I discovered that SE846 had a veil in upper mids and highs which was somehow removed. Off course SE846 wont magically obtain more treble, it is impossible, but the existing treble is no longer subdued and sounds noticeably clearer. IE800 still sound better (love that treble and soundstage) than SE846 but now the difference is not as big as before (in my opinion).  With IE800 I really enjoy the music. With Shures I listen to music, but not really enjoying, everything sounds right, natural, correct and that is why I appreciate them...but is not that feeling that I get with IE800 at all. But now after years I find myself actually enjoying the sound, not as much as I800 but close (would never have said that before). It is not extremely big improvement but it is noticeable and for me it was enough (best results when using modded blues and black filters).
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  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    Ladies & gentlemen, after a few years of ownership, I've decided to dedicate a review to my IE 800 where I try to concentrate both on the good as well as the bad things: ​
    It's quite obviously written in German, but there should be a translator widget in the navigation bar (I neither have the time nor the energy to translate it into English anytime soon).​
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  10. les_garten
    I read your review.
    I agreed with almost all of it.
    The cable doesn't feel cheap to me.
    How do you know it is as bad as you say it is?
    I'm sure Sennheiser made it like they did to be a premium cable.  The kevlar is to help with the linear strength of the cable I presume.
    I have not tried to kink it, mainly because I paid $841 for mine with Tax, so I really don't do "testing" on mine.  Like stretching, kinking, etc.  But because I have some respect for Sennheiser and how they engineer things, I think the cable may be pretty good.  It is certainly not bulky.
    I do agree that the early ones had some issues with the material formulation because they got hard where they were exposed to oils and salts from Human skin.  I am very familiar with this phenomenon on Stethoscopes that spend 99.99% of their time draped around your neck.  The early ones had the same problem on very expensive Stethoscopes and the ones made in the last 15 years or so are immune to this.
    Your analysis of the sound was spot on.
  11. Dobrescu George
    I actually think that the cables look pretty high end! 

    Quite expensive and really fine to the touch. 
  12. shootertwist
    The cables are great, how do u know its rigid? Is it really very hard? The cable on mine seems fine, but slightly more rigid compared to regular cables, but i think its bec of the kevlar... my 2-year warranty will end next month so want to be sure my cable is not stiffening... what year was confirmed that sennheiser rectified the error with the cable? Many thanks
  13. HiFiChris Contributor

    Well, I rather said that it's my impression that the cable feels cheap and not as high-end as I'd like.

    In addition:
    It's not as flexible as comparable cables (even though mine has definitely not hardened), strain relief doesn't really do what it is supposed to do (small bending angles of the cable are still possible because the strain relief is not really flexible), it's very short and the y-splitter is a bit too heavy.

    Personally, I think they could have implemented a better cable.
  14. les_garten
    OK, so an iPhone buds cable and my Samsung buds cables are very flexible.  As are all my junk earphone cables.  I don't feel that they are very good quality, especially using flexibility as a yardstick.  I'm not following ya there.
    The strain relief could have been done a lot better.
    The Y splitter, well it had to have some weight because you are inserting a bunch of metal in the middle of the cable and if you do that on an $800 pair of headphones it should be reliable and hence I think weight was unavoidable.  That may have been why they did a 2.5mm connector setup, to de-bulk it and cut down on weight.  I wondered why they did that.
    Funny, because when I got mine, I thought, wow, nice cable!  But too freakin' short...  in a number of places.
    Like I said though, you put to words what I hear in the sound, perfect description.
  15. kuebler
    I fully agree with all aspects. Plus the tendency for microphony effects are disturbing, unless you sit or lay nearly without any movement.
    They definitively could have implemented a better cable, and I hope they do with the IE800 S.
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